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This list consists of past and present churches in Brown County, along with a short synopsis of the church's history, church records (when known), and location (many of which are probably inaccurate). Any corrections or additions would be appreciated.

Aberdeen Churches

Aberdeen Alliance Church
1106 S. Roosevelt St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-7305
Phone: (605) 225-9724
Established in 1926, this evangelical church has been instrumental in establishing other Alliance churches in the Aberdeen area in Doland and Houghton.

Aberdeen Evangelical Free Church
PO Box 1345, Aberdeen, SD 57402-1345
Phone: (605) 229-5080

Aberdeen Evangelical Lutheran Churches
1015 N. Highway 281, Aberdeen, SD 57401-1832
Phone: (605) 226-0092

Aberdeen Wesleyan Church
1701 8th Ave. NE, Aberdeen, SD 57401-3204
Phone: (605) 225-2873
This church, originally the Wesleyan Methodist Church, was established seven miles west of Aberdeen in 1886. They built their first church in Aberdeen soon after, and the congregation has grown to include a radio broadcast and campground.

Calvary Baptist Church
515 8th Ave. NW, Aberdeen, SD 57401-1801
Phone: (605) 225-1866

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
E. Fairgrounds Rd, Aberdeen, SD 57401-7906
Phone: (605) 225-0601

Church Of Christ
1801 S. Lincoln St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-7403
Phone: (605) 225-3621

Church Of God Family Worship Center
1204 N. Pennsylvania St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-2157
Phone: (605) 225-5444

Community Christian Church
302 N. Lincoln St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-3506
Phone: (605) 225-2377

Evangelical Lutheran Church In America
215 4th Ave. SE, Aberdeen, SD 57401-4330
Phone: (605) 225-3119
1429 N Dakota St, Aberdeen, SD 57401-2169
Phone: (605) 226-1990
1732 S. Main St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-7429
Phone: (605) 229-1321

Faith United Methodist Church
503 S. Jay St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-4447
Phone: (605) 225-6033

Family Worship Center
1204 N. Pennsylvania St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-2157
Phone: (605) 225-5444

First Assembly Of God
Hwy 281 N, Aberdeen, SD 57401-3204
Phone: (605) 225-5322
This congregation officially organized April 7, 1938, their first service held in a tent. They soon after built a church, and have recently moved from there to their new location.

First Baptist Church
1500 E. Melgaard Road, Aberdeen, SD 57401-7714
Phone: (605) 225-9581
The congregation of the First Baptist Church was first established in 1882.

First Church Of The Nazarene
1720 S. Roosevelt St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-7820
Phone: (605) 225-7384

First Presbyterian Church
318 S. Kline St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-4450
Phone: (605) 225-6753
Established in 1881, the first congregation and church established in Aberdeen.

First Reformed Church
9th Ave. & Dakota St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-4450
Phone: (605) 225-6120

First United Methodist Church
502 S. Lincoln St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-4321
Phone: (605) 225-5680
Originally incorporated in 1884, this is one of the earliest churches in Aberdeen.

First United Pentecostal Church
1302 8th Ave. NE, Aberdeen, SD 57401-3101
Phone: (605) 225-6090

Grace Free Lutheran Church
2010 Prospect Ave., Aberdeen, SD 57401-6571
Phone: (605) 226-2290

Hope New Church
SBC Fairgrounds Rd & North Dakota, Aberdeen, SD 57401-6571
Phone: (605) 229-4673

Living Word Bible Church
Aberdeen, SD 57401-6571
Phone: (605) 229-5833

Melgaard Park Baptist Church
502 E. Melgaard Road, Aberdeen, SD 57401-7603
Phone: (605) 229-1193
This church was established by a Baptist missionary and his wife in 1957 as the Bible Baptist Church, changing to it's present name in 1975.

North Higland United Methodist Church
1404 N. State St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-2167
Phone: (605) 226-1279

Old Apostolic Church
1223 4th Ave. SW, Aberdeen, SD 57401-3721
Phone: (605) 226-3279

Our Savior Lutheran Church
624 N. Jay St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-2911
Phone: (605) 225-7106
This division of the Missouri Lutheran Synod was established in 1947, the majority of the members coming from St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Plymouth Congregational United Church
W Melgaard Rd & S. 4th St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-2911
Phone: (605) 225-2557

Praise Family Bible Church
214 1st Ave. SE, Aberdeen, SD 57401-4238
Phone: (605) 226-2331

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
409 3rd Ave. SE, Aberdeen, SD 57401-4414
Phone: (605) 225-7065
Originally established to serve the Irish Catholics of Aberdeen in 1882.

Saint Mary's Catholic Church
215 N. Arch St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-3576
Phone: (605) 229-4422
424 2nd Ave. NE, Aberdeen, SD 57401-3575
Phone: (605) 225-8732
Originally established to served the German Russian Catholic congregation of Aberdeen, this church was incorporated in 1903. A church history is available from the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection. Marriage and death records are available from the Thomas J. Hoffman Collection (search the collection for 'Aberdeen').

Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church
214 7th Ave. SW, Aberdeen, SD 57401-5950
Phone: (605) 225-1847
This congregation's first church was established October 18, 1903, the present one was built in 1910. Service's were held in German and English until the 1950s. Our Saviour Lutheran Church grew out of this original congregation.

Scandinavia Bethany Lutheran Parish
39496 140th St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-8550
Phone: (605) 229-4587

Seventh-Day Adventist Church
825 12th Ave. SE, Aberdeen, SD 57401-7215
Phone: (605) 225-2185

Saint Mark's Episcopal Church
1410 N. Kline St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-2103
Phone: (605) 225-0474

Trinity Baptist Church
Melgaard & Main, Aberdeen, SD 57401-2103
Phone: (605) 226-2498

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
915 S. Dakota St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-6362
Phone: (605) 225-6081
This church, a member of the Wisconsin Synod, was originally established in Aberdeen in 1954.

Zion Christian Fellowship
824 S. Roosevelt St., Aberdeen, SD 57401-6551
Phone: (605) 226-2172

Groton Churches
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
1006 N. 2nd St., Groton, SD 57445-2170
Phone: (605) 397-2354

First Presbyterian Church
300 N. Main St., Groton, SD 57445-2158
Phone: (605) 397-8323

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church
107 E. 7th Ave., Groton, SD 57445-7429
Phone: (605) 397-2775

Saint John's Catholic Church
706 N. Main St., Groton, SD 57445-2150
Phone: (605) 397-2775

Saint John's Lutheran Church
308 W. 2nd Ave., Groton, SD 57445-7438
Phone: (605) 397-2386
Saint John's holds the records for the Trinity Lutheran Congregation in James.

United Methodist Church
906 N. 1st St., Groton, SD 57445-2192
Phone: (605) 397-2670

Other Brown County Churches
Augustana Lutheran Church
12327 411th Ave., Claremont, SD 57432-7308
Phone: (605) 294-5340

United Methodist Church
201 6th St., Claremont, SD 57432-6551
Phone: (605) 294-5831
This congregation was one of the original ones of Claremont, and still continues to the present. The old church is now used as a museum.

Congregational Church
201 N. Broadway St., Columbia, SD 57433
Phone: (605) 396-2412

Saint John's Lutheran Church
23 N. James St., Columbia, SD 57433
Phone: (605) 396-2349

Detroit Methodist Church
Detroit, SD
Originally incorporated in September 1883, the church continued after the town of Detroit was abandoned in 1886. The church site was moved in 1892, but attendance declined and it is no longer in existence.

Frederick Catholic Church
Frederick, SD

Frederick Methodist Church
Frederick, SD
Established in November, 1882, this organization built their first community church, serving both Methodists and Lutherans, in 1886. It declined in the 1920s.

Savo Lutheran Church
PO Box 558, Frederick, SD 57441-0558
Phone: (605) 329-2277

Saint Paul's Lutheran Church
407 2nd St, Frederick, SD 57441-2032
Phone: (605) 329-2055

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
601 Pine St., Hecla, SD 57446-7714
Phone: (605) 994-2251

Saint Anthony's Catholic Church
Hecla, SD 57446-2107
Phone: (605) 994-2232

Saint John's Lutheran Church
511 E. Main St., Hecla, SD 57446-7714
Phone: (605) 994-2355

United Methodist Church
4th and Main St., Hecla, SD 57446-7714
Phone: (605) 994-2335

Houghton Alliance Church
316 Pine St., Houghton, SD 57449-2108
Phone: (605) 885-6379

Trinity Lutheran Church
203 Pine St., Houghton, SD 57449-2107
Phone: (605) 885-6368

Methodist Church of Oneota
Oneota, SD
This Methodist Church was organized in 1888, and served the Methodists of the Franklyn-Oneota area for twenty years until disbanded.

Putney Church
Putney, SD
Originally served by a minister from Westport, this rural Methodist church was disbanded in the 1930s, with the church building sold to the Bath Methodists in 1940.

Sacred Heart Church
Westport, SD 57481-5706
Phone: (605) 226-3713

Faith United Methodist Church
Warner Twp., SD
This Warner Twp. Congregation was one of the earliest Methodist Church groups in Brown County. It disbanded in the early 1920s.

Apostolic Church

Aurland Church

Finnish Church
Savo Twp., SD

Peace Church

Saint Marks Church

Scandinavian Lutheran Church
West Hanson Twp.

Trinity Lutheran (German Evangelical) Church
James, Henry Twp., SD
Original church established by German immigrants (mostly from Pomerania and Posen) who settled in the area around Henry Township. No longer in existence. Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, and Death Records are located at St. John's Lutheran Church in Groton.

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