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York County, South Carolina Wills (1770-1812)
Micro-film #C1689 & C1695
Abstracted by Paulette Haynes, Anderson, IN, 1992

In some cases there was no probate date for these wills. These wills are probably arranged by case & file in the state archives which might include more information and the probate dates. The micro-films I have are not arranged that way, but rather by number and book. There are also a few estates, but not all, from Bk. B (1800-1811) 


ADKINS (Atkins), SAMUEL of Four Mills Creek, near the old Nation Ford, York District, 5 Dec 1801
Wife:  Sarah, who made her elopement from my bed, five shillings sterling for her part, and that her son, John do receive one shillling and no farther devid of my estate.
Wife:  Rebeccah during her widowhood use & benefit of the plantation, six negroes, all goods, chattels and moveables. (two wives?)
Rebecca's son:  Robert Willis
Rebecca's daughter:  Mary Willis
My sister:  Mary Foster, her three children, viz, Henry Foster, Catherine Foster, John Foster.
Executors:  John Hutchison and Mr. Read, the schoolmaster.
Witnesses:  Robert McSwain, Lewis Croxton, Benjamin Croxton
Proven:  31 Jan 1802

ALDERSON, ANN  (estate) administrators are William Alderson and Jeremiah Alderson, 18 Oct 1811.  Bk. B-747

ALDERSON, BENEDICT (estate) inventory of goods, chattels and effects of Benedict Alderson, deceased appraised by Wm. Craven, Jno. Campbell and James Richardson, 3 Jun 1795

ALLISON, JOHN of York District, 5 Jun 1804
Son:  Albert Allison, the plantation whereon I now live, known as Lattimore's Place.
Wife:  Elizabeth, use of house for raising of my children.
 Sale of a tract of land willed by my father to me in the state of Tennessee.  Authorized executrix & executors to adjust my dispute with Col. Wm. Hill respecting several tracts of land lying in the State of North Carolina.
Executors:  Wife, Elizabeth, Richard Allison, James Mitchell, Wm. Smith
Witnesses:  C. Hager, John McCall, Jos. McKerrie
Codicil:  5 Jun 1804; dispositions regarding several negroes now in possession of Col. Wm. Hill and Mrs. Hill.
Proven:  6 Aug 1804

ALLISON, HUGH of York County, 19 Jan 1799
Sons:  Robert, Alexander, Hugh
Daughters:  Margaret, Rosannah, Martha, Catharine
Grandson:  Robert Johnson, son of Martha
Executor:  Robert Allison
Witnesses:  Isaac Hope, Robert Love, Catren Hope
Proven:  n.d.

ANDERSON, WILLIAM  (estate) administrator is Thomas McCullough, 9 Oct 1810. Bk. B-714

Wife:  Delphy Arnold
Son:  William, piece of land leased from the Catawba Indians of 73 acres.
Son:  John (under 18 years of age)
Daughter:  Polly
Daughter:  Rebecca Lovens
Executors:  Wife, Delphy and son, William
Witnesses:  William Arnold, Thomas Drennen
Produced:  1 Nov 1802

ASHMORE, WALTER of York County, 23 Nov 1790
Wife:  Cleranah ?
Daughters:  Mary, Mary and Eleanor
Sons:  William and Walter
Executors: --
Witnesses:  Walter Davis, Thomas Blankenship, Richard Blanks
Proven:  n.d. 

BARNHILL, WILLIAM  (estate) administrator is Robert Barnhill, 1808 Bk. B-538

BARR, THOMAS receipts for shares:  J. Barr 31 Aug 1785; Thomas Barr 29 Sep 1795; Jenny Barr 29 Sep 1799; Joseph Dawson 1802; Robert Ferguson 1802; Moses Dickey Barr 1802; William Barr 1802; Benjamin White 17 Dec 1807; Nancy Barr 20 May 1807; Isabella (widow?) 1810.  Bk. B-147 & 568

BELL, ROBERT of York County, 12 Oct 1802
Sons:  John and Robert
To:  Jenny Crow or her guardian
Son-in-law:  James Davis
Executors:  Sons, Jon. Bell and Robert Bell
Witnesses:  John Davis, John Bell, Elizabeth Bell
Proven:  n.d.

