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             Sec. 3 104 57 Spring Lake Township
                 Hanson County South Dakota
submitted by Mary Smith

               MONUMENT INCRIPTIONS 1885-1979

Adams, Gertrude L.              1888-1973

Arens, Henry Bernard            Our Father/Henry Bernard Arens/ 
                                Born Feb.  8, 1868/Died Dec. 25, 1926

Arens, Christina                Here Rests in God/Mrs. Christina Arens/
                                Born Jan 17, 1867/Died Aug. 27, 1919

Arens, Bernard                  1893-1952

Arens, Joseph A.                1896-1962
             Lena E.            1900-1968

Arens, Velma                    Mother/Velma Arens/1921-1949            

Arensdorf, Alvin H.             1889-1959

Arensdorf, Mary C.              1854-1922
          John P.               1844-1932

Arensdorf, Richard J.           Richard Joseph/son of/J.M. & Catherine
                                Nov. 21, 1917/Dec. 19, 1918

Bartscher,  Alen Lee            No Monument

Bartscher, Dominic              No Monument

Bartscher, baby boy             No Monument

Bartscher, Alphonse T.          Oct.  18, 1905-Dec. 18, 1941

Bartscher, Mary A.              1872-1947
           Henry                1866-1948

Bartscher, Jeanette C.          Baby/Jeanette C./Bartscher/1964

Beatch, Catherine Marie         Catherine/Marie Beatch/Born Dec. 30, 1916/
                                Died Dec. 30, 1916

Beatch, Levi J.                 1886-1975
              Clara M.          1881-1956

Bernardy, William               Bernardy/William/1862-1927
           Katherine            Katherine/1867-1946/All You Good People/As you
                                Pass By/As You Are Now So Once Was I/As I am
                                Now So You Will  Be/Prepare for Death and Eternity

Bernardy, John                  1869-1944

Bernardy, Bernard               Hier Rubt Die/Terbliche Hulle/Heinrich Bernardi/
                                Geb Jan 29, 1831/Gest Sept. 26, 1899

Bernardy Katherine              Hier Ruht/Katherine Bernardy/
                                Geboren am 11 Ten November 1831/
                                Geborben am 27 February 1909/Mose Ihre Seele Ruhen in Frieden

Brutty, Jake                    Father/1838-1916

Brutty, Mother                  Mother/1848-1920

Brutty, John H.                 1874-1955

Collins, Emma                   No Monument

Collins, Loretta                1912-1931

Dexter, Fred N.                 1859-1946
      Barbara M.                1869-xxxx

Dold, Anna M.                   Anna M. Dold/Nee Koch/1895-1920

Dold, Catherine                 12-24-1979

Dold, Fridolin B.               Jan. 25, 1875/Mai 8, 1909

Dold, Frieda                    1882-1937
          John                  1868-1927

Dold, Andres                    Andres/Dold/Nov. 1831/Apr. 1910

Dold, Monika                    Monika/Dold/2 Mai 1832/2 Dez 1912

Dold, Clarence                  Clarence/Dold/1916-1918

Dold, Aloysius P.               Aloysius P/Geb den/23 Jun 1, 1911/Gest den/30 Marz 1912

Dold, Bernhard                  Bernhard/Gen den/11 Marz 1910/Gest den 4 Mai 1910

Dold, Paul J.                   1921-1945

Dold, Anton                     Father/Anton Dold/1867-1938

Donahue, Joe                    1891-1968

Donahue, Frances`               1851-1927

Donahue, Timothy                1848-1925

Donelly, Theordore              Theordore/Donnelly 1933/R.I.P.

Doty, Louise M.                 1973-1943

Ehlke, Raymond Henry            Baby/Raymond H./Ehlke 1955

Eich, Catherine L.              1902-1977

Eich, Dale H.                   1953-1954

Eich, William A.                1)  Pvt. William A./August 12, 1892/Oct. 23, 1918/QM Corps. Co. 39
                                2) Willie A./Eich/South Dakota/Pvt. 1 Labor Regt./Oct. 23, 1918

Eich, Henry                     Father/Henry/June 18, 1846/Oct. 22, 1917

Eich, Anna Mary                 Mother/Anna Mary/Oct. 28, 1862/Apr. 30, 1913

Eich, Marleen M.                Marlene M./Inf. Dau. of/Mr. & Mrs./Irving Eich/
                                Apr. 19, 1927/June 2, 1927

