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There have been more than fifty different newspapers published in Brown County from the 1880s to the present. The title, date of publication, and availability for each known title is provided in the following table. The data on these newspapers has been extracted from Newspapers in Microform, the Aberdeen Area Genealogical Society's Tree Climber, and other sources.

Following the table is a list of newspaper repositories from which microforms/microfilm of the indicated titles may be obtained. For entries marked N/A in the availability column, no issues are known to exist in the possession of any historical society or archives. Any corrections or additions would be appreciated.

Title Place of Publication Frequency Dates of Publication Issue Availablity (Source)
Aberdeen American
Merged with Aberdeen Daily News to form Aberdeen American–News in 1940. Title varies: Aberdeen Morning American.
Aberdeen daily 7 Jun 1906–18 Jun 1940
1906–Apr 1925 (SDHS)

1906–1940 (DMS)

15 Nov 1927–1940 (LOC)
Aberdeen American-News
Combined Sunday editions of Aberdeen American and Aberdeen Daily News
Aberdeen weekly 1919–1940?
Aberdeen American-News
Supersedes Aberdeen Daily News and Aberdeen American
Aberdeen daily 25 Jun 1940–?
6 Sep 1942–? (SDHS)

1940–? (DMS)

1940–? (DLC)
Aberdeen Daily News
Title varies: Aberdeen News, (Aberdeen Evening News?). Merged with Aberdeen American to form Aberdeen American–News
Aberdeen daily 1885–Jun 1940
Feb 1885–Jun 1928 (SDU)

26 Nov 1886–1899 (DMS)

10 Oct 1895–1940 (SDHS)

26 Nov 1886–1899 (ACM)
Aberdeen Democrat
Previously the Aberdeen Republican
Aberdeen   1898–?  
Aberdeen Pioneer
Continued by the Aberdeen Republican
Aberdeen   4 Aug 1881–  
Aberdeen Republican
Originally the Aberdeen Pioneer, continued by the Aberdeen Democrat
Aberdeen   ?–1898  
Aberdeen Sun Weekly News
Originally published in Warner as, the Warner Sun.
Aberdeen   1883–31 Jul 1891
Aberdeen Weekly American
Title varies: American
Aberdeen weekly 1904–1917
14 Jan 1904–4 Jan 1917 (SDHS)
Aberdeen Weekly News
Title varies: Weekly News
Aberdeen weekly 1885–1922
13 Feb 1885–4 Feb 1888; 28 Mar 1890–Mar 1922 (DMS)

28 Mar 1890–1 Apr 1897; 21 Apr 1904–Mar 1922 (SDHS)

13 Feb 1885–4 Feb 1888; 28 Mar 1890–4 Jan 1900 (ACM)
The Bath Herald       N/A
Brown County Journal (& Houghton News?)
Continued by Hecla Journal
Hecla weekly 1913–1922
Brown County News
Frederick weekly 1930–
20 Jun 1930– (SDHS)
Brown County Sentinel
Columbia   1882?  
Claremont New Era        
Claremont Record
Claremont weekly 1909?
Claremont Tribune
(published in Claremont)
  weekly 1902–1905
22 Oct 1903–9 Mar 1905 (SDHS)
Dakota Farmer
Aberdeen semimonthly 1881–
Mar 1884–15 Dec 1905 (DMS)

Mar 1884–15 Dec 1905 (NDU)

Mar 1884–Jul 1967 (SDHS)
Dakota Free Press



weekly 1930?–1936?
Jul 1930–Nov 1935 (SDHS)
Dakota Freie Presse
Published in German. Originally published in Yankton from 1874–May 1909.
Aberdeen weekly Jun 1909–1925
1909–19 Sep 1916 (MCP)

1909–19 Sep 1916 (NEHS)

1909–17 Feb 1925 (SDHS)

1909–1925 (SDU)
Dakota Pioneer
Continued by Saturday Pioneer.
Aberdeen weekly 5 Aug 1881–1890?
9 Aug 1883–14 Jun 1888 (SDHS)

