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Eighth Grade Graduation 1918


Day County, South Dakota

High School Building, Webster

Tuesday, July 30 3:00pm




Piano Solo                                                        Hedwlg Roth

Address                                                           T. J. Tjaden

Vocal Solo                                                       Margery Holm

Address                                                           Supt. C. G. Lawrence

Cornet Solo                                                      Albert Berg

Address                                                           Dr. W. F. Jones

Presentation of Diplomas                                  Supt. Ira Howell

America                                                           Audience













Aas, Magda,                                                    Pierpont

Akerson, Oscar,                                               Webster

Alsager, Melvin,                                               Holmquist

Amundson. Alfhilda,                                         Holmquist

Asleson, Olaf,                                                   Waubay

Auby, Olive,                                                     Lily

Barber, Olive,                                                   Andover

Berg, Mary.                                                      Holmquist

Bistodeau, Florence.                                         Webster

Black, Mary,                                                    Waubay

Bracke, Sophie                                                 Andover

Brolin, Jennie,                                                   Webster

Bue, Agnes,                                                      Grenville

Carlson. Arthur,                                                Webster

Cavanaugh, Irene,                                             Andover

Christoferson, Alfred,                                       Waubay

Christoferson, John,                                          Waubay

Cleveland, Blanche,                                          Webster

Danielson, Clara.                                              Pierpont

Danielson, Lena,                                               Pierpont

Dohrman. Alice,                                               Langford

Dokken, Agnes,                                               Roslyn

Dokter. "Johanna,                                             Andover

Donat, Edna.                                                    Webster

Donahue, Annie,                                               Bristol

Dumstra, Francis,                                             Andover

Elle, Rolf                                                          Pierpont

Erickson, Emma,                                              Langford

Espeland. Mina,                                                Butler

Falkner, Eva,                                                    Butler

Fette, Leona                                                     Andover

Fisher, Henrietta,                                              Webster

Fleming, Clayton,                                              Lily

Fosheim, Arthur,                                               Bristol

Fossum. Arthur,                                                Pierpont

Gilbertson, Hilda,                                              Roslyn

Gilbertson, Theodore.                                       Roslyn

Goodrich, Alice                                                Andover

Granstrom, Frances,                                         Roslyn

Graves, Margaret                                             Waubay

Greenwaldt, Valentine,                                      Grenville

Gruba, Anna,                                                    Grenville

Gruba, Henry                                                   Waubay

Haaland, Clara,                                                Waubay

Hanson, Elmer.                                                 Lily

Hanson, Nellie,                                                 Butler

Hanson. Vivian,                                                Webster

Hawkins, Theodore.                                         Waubay

Hay, Irma,                                                        Pierpont

Hedman. Mandy,                                              Waubay

Hein, Dora                                                       Andover

Heinz, Lewie,                                                   Langford

Hemmah, Mabel.                                              Roslyn

Holman, Elmer                                                  Bristol

Houghton, Percy.                                              Pierpont

Huber, Golding,                                                Br!stol

Jensen, Marie.                                                  Bristol

Johnson. Hazel,                                                Lily

Johnson. Peter,                                                 Grenvll1e

Johnson. Theodore,                                          Roslyn

Kanago, Elmer.                                                Webster

Kanago, Vivian,                                                Webster

Keintz. Philip.                                                   Roslyn

Kempter, Lauris,                                              Waubay

Kennedy, Willis,                                               Holmquist

Kesstner, Henry,                                              Webster

Keup, Melvin,                                                  Andover

Knebel, Mildred,                                              Lily

Larson, Ida,                                                      Roslyn

Larson. Julia, "                                                  Webster

Larson, Lillian,                                                  Andover

Larson, Minnie,                                                Roslyn

Lee, Mabel,                                                      Pierpont

Lohner, Luella,                                                 Waubay

Loken, Minnie,                                                 Pierpont

Loken, Pauline,                                                 Pierpont

Loken, Palmer,                                                 Pierpont

Long, Ruby                                                      Webster

Lundgren, Eva,                                                 Webster

Martyn. Gordon                                               Pierpont

Mattecheck, Irene,                                           Webster

Meuer, Gertrude,                                              Webster

Meuer, Lester                                                   Webster

Miotek, James,                                                 Grenville

Monserud, Hel~,                                              Waubay

Monson, Mabel,                                               Llly

Monson, Olga,                                                 Lily

Monzel, Isabelle                                               Webster

Monzel, John,                                                   Webster

Mork, Esther,                                                   Pierpont

Morris, Lavern,                                                Andover

Moxness, -Effie,                                               Bristol

Myren, Henry                                                   Pierpont

Naessig, Carl,                                                   Webstet:

Neuman, Clarence                                            Pierpont

Nelson, Alvin,                                                   Webster

Nett, Ambrose                                                 Webster

Nicolay, Anthony,                                             Grenville

Olson, Carl,                                                      Holmquist

Opitz, Celia,                                                     Roslyn

Opitz, Edmond.                                                Roslyn

Opitz, Hilda,                                                     Roslyn

Ottum, Gertrude,                                              Pierpont

Ottum, Gladys,                                                 Roslyn

Paul, Myrtie,                                                     Wallace

Peterson, Edna,                                                Webster

Peterson, Peter,                                                Lily

Ronshaugen, Minda,                                         Webster

Roth, Lucille,                                                    Webster

Sattler, Rudolph,                                               Roslyn

Schmitt, Agnes,                                                Webster

Schmidt, Annie,                                                Webster

Schuster, Adolph,                                             Roslyn

Schwartz, Edwin,                                              Butler

Scotness, Ida,                                                   Waubay

Scott. Samuel,                                                  Andover

Sheelar, James,                                                 Webster

Sigdestad, Joel,                                                Bristol

Skaarhaug, Ruth,                                              Grenville

Skoe, Eddie,                                                    Butler

Solberg, Bertrand,                                            Roslyn

Spiering, Frost,                                                 Webster

Stadklev, Anna,                                                Lily

Stadklev, Carl,                                                 Lily

Steffes, Albert,                                                 Bristol

Steinkogler, Theodore                                      Waubay

Stephenson, Ardus,                                          W.aubay

Sterling, Bessie,                                                Crandali

Stolmark, Bertha                                              Pierpont

Stone, Winnefred,                                             Andover

Strain. Leslie,                                                    Waubay

Sundahl, Martin,                                               Roslyn

Sveum, Tilda,                                                   Lily

Swanson, Helen                                                Roslyn

Thern, Ebba,                                                    Webster

Thompson, Eva.                                               Bristol

Thorne, Pearl,                                                   Andover

Voss, Calvin,                                                    Andover

Wachtler, Julius                                                Roslyn

Wambeeke, Leonora,                                       Waubay

Whalen, Velva.                                                 Pierpont

Whitemyr, Sigvart,                                            Butler

Zimmerman, Lona,                                            Bristol