CARRINGTON, JOHN inventory presented 6 May 1807 by administrators Hillary Montgomery and Sarah Carrington.  Bk. B-529

CATHCART, HUGH (estate) administrator is Agness Cathcart, 23 Apr 1808.
 Bk. B -613

CHISM, NANCY (estate) administrator is John Wilson, 27 Sep 1811.  Bk. B-767

FARIES (Faris), JAMES of York County, 5 Jan 1802
Wife:  Jean
Son:  James Faris
Son:  Richard Faris
Grandson:  Elias Faris
Son:  William Faris
Son:  Alexander Faris
Daughter:  Margaret, married to David Strain
Daughter:  Agness, married to Benjamin Garrison
Daughter:  Jean, married to John Adare
Daughter:  Susannah, married to John Faris
Daughter:  Ann, married to James Faris
Executors:  Wife, Jean and son, James Faris
Witnesses:  James Faris, Richard Faris, John Kerr
Presented:  5 Mar 1802

FARIS, JEAN of York District, 5 Nov 1807
Daughter:  Ann Faris
Daughter:  Jean Adair
Granddaughters:  Polly Adair and Polly Brown
Executors:  James Faris and Alexander Faris
Witnesses:  John Barnett, Galoway Wilson
Presented:  7 Dec 1807

FARRIES (Faris), ROBERT of York District, 16 Jun 1803
Children:  Moses, David, Sarah, Anne, Hannah, Robert, Mary, Isabella Gordon, John McWhorter.
Wife:  Hannah
The raising of my children
To:  James Bigger when has complyed with his indenture.
Executors:  Wife, Hannah and her brother John, my son Moses
Witnesses:  Robert Love, Samuel Hemphill, Joseph Carrol
Qualifying executors: Hannah Faris, John Faris, Moses Faris,  5 Dec 1803

FARRIS, WILLIAM of York District, 18 Apr 1805
Wife:  Nancy
Sons:  David, John, James, Joshua, Isaac
Daughters:  Margaret, Mary, Sarah
Recorded:  15 Nov 1805

FREEMAN, CHRISTOPHER (estate) administrators are Margaret Freeman and Mc--- Freeman, 2 Jan 1804.  Bk. B-348

GARRISON, DAVID (estate) administrators are Ann Garrison and John Watson, 7 May 1810.  Bk. B-697

GILL, JAMES (estate) administrator is Mary Gill, 28 Oct 1809.  Bk. B-676

GOOD SR., JOHN 11 Oct 1805
Wife (but not named)
Two sons:  John Good Jr. and James B. Good
Daughter:  Ann Good
To Mary Bratton, $2.00
To Margaret Plasco, $2.00
To Jane Hemphill, $2.00
Executors:  Wife, and John Good
Witnesses:  Henry Good, George Good, John McKenney
Proven:  18 April 1807, qualifying executors,  Martha  Good, John Good

GORDON, NANNY of York County 12 Oct 1791
Sons:  James, Samuel, Hugh, William
Daughters:  Eliner Henry, Margaret Elder
Oldest daughter:  Nanny Floid
Granddaughter:  Mary Gordan, daughter of Robert Gordan
Youngest son:  Hugh
"My seven children"
Executors:  Sons, John and Hugh
Witnesses:  Robert Faries, John Gordan, Nelly Henry
Proven:  30 Apr 1792

GRAHAM, JEAN of York County, 16 Aug 1790
Daughter:  Margaret Templeton, land joining John Caranhan on Turkey Crk.
Daughter:  Nancy
Executors:  Daughter, Margaret Templeton and trusted friend, Hugh Berry
Witnesses:  James Wilson, George Templeton, William Templeton
Recorded:  30 Apr 1792, Inventory Bk. A #60, 17 Mar 1792

HANNA, JAMES of York County, 13 Feb 1797
Wife:  Jane Hanna
Daughter:  Elizabeth
Grandson:  James Hanna, son of William Hanna
Grandson:  James Hanna, son of Robert Hanna
Granddaughter:  Rosannah Berry Hanna, daughter of Robert Hanna
Daughter:  Margaret
Daughter:  Deborah
Son:  James Hanna
Executors:  Wm. Hanna, Robert Hanna, and wife Jane Hanna
Witnesses:  Nathan Cooper, Sarah Hanna, James Hanna
Proven:  n.d.

