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York County, South Carolina Wills (1770-1812)
Micro-film #C1689 & C1695
Abstracted by Paulette Haynes, Anderson, IN, 1992

In some cases I could not find a probate date for these wills. They are probably arranged by case & file in the state archives which will include more information and the probate dates. The micro-films I have are not arranged that way, but rather by number and book. There are also a few estates, but not all,  from Bk. B (1800-1811)  


HARTNESS, ROBERT  of Bullocks Creek, York County, 1 Apr 1779
Wife:  Jane
Raising of children (not named), if she marries the plantation near Yorkville to be sold, also the plantation on Bullocks Creek.
Executors:  Wife and James Martin
Witnesses:  Samuel Scott, John Scott, David Scott
Inventory:  Bk. A #150

HEMPHILL, ALEXANDER of York County, 8 Jul 1788
Wife:  Mary
Eldest son: Robert
Daughter: Janet
Sons:  John (a minor), James, Samuel
Executors:  Wife and Andrew Love
Witnesses:  Robert Faries, A. Glass, Hugh Berry
Inventory presented, 12 Mar 1789, Bk. A #22

HENDERSON, ESTHER  of York County, 7 Nov 1789
Son:  Robert Henderson
Daughter:  Mary Henderson
Daugher:  Mary Todd
Granddaughter:  Esther Henderson
Son: Samuel to have the Bible
Executors:  Robert Patrick, Joseph Howe
Witnesses:  John Howe, James Howe, Martha McCowan
Recorded: 17 Feb 1790; Case 57 file #2563

HENDERSON SR., NATHANIEL of York County, 8 Feb 1794
Wife:  Ellanah Henderson
Sons:  Nathaniel, Robert, Daniel, James, Samuel, Thomas, John
Daughter:  Elizabeth Henderson, a small survey on Pacolate River.
Executors:  Son, John Henderson of Elbert County, Georgia and son Samuel Henderson
Witnesses:  Joseph Carrel, James Clinton, Thomas Carrel
Inventory: 26 Jul 1794, Bk. A #86 p. 106

LOVE, ALEXANDER of the New Acquisition, York County, 20 Mar 1781
Wife:  Margaret
Sons:  Andrew, William, Alexander, James (to have land adjacent to Michael McCarity)
Daughters:  Elizabeth and Margaret
Executors:  Sons, Andrew and James
Witnesses:  John Gerguson, Jr., Robert Gabbie, Mary Carnahan
Recorded:  21 Mar 1781, Inventory, 10 Jul 1790

LOVE, ANDREW of York District, 10 Sep 1803
Wife (but not named)
Daughter:  Mary, $1
Son:  James,  $50
Son:  William, $100
Son:  Andrew, $100
Son:  John, $100
Daughter:  Sarah, $50
Daughter:  Elizabeth, $145
My sister's son, Andrew Donaghy, $60
Two sons:  Mather? and Samuel, interest of $400 paid yearly
Executors:  Wife, Sarah and sons, James and Andrew Love
Witnesses:  Robert Love, Samuel Ewing, William Love
Proven:  6 May 1805

LOVE, JAMES (estate) administrator is Andrew Love, 10 Oct 1789

LOVE, MARGARET of York County, 19 Apr 1806
Widow of Alexander Love
Daughter:  Jean Murphy, wife of John Murphy
Sons:  Andrew Love, Alexander Love, William Love
Daughter:  Elizabeth Miles, wife of Charles Miles
Executor:  Son, Alexander
Witnesses:  Joshua Akin, Alexander Akin, George Akin
Proven:  19 Feb 1807; Case 59 file #2667

LOVE, ROBERT of Clarks Fork, York County, 4 Oct 1796
Wife:  Elenor
Eldest son:  John Love
Sons:  William and Robert Love
Three daughters:  Janet, Francis and Elizabeth
Executors:  Wife, Elenor and cousin, William Love
Witnesses:  Will. Love, Peter Patterson, Sarah Patterson
Recorded:  n.d.