Eich, Selina G.                 Selina G./Eich/Inf. Dau./Mr. & Mrs. Iriving/Eich/
                                Born and Died/Nove. 14, 1925

Eich, Irving L.                 Irving L. Eich/South Dakota/CPL 450 5VC Park Unit
                                Mtc./World War I/Nov. 27, 1887-Sept. 28, 1965

Eich, Frank A.                  Born 1-29-1846/Died 11-12-1892

Eich, Mary A.                   1867-1953
          Mathias A.            1855-1914

Eich, Dennis D.                 Dennis D./Eich/7 wks. 1939

Eich, Joseph M.                 Joseph M. Eich/Born July 29, 1918/Died July 29, 1918

Eich, Matt J.                   1890-1960
    Dora M.                     1893-1974/Married/Jan. 14, 1913

Fendrich, Johannes              1827-1916

Foos, John                      Father/John Foos, Sr./1875-1961

Foulkes, Evan H.                1879-1940
        Louise C.               1878-1958

Fritschen, Maria Kath           Hier Ruht in Gott/Maria Kath/Fritschen/
                                Geb 14, Sept. 1886/Gest 17, Juli 1891

Gassman, Agatha                 Agatha/Gassman/Born & Died/Mar 4, 1913

Gassman, John                   Father/John Gassman/1868-1958

Gassman, Theresa                Mother/Theresa Gassman/1875-1939

Gassman, Agnes                  Agnes/Gassman/Mar. 8, 1916/Sept. 19, 1918

Gassman, baby                   No record

Gassman, Lora A.                Lora A./Dau. of/J. & T./Gassman/
                                Died/Sept. 21, 1901/Aged/1 yr. 9 ds.

Gassman, Joseph                 Father/Joseph/1897-1929

Gassman, Thresia                Thresia/Wife of/Joseph H. Gassman/
                                Born/May 12, 1866/Died 1, 1908
          Joseph                Died Feb. 17, 1909/Aged 20 yrs. 9 ms,/13 ds.

Gassman, Theresia               Hier Ruht in Gott/Theresia Gassman/
                                Geb 1 Maerz, 1827/Gest 12, Feb. 1911

Gassman, Johann                 Hier Ruht in Gott/Johann Gassman/
                                Geb Juni 15, 1826/Gest Jan 11, 1901

Gassman, Herman J.              1903-1967

Gietzen, Katherine              Hier Ruhen in Gott/Franz Glaeze/
         Franz                  Gest 15 Jan 1894/und/Kath. Gietzen/Gest 2 Juli, 1898/RIP

Gospard, Anton                  Anton/Gospard/23 Mar 1897/Gest/30 Juni 1898
         Anna                   Anna/Gospard/Geb/4 Feb. 1891/Gest5 Apr. 1892/
          Jacob                 Jacob de/Geb 1861/4 Juni 1871/
         Mary                   Mary/Frau Von/Jacob De/Geb/6 Juni 1841/Gest//6 Jan 1896

Grasser, John C.                John C./Grasser/Born/Oct. 21, 1871/Died/Mar. 27, 1897

Grasser, Nicholas C.            Nicholas C/Grasser/Born/Oct. 15, 1840/Died/May 19, 1935

Grasser, Rosa                   In Pious Memory of/Rosa Grasser/
                                Born/Mar. 1, 1832/Died/Aug. 11, 1908

Griffin, Francis P.             1899-1953

Griffin, Patrick J.             1862-1928

Griffin, Margaret               1875-1967

Griffin, Lawrence B.            1897-1969

Grimes, Alice                   Mother/Alice Grimes/1873-1934

Grimes, Edgar                   Father/Edgar/1864-1955

Haas, John                      1868-1945
   Katherine                    1877-1945

Haiar, Gerald                   No Monument

Hanisch, Rosalie                Frau/Rosalie/Hanisch/Geb 24, 1885/Gest 11 Nov. 1912

Hanson, Anna C.                 No Monument

Herll, Mary Anna                Mother/Mary Anna/1861-1938

Herll, John                     1889-1970

Herll, Peter P.                 1898-1973

Herll, Marvin                   Marvin/1925

Hirtz, Infant                   Infant of/Mr. & Mrs. Val/Hirtz

Hoffmann, Wilhelm               Wilhelm/Hofmann/Geb U.Gest D./17 Juli 1909
            Martin              Martin/Hofmann/Geb 17 Juli 1909/Gest 19 Sept. 1909