HANNA, WILLIAM (Colonel) 3 Dec 1810
Estate administrator William C. Hanna. Bk.B-731

HOOD, JAMES  (estate) administrators are Elinor Hood and John Adkinson, 10 Sep 1806.  Bk. B-493

HOPE, ADAM (estate) administrator is Agnes Hope, 7 May 1804.  Bk. B-381

HOPE, JAMES  (estate) administrators are Eleanor Hope and William Byers, 4 Jun 1804. Bk. B-367

KNOX, JAMES (estate) appraisment of the estate of James Knox, deceased, 21 Nov 1795; among other items, 640 acre land tract and 1/2 still containing 77 gallons.  Appraisers, John Harris, James Stewart, Thomas Magill.

KNOX, SAMUEL of Mecklenburg County, 5 May 1794
Wife, Mary
Widow and three daughter, Jean, Sarah and Mary.
Grandson:  John Pettis (Pettus)
Grandson:  Stephen Pettis
Granddaughter:  Agnes Pettis
Granddaughter:  Mary Pettis, daughter of George Pettis
Granddaughter:  Mary Candlish negroes Tom, Will and Phebe; also seven  tracts of land. (Mary Candlish is under age 18, Alexander Candlish  her father? if he returns to these parts)
Granddaughter:  Rebecca Pettus
Grandson , Samuel Knox Pettus, son of William Pettus.
Brother:  Robert Knox
To:  William Pettus; grandson Stephen Pettus.
To: John Pettus, son of George Pettus, three tracts of land.
Make provisions for  completion of a brick house being built by Thompson Hartgrove and Charles Wright, to be 20 feet high above the stone work.
To:  Samuel Knox, son of brother John, a horse
Grandson:  Samuel Knox Pettus
Wearing apparel divided between brothers Matthew and David; James Tagert the best hat.
Excutors:  Wife, Mary, William Pettus, James Tagert.
Witnesses:  James F. Gordon, Joseph Knox, George Pettus
Probated York Co. District Court, April 1800, Bk. A-20; Mecklenburg Co. Bk. D-138

KOLB, JAMES of York County, 13 Dec 1802
Four children whose names are now, Mary Love, Margaret Feemster, Ruth Love and Silas Kolb, to be paid $3.00 each.
Daughters:  Jean Kolb, Catharine Kolb, Elizabeth -- Kolb.
Son:  Joseph Kolb
Present wife:  Elizabeth Kolb
Executors:  Wife, Elizabeth and son-in-law, William Feemster of Chester Co.
Witnesses:  David Gordan, Ezekiel Morris, Elinor Leech
Proven:  1 Jun 1807

LATTIMORE, ROBERT of Craven County, 25 Oct 1784
Wife:  Ann Lattimore
Son:  George Lattimore
Grandsons:  Estate to be divided among often (after?) named grandsons, viz: Robert Love and James Love;  Robert Lattimore, son of Arthur Lattimore, as much as both the above named; and Hezekiah and James McKenzie equal to the above named Loves; and Arthur and James Kennedy the same.
Executors:  Son-in-law, Joseph McKenzie and son-in-law, Andrew Love.
Witnesses:  Joseph Howe, Mathew Bigger
Codicil: to daughters, viz, Rebecca McKenzie, Anne Love and Nancy Kennedy, one dollar each.
Presented:  n.d.