LOVE, SAMUEL (estate) administrators are Isabella Love and James Davidson; Abraham ---illegible and William Love securities;  Bk. B-448

McCALL, JOHN (estate) administrator is Grizelle McCall, 27 Oct 1807; bond $2000 with Joseph McKinney and James Mitchell securities.  Bk. B-582

McCARTER, JAMES C. (estate) administrators are James Walker? and Sarah McCarter, 1 Jul 1811; securities Samuel McCarter, William ---illegible and Robert Love.

McCLAIN (McLain), JOHN (estate) administrator is James McClain, $2000 bond with Andrew Mc---illegible and Richard Hutson securities.

McCLELAND, HUGH of York County, 19 Aug 1795
Wife:  Elizabeth
Sons:  James, Robert, Hugh, William McCleland
Executors:  Samuel Lusk Sr., and son James McCleland
Witnesses:  Hugh Whiteside, Abram Whiteside, Samuel Whiteside
Codicil:  13 Mar 1796, wife Elizabeth now deceased.  Daughters: Jane, Agnes, Elizabeth. Witnesses, Hugh Whiteside and Margaret O'Neal.
Inventory presented, 11 May 1796, Crt. Proceedings Bk. A #107, p. 144

McCLELAND, ROBERT of York District, 10 Dec 1801
Wife:  Ann
Daughter:  Mary Anne McClelan
Grandson:  John McClelan
Granddaughter:  Anne McClelan (underage)
Sons:  Samuel McClelan, Thomas McClelan, Elias Baxter McClelan
Son:  John, 150 acres in Indian lease
Son:  Robert, deceased
To Priscilla McClelan, during her widowhood, mother of grandson, John McClelan.
Thomas Carrol Sr., John Berry and James Risk to divide the Indian Land.
Executors:  Sons, Thomas and Samuel
Proven: 19 Jan 1802

McCLELAND, WILLIAM of York District, 3 Nov 1810
Wife:  Margaret
Oldest daughter:  Margaret
Daughters;  Susanna and Polly
Fourth daughter:  Sidney
Youngest daugher:  Ruthey
Four oldest sons:  Jno., William, Samuel, ---illegible
Youngest son:  James
Executors:  Present wife, Margaret McCleland, Robert Allison, Andrew McWhorter
Witnesses:  Hugh McWhorter, John Carson, William Watson

McCURDY, ROBERT of York District, 18 Jan 1803
Granddaughters;  Hannah and Elizabeth Guyton
Grandson:  Robert McCurdy Guyton
Granddaughter:  Betsey Bankhead
Grandson:  Robert McCurdy Bankhead
Granddaughter:  Jean Bankhead
Wife:  Mary
Daughters:  Margaret Guyton, Jean Bankhead
Three daughters:  Mary Bankhead, Margaret Guyton, Jean Bankhead
Executors:  Wife, Mary, John Bankhead Sr., Aaron Guyton, John Bankhead Jr.
Witnesses:  Floyd Bostick, Edward Summerford, Jno. Smitty
Proven:  Case 60 file #2739

McELMOYLE SR., JOHN of York District, 11 Dec 1811
Wife: Mary
Sons:  James and John, the plantation containing 200 acres.
Son:  David, 140 acres on Turkey Creek, purchased from Abraham Livingston.
Daughter:  Margaret McElmoile, the lease of 70 acres Indian land purchased from John White.
Son:  Daniel
Executors:  John McClenchan
Witnesses:  Isaac McFaddin, Thos. Faris, Mary Polk
Proven:  22 Apr 1812

McFADDEN, PATRICK of York County, 28 Dec 1795
To:  William Clinton, horse saddle, heiffer, coat, one month schooling.
Daughter:  Agness, one third of estate.  John McFadden and James Ouncil? and William Ouncil? my daughters three oldest sons, land on White Creek.
To:  Patrick Anderson, 20 lbs paid to David Chambers for William Anderson, the child's father.
To:  Yoritta raiah Cunie ? my granddaughter
Daughters:  Agness Urile ? and Catherine Anderson
Executors:  John Mahley, George Montgomery
Witnesses:  William Ueich? and Charles Cleighton
Inventory, 10 Feb 1796 Bk. A #106