9 Aug 1883–14 Jun 1888 (SDU)

9 Aug 1883–14 Jun 1999 (ACM)
Dakota Ruralist
Originally published in East Pierre, this paper moved to Aberdeen in 1888, though from 1890 to 1896 it was published in Huron.
Aberdeen weekly 1887–1904
Sep 1888–Sep 1889; Jan 1891–1895 (NDU)

1888–1889; 1891–1895 (SDU)
Dakota Valley Tribune
Moved to Columbia and merged with the Dispatch in 1884.
Ordway   1883–1884  
Continues State Democrat.
Aberdeen weekly 1903?–1909?
1903–Aug 1907 (SDHS)
Merged with the Dakota Valley Tribune in 1884.
Columbia weekly? May 1883
The Exponent
    1902–18 Sep 1920
Frederick Free Press
Frederick weekly 1882–1930?
25 May 1882–Jun 1930 (SDHS)
Frederick Mirror        
Free Press
The Gazette
Groton     N/A
Great West and Aberdeen Star
Aberdeen weekly 1893?–1894
18 Jan 1894–2 Feb 1894 (MNHS)
Groton Advocate
Consolidation of Groton Mirror and News.
Groton   1 Apr 1882–  
Groton Independent
Groton weekly 1881–
9 May 1881–Dec 1881; 1884–(SDHS)
Groton Mirror
Groton   9 Sep 1881–?  
Groton News
Groton   7 Sep 1881–?  
Hecla Independent        
Hecla Journal
Continues Brown County Journal.
Hecla weekly 1922–1957?
22 Jul 1922–22 Aug 1957 (SDHS)
Hecla Standard
Hecla weekly 1893–1915
8 Oct 1903–13 May 1915 (SDHS)
Hecla Times       N/A
James Valley Post
Bath     N/A
Journal Broadcast
Published for free distribution by the Northwest Journal.
Aberdeen weekly 1936?–1947?
10 Jul 1936–Jun 1937; 10 Feb 1939–Nov 1939 (SDHS)
The Leader
Groton     N/A
New Deutsche Press
Published in German.
Northwest Journal
See also Journal Broadcast.
Aberdeen weekly 1935–1947?
26 Jun 1936–1940 (SDHS)
North-west Square Deal
Aberdeen daily 1920–1921
17 Mar 1920–24 Mar 1921 (SDHS)
Northwest Square Deal
Aberdeen semiweekly 1937?–1938?
7 Oct 1937–13 Oct 1938 (SDHS)
Ordway Times
Ordway   Aug 1881–1883  
Putney Messenger       N/A
Saturday Pioneer
Continues Dakota Pioneer.
Aberdeen weekly 1889?–1890
South Dakota Evangelical   monthly 1922?–1930?
South Dakota Wheat Growers     1923–1962
South Dakota Workman Elkton (1908–1910)
monthly 1891–1910
Feb 1905–1907 (SDHS)
The Star        
State Democrat
Continued by Democrat.
Aberdeen weekly 1890–1902?
19 Aug 1989–1902 (SDHS)
Verdon Times       N/A
Warner Weekly Sun
(published in Warner)
Warner weekly 1883–1890
18 Aug 1883–24 Aug 1888 (SDHS)
Westport Watchman       N/A

Newspaper Repositories

The newspapers listed above are available from the repository indicated below. Not all repositories will loan their microfilm copies, and not all may be available. Please contact the relevant institution for more information on obtaining copies of newspapers in which you are interested.

SD Historical Society & State Archives
900 Governors Drive
Pierre, SD 57501–2217
Ph: (605) 773–3804
Fax: (605) 773–6041
Amon Carter Museum of Western Art
3501 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Ph: (817) 738–1933

U.S. Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave. SE # 608
Washington, DC 20003
Ph: (202) 707–5000


University of South Dakota
414 E Clark St.
Vermillion, SD 57069
Ph: (605) 677–5011

Microfilm Center, Inc.
2043 Proctor St.
Dallas, TX 75235


University of North Dakota
314 Cambridge St.
Grand Forks, ND 58203
Ph: (701) 777–3664

Nebraska State Historical Society
PO Box 82554
Lincoln, NE 68501
Ph: (402) 471–4785
Minnesota Historical Society
240 Summit Ave.
St Paul, MN 55102
Ph: (612) 297–2555
Facility and current address unknown
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