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Editorial Policy

It is our intent to publish reliable genealogical information pertaining to South Dakota. The information in this periodical is submitted in good faith, but no guarantee is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of the genealogical information, nor is freedom from infringement upon copyrighted material used as sources by individual contributors to be inferred, since the society and/or editor would have no knowledge of its accuracy or copyright.

We encourage all members to gather information and share it with others through this publication. Priority will be given to records prior to 1900 and to source materials. Please submit all information for publication to the SDGS Quarterly Editor.

Queries: Queries to the SDGS Quarterly are free to SDGS members and are $3.00 for for non-members. They will be published in the next Quarterly. Queries should contain only pertinent information and may be emailed to the webmaster or mailed with check, if needed, to SDGS, PO Box 1101, Pierre, SD 57501. Please indicate that they are to be put in the Quarterly.

SDGS Quarterly Index

The Quarterlies have now been indexed up to the currant year. This has been a time-consuming project which we are very proud to have completed.

If you find a page in the index you are interested in, a copy is available free as an image attached to email. (Up to 5 pages). Please consider a donation to the South Dakota Genealogical Society. If a hard copy is requested, the cost is $1.00 for up to 5 pages for SDGS members, $3.00 for up to 5 pages for non-members.
Include check with orders for hard copies and mail to SDGS, PO Box 1101, Pierre, SD 57501

DVDs are now available with Volumes 1 - 29 in PDF format. Cost is $17.00 for SDGS members, $20.00 for non-members, plus $5.00 shipping and handling.
Include check with order, mail to SDGS, PO Box 1101, Pierre, SD 57501