McKNIGHT, JOHN of York County, 20 Jun 1785
Wife (but not named)
Son:  Robert
Daughters:  Mary, Sarah, Eleanor, Isabella, Betsy
Land on Serats Creek 96 District to be sold.
Executors:  Wife and son Robert
Witnesses:  John Blackney, William Fowler, James Fowler
Inventory presented by Mary McKnight and Robert McKnight, executors; Bk. A #13 n.d.

McNIGHT, MARGARET (widow) of York District, 17 Dec 1800
Three daughters:  Mary, Isabella, Elizabeth (all unmarried)
Grandson:  John McNight
Granddaughter:  Margaret McClelan
Grandson:  John McNight Lindsey
Grandson:  Moses McCleave
Son:  Robert McNight
Daughter:  Sarah Hog
Executors:  Daughters, Isabella and Elizabeth
Witnesses:  Jo. Brown, A. Egger, Elizabeth --- illegible
Proven: 26 Jun 1801

MULDOON, DAVID of York District, 5 Jun 1800
Wife:  Mary
Wife's daughter, Elizabeth
My daughter, Elinor
Son:  Elias
Daughters:  Sarah, Rebecca, Lucinda
Executors:  John Downing, David Daniel
Witnesses:  Mary Neeley, James Cathey
Presented:  13 Jun 1801

MURPHEY, JAMES of Fishing Creek, York County, 18 Jul 1787
Son:  John Murphey
Grandsons:  James Murphey, Robert Murphey, Alexander Murphey
Daughters:  Susanna Sadler and her daughter Mary Miles; Rachel Sadler and her son, Isaac Sadler, Mary Sadler
Executors:  Son, John Murphey, Richard Sadler
Witnesses:  John Adam, John Brevard, Thomas Hale
Presented:  n.d.

NASH, LUCY of York District, 5 Feb 1808
Son:  Francis --- Nash
Daughter:  Polly Turner Nash
Executors:  John Adams, Samuel Neely
Witnesses:  D. Boyers, R. Barron
Proven:  20 Feb 1809

RAY (Wray) SR., HENRY of York County, 26 Aug 1789
Wife:  Agness
Daughters:  Isabell and Sarah
Son:  Henry
Executors:  Son, Henry and Alex. Galloway
Witnesses:  Isaac Gillham, Thomas Gillham, John Creige
Recorded:  28 Dec 1789, inventory Bk. A #31

REA, FRANCES, 2 Feb 1804
Residing on the waters of Crowders Creek in York District.
Wife:  Sarah Rea (if she survives)
Sons:  William, Alexander, Francis
William to care for plantation, wife and daughters, Mary Rea, Elizabeth Rea, Sarah Rea.
Granddaughter:  Rachel Jamison
Executors:  Wife, Sarah Rea and son William Rea, John Henry
Witnesses:  Robert Adams, David Jackson, James Montgomery
Proven:  5 Aug 1805

ROSS, RACHEL of York County, 1 Apr 1790
Sons:  James, Alexander, William
Niece:  Rachel Murphey, daughter of John Murphey
Excutors:  George Ross, Andrew Love
Witnesses:  J. Ross, William Carson Sr., William Carson
Inventory presented 17 Jul 1790, Bk. A #48

SADLER, JOSEPH of York District, 9 May 1812
Wife:  Elizabeth Sadler, the plantation containing 100 acres where I formerly lived on joining land with Richard Sadler Senior deceased on Fishing Creek.
Executor:  Wife, Elizabeth Sadler
Witnesses:  Samuel McNeel, John Bratton, David Sadler
Proven:  11 Jun 1812

SADLER SR., RICHARD of York District, 10 Jan 1804
Wife:  Jane Sadler
Oldest son:  David Sadler, $20
Second son:  Richard Sadler, $20
Third son:  Joseph Sadler, $20
Daughter:  Eleanor Black, $20
Executors:  Wife, Eleanor and son, David
Witnesses:  George Reed, David Leech Sr., Jos. Feemster
Proven:  6 Jan 1810