McGARITY, MICHAEL of York County, 18 Oct 1787
Wife:  Elizabeth
Nephew ?: Katrine Williams
Executors:  Wife, Elizabeth and Andrew Love
Witnesses:  William Love, Mathew Smith, Mary Brown
Inventory:  Bk. A #32

McGILL, JAMES (estate) administrator is Sarah McGill, 23 Jan 1805, $1000 bond with Thomas McGill security.  Bk. B-731

McGILL, THOMAS (estate) administrators are Sarah McGill and John McGill, 23 Apr 1805, $4000 bond with Lewis Adkins and Alex. Hynes security. Bk. B-422

McKINNEY, NEAL of York District, 28 Feb 1801
Wife:  Jean McKinney
Executors:  Wife, Jean McKinney and James McKinney
Witnesses:  James Jemison, William Scott, Joseph Jemison
Presented:  18 Aug 1801

McMURRAY, NANCY of York District, 18 Jan 1812
Niece:  Mary --- illegible
To:  Elizabeth Ekins for her respect & kindness to me.
Niece:  Mary White McMurray
Nephew:  William Simpson McMurray
Executor:  Brother, William McMurray
Witnesses:  Joseph Davis, William Neely, Wm. Adkin
Proven:  3 Feb 1813

McNEEL, JAMES (estate) administrator is Mary McNeel, 22 Jan 1808; bond $4000 with Joseph Sadler and John Mc --illegible securities.  Bk. B-582

McWHORTER, HUGH of York District, 20 Sep 1795
Brother-in-law:  John Rickey?, the plantation I now live on.
Part of crop at Moses WmWhorter's place.
John Rickey's son, Alexander
Brother-in-law:  Shadrach Rawls
Sister:  Sally
Executors:  Samuel Watson, James B. Fulton
Witnesses:  David Watson, Thomas Drennan, Mathew Stevenson

MOFFITT, MATHEW (estate) administrator is Jonathan Beatie, 2 Aug 1805; bond $700 with Benj. Chambers and Edmond Chambers security. Bk. B-444

NEELY SR., JACKSON of the Indian Land, York County, 21 Jan 1785
Wife:  Ann
Sons:  Samuel, David, Thomas, Matthew and Robert Neely
Daughters:  Hannah Neely and Jane Neely
Son-in-law:  Henry Carswel, Mathew Brown, James Henry
Executors:  Wife, Ann Neely and son, Samuel Neely
Witnesses: William Kerr, Thomas Bratton, Alexander Brown
Presented, 1788  Case 61 file #2798;

NICHELS, JAMES  10 Sep 1795
Affairs to William Amberson
Children (not named) to be schooled.
Wife:  Jane
Son:  Mathew
Property that is in John Nickles hand to be divided.
Witnesses:  John Henderson, Mathew Amberson, William Amberson
Acknowledged:  30 Sep 1795 by William & Mathew Amberson, Inventory Bk. A #104

PATTERSON, ROBERT of Craven County, 5 Jul 1775
Wife:  Sarah
Sons:  Robert and Peter
Son:  Thomas and his son, John
Son:  William
Daughters:  Sarah, Elizabeth, Lydia
Peter and Robert equal parts of land and claims in Province of Virginia
Excutors:  Sons, Robert and Peter Patterson
Witnesses:  Nathaniel ---illegible, James Dickie
Proven:  n.d.

PATTESON, JOHN of York County, 18 Feb 1795
Wife:  Rebecca Patteson
Money in hand of John Currence
Money in hand of James Tate
To: Rebecca Currence, 5 lbs put at interest until she come to age.
Grandson:  Hugh Brevard, 5 lbs put at interest until he come to age.
Grandson:  William Patteson
Executors:  Son, William Patteson, Col. Samuel Watson
Witnesses:  William Choat, John Currence, William Currence
Codicil:  a mare to wife, Rebecca, 30 Jun 1795
Proven:  n.d.

