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About Us

The South Dakota Genealogical Society (SDGS) is a state-wide organization made up of genealogists from all areas of South Dakota and across the country. Individual genealogists and local societies are welcome to become members.


  • Promote interest in genealogy.
  • Encourage, educate, and instruct members in the practice of genealogical research.
  • Improve genealogical standards.
  • Stress accuracy through careful documentation.
  • Locate, preserve and index public and private genealogical records and ensure availability to members and the general public.

Editorial Policy

  • It is our intent to publish reliable genealogical information pertaining to South Dakota. The information in this periodical is submitted in good faith, but no guarantee is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of the genealogical information, nor is freedom from infringement upon copyrighted material used as sources by individual contributors to be inferred, since the society and/or editor would have no knowledge of its accuracy or copyright.
  • We encourage all members to gather information and share it with others through this publication. Priority will be given to records prior to 1900 and to source materials. Please submit all information for publication to the SDGS Quarterly Editor at least three months before publication dates. The Editor would appreciate records and articles in ASCII computer form.
  • Queries: Queries should be sent to the local society located in the geographical area of interest if at all possible.
  • Queries to the SDGS Quarterly are free to members and are $3.00 for non-members. See Quarterly Index page.

2015-2016 Officers

  • President: Pam Reilly
  • Vice President: Vacant
  • Recording Secretary: Cheryl Schrader
  • Corresponding Secretary: Linda Lowe
  • Treasurer: Yvonne Haefner
  • Affiliate Coordinator: June Beason
  • Quarterly Editor: Pam Reilly, Interim
  • Quarterly Publisher: Linda Lowe
  • Past President: Phyllis Knutson

South Dakota Genealogy Society Outstanding Member Award Recipients

  • 1990 - Carol Jo Hossle
  • 1991 - Mona Schaeffer
  • 1992 - Donald Barnes
  • 1993 - Maurice and Florence Krueger
  • 1994 - Judy Huber
  • 1995 - James Miller
  • 1996 - Lawrence Cool
  • 1997 - Jeannette Fiskum
  • 1998 - Laura Glum
  • 1999 - Marilyn Heesch
  • 2000 - Berta Aasby
  • 2001 - Eleanore Moe
  • 2002 - Ray Novak
  • 2003 - Bob Heesch
  • 2004 - Richard Phillips
  • 2005 - Roy Wheeler
  • 2006 - Lois Wigen
  • 2007 - Phyllis Knutson
  • 2008 - Anna Duncan
  • 2010 - Virginia Hanson
  • 2011 - Joan Shurtliff
  • 2012 - Barbara Baker Behrend
  • 2013 - Jim Olson
  • 2014 - Linda Lowe
  • 2015 - June Beason
  • 2016 - Pam Reilly

Gifts and donations:

SDGS will accept gifts of books, manuscripts, photographs and maps. All items will be accepted and acknowledged in the SDGS Quarterly. Items will be kept at the South Dakota State Archives in Pierre.


All requests for further information should be sent to SDGS, Box 1101, Pierre SD 57501. Please enclose a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope, as this is a not-for-profit organization.