THOMPSON (Thomson) JAMES of York District, 11 Jun 1808
Brother:  Nathaniel Thomson, the tract in North Carolina, Burkham ? County.
Sister:  Mary Ann Edmiston
Brother:  Moses Thomson
Brother:  Samuel Thomson
Sister:  Betsy Hann Grier
Two brothers:  Alexander Thomson and John Thomson
Executors:  Alexander Thomson, John Thomson
Witnesses:  Edward Byers, John Cain, John Lusk
Proven:  7 May 1810

THOMPSON, SAMUEL of York District, 3 Mar 1811
Brother:  Nathaniel Thompson, $250 to be paid by Moses Thompson.
Brother:  Moses Thompson, one negro due me from my brothers Alexander and John Thompson, to be worth $500
Sister:  Mary Ann Edminston, $250 to be paid by Robert Grier.
Sister:  Betsy Hannah Grier
To my venerable mother.
Two brothers: Alexander and John, property and money due me from the estate of James Thompson
Executors:  Alexander Thompson, John Thompson
Witnesses:  Thomas Brown, Robert Grier
Proven:  5 Aug 1811

WALKER, THOMAS, 14 Jun 1795
Land in Rutherford County, North Carolina.
Son:  James, under twenty one years of age
Daughter:  Peggy
Wife:  Mary
Other children (but not named)
Executors:  Wife, Mary, Felix Walker, William Smith
Witnesses:  James Simpson, William Smith, R. Wilkinson
Presented: n.d.

WATSON, GEORGE of York District, 13 Sep 1808
Wife:  Mary Watson
Stepdaughter:  Ruthey Bratton
Executor:  Hugh Bratton
Witnesses:  Robert Bratton, J. Thompson
Presented:  24 Jun 1809

WATSON, JAMES of York District, 5 Sep 1802
Sons:  David Watson, John Watson
Son:  William, the plantation on Buckhorn Fork of Bullocks Creek
Son:  Samuel Watson
To:  Elizabeth Findley
Son:  Aaron Watson, the plantation I now live on.
Daughter:  Jean
Daughter:  Ann Hemphill
Son:  David
Executors:  Sons, David, John and Samuel Watson
Witnesses:  Katherine Watson, David Watson, Samuel Watson
Presented:  n.d.

WATSON (Colonel), SAMUEL of York District, 1 Mar 1809
Wife:  Elizabeth Watson
Son-in-law: John Eakin
Son:  James
Son:  Robert Watson
Sons:  Hugh, William, David
Son-in-law:  John Berry
To:  Betsy McWhorter
Grandchildren:  Samuel Watson, son of James Watson; Samuel Watson, son of John Watson; Samuel Watson, son of David Watson; Samuel Watson, son John Berry, James Watson, son of Samuel Watson, Sarah and Samuel Watson, son and daughter of Robert Watson
Each of the aforesaid grandchildren receive $20.
What may come on the Hill & Capt. Haynes bond
Seven sons.
Executors:  Son, John and Samuel Watson.
Witnesses:  Hugh Watson, Robert Watson, Catherine Watson
Presented:  27 Nov 1810

WATSON SR., WILLIAM of Fishing Creek, York County, 20 Aug 1798
Wife:  Violet Watson, the estate.
Also her sister's children and one third to Hugh Berry.
Sisters:  Elizabeth Walker and Alice Alexander
Cousin:  Watson Walker, son of Felix Walker
Executors:  Wife, Violet, Hugh Berry, Col. William Bratton, John McCan.
Witnesses:  Jos. Gabie, John Gabie, Roger Berry.
Inventory presented 12 Nov 1798, Bk. A #143

WATSON, WILLIAM of York District, 23 Aug 1809
Wife:  Mary Watson
Son: James Watson, ten dollars.
Grandson:  James Watson
Two sons:  David and Robert
Executors:  Son, David and Robert
Witnesses:  Will. Pettus, Samuel Smith, Archibald Steel
Presented:  6 Apr 1812


York Co. SC Wills 1770-1812