Hoffmann, Sophia                Sophia Hoffmann/Geb Kern/Gaboren Za Galena, Ill.                
                                In Jahre 1860/Gestor Benin Beaver/Township S.Dak./
                                den 15 Febr 1893

Hoffmann, John                  No Monument 

Hoffmann, Victoria              (No Monument)  1866-1948

Hoffmann, Rosalia               Rosalia/Hoffman/June 28, 1908/Sept. 18, 1909

Hoffmann, John                  No Monument

Hoss, Robert                    Robert Hoss/June 14, 1907/May 1, 1953

Hoss, Edward W.                 Edward W. Hoss/South Dakota/PFC 9207 Tech SVC Unit/
                                World War II/Feb. 14, 1919-June 11, 1961

Hoss, John B.                   John B./Hoss/1881-1944/R.I.P./Father

Hoss, Anna                      Mother/Anna Hoss/1884-1970

Hoss, Agnes Hildegard           Agnes/Hildegard/Ross/April 15, 1925/May 6, 1926/Our Darling

Huss, Mary C.                   Mary C. Huss/Sept. 22, 1884/Jan 3, 1903

Huss, Catherine                 Catherine/Wife of/Antone Huss/Died/Mch 14, 1889/
                                Aged/30 yrs. 3 ms.

Jacquart, Jacob                 Jacob/Jacquart/Died/Oct. 5, 1892/Aged 35 yrs.

Janzing, Anna Kathryn           No Monument

Janzing, Henry C.               Henry C. Janzing/South Dakota/Wagr. Co. Co./
                                109 Engineers/World War I/May 19, 1892/Mar 30 1970

Janzing, Anna Mary              Anna Mary/Zanzing/1887-1933

Janzing, Heinrich               Hier-Ruht in Gott/Heinrich Janzing/Geb 13, April 1860/
                                Gest 11 Mai 1914/R.I.P.

Janzing, Margaret               Margaret Janzing/Feb. Grafe/Geb den 23ten Apr. 1835/
                                Zu Lohne in Oldenburg/Gest den 24 Ten Nov. 1889/
                                in Epiphany, SD/Selic die todten die in/Herrn Ster Ben/
                                Donn thre Werke Folgen/Ihnen Nach

Janzing, Franz Heinrich         Franz Heinrich/Janzing/Geb Den Ilten Jan 1827/Zu Lohne
                                in Oldenburg/Gest den 24 ten Nov. 1889/in Epiphany SD

Kampshoff, Janice               Janice/Kampshoff/1942-1944

Kampshoff, Keith F.             Keith F./Kampshoff/1953-1973

Kampshoff, Frank X              Frank X./1868-1953

Kampshoff, Anna W.              Anna W./1888-1973

Kampshoff, H. Arnold            H. Arnold/1911-1978/Husband/Married/Apr. 20, 1937

Kampshoff, Ronald W.            Ronald W. Kampshoff/South Dakota/Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps/        
                                Nov. 13, 1943-Aug 13, 1968

Kaufman, Dennis                 Dennis/Kaufman/April 1942

Kaufman, Matt                   Matt/1904-1977

Kaufman, Josephine              Mother/Josephine/Kaufman/1873-1934

Kaufman, Bernard                Brother/Bernard/Kaufman/107-1924

Kaufman, Ted Nicholas           No Monument

Keefe, Mary F.                  Mary F. Keefe/1879-1975

Keefe, Daniel A.                Daniel A. Keefe/1909-1938

Keefe, Anton                    No Monument

Kersten, Elizabeth              Mother/Elizabeth Kersten/1842-1925

Kersten, Charles                Father/Charles Kersten/1831-1907

Kersten, John                   John Kersten/1867-1894

Kessler, Earl L.                Earl Lawrence/Kessler/1907-1933

Kessler, Norbert H.             Norbert H./1921-1922

Kessler, Frank J.               1874-1948

Kessler, Catherine              1880-1961

King, Kasper                    Hier Ruht/in Gott/Kasper King/Geb A.D. 1869/
                                Gest 29 Sept 1893/R.I.P.

Klein, Aloysius                 Hier Ruht in Gott/Aloysius/