POLK, ELEANOR of York County, 6 May 1803
Daughter:  Eleanor Polk, all estate divised to me by my late husband.
Executor:  Robert Harris
Witnesses:  Taylor Polk, Wiley Sanders, Eleanor Polk
Produced 31 Oct 1803; final settlement 6 Aug 1807, receipt in full from John Thompson in behalf of his wife, Elin Polks legatee for her share dated 29 Mar 1806.  Case 61 file #2811

POLK, JOHN of York County, 25 Aug 1802
Wife:  Eleanor
Executor:  Son, John Polk
Witnesses:  John Farris, John Holt
Produced:  10 Apr 1803

RAINEY, WILLIAM (estate) administrator is Margaret Rainey, 1 Dec 1803; bond $5000 with Samuel McNeel and James McNeel securities.  Bk. B-347

RICHARDSON, JAMES of York County, 6 Nov 1796
Wife:  Margaret
To:  Jane Richardson
Estate divided between Thomas, James and Jane Richardson
Executors:  Joseph Robb, Robert Harris
Witnesses:  Robert Young, Robert Clark, Plannes Winget
Inventory, 1 Mar 1797 Bk. A #127

ROGERS (Rodgers), MICHAEL of York District, 1 Dec 1801
Wife:  Alice Rodgers
Brother:  Jonas Rodgers
Executors:  Brother Jonas and friend, John Rooker
Witnesses:  John Smith, Elizabeth Withers
Proven:  8 Jan 1802

SHEARER, HUGH of York County, 15 Oct 1789
Wife:  Lydia
Son:  William
Grandsons:  Thomas Shearer and Hugh Shearer
To friend James Fowler
Executors:  David Gordan, James Fowler
Witnesses:  Robert Fowler, Hezekiah Salmon, Lucy Neel
Inventory, Bk. A #71 n.d.

SIMPSON, ROBERT (estate) inventory of the estate of Robert Simpson in hands of Hugh Simpson, administrator, 13 Jan 1789.

SINCLAIR, DUNCAN  of York District 22 Jun 1805
Wife:  Mary
Son:  James
Daughter:  Ann
Daughter:  -- illegible
Son:  John
Son:  Robert
Three youngest sons:  Jesse, Elias, Elijah (all underage)
Executors:  Wife, Mary, Charles Robertson
Witnesses:  Jona. Ferguson, Elijah Ferguson, Charles Hamill
Proven 20 Sep 1805

STERNS, JOSEPH (estate) administrators are Mary Sterns and Robert Sterns, 7 Dec 1807; bond $3000 with Mathew Carrol and John Carrol securities; Bk. B-570

VENABLE JR., JOHN 25 Jun 1800
Wife: Agnes
Four sons:  John, Bryson, Andrew, Francis
Executors:  John Venable Sr., James Venable, Agnes Venable
Witnesses:  Francis Adams, John Venable, James Venable, James Henderson

VENABLE SR., JOHN (badly faded)
Two sons:  William and Archibald
Proven:  1808

WHITE, JOSEPH of York District, 27 Jun 1804
Lands that lye in Lancaster District, South Carolina to be sold.  Two negroes, Dinah and Jack to be sold to pay off all debts.
Wife:  Martha, one half of Indian land.
Son:  William Elliot White, one half of Indian land and schooling (under age of twenty one)
Brother:  Hugh White
Brother-in-law:  William Barnet
Father-in-law:  William Elliot Sr.
Executors:  James Harris, wife Martha and brother, Hugh White
Witnesses:  William Elliot, John Springs, Wm. B. Elliot
Proven:  Case 64 file #2998

WHITELY, JONATHAN of York County 23 Sep 1793
Wife:  Sarah Whitely
Grandson:  Jonathan Whitely
Son-in-law:  James Mitchel
Son-in-law:  James Davis
Grandsons:  Jonathan Mitchel and Jonathan Davis, a tract of land on water of Houston River.
Granddaughter:  Lilly Mitchel
Executors:  Henry Plax--, John Mitchel, James Davis
Witnesses:  Jane Plaxco, James Plaxco, Robert Lusk
Proven:  Case 64 file #2995


York Co.SC Wills 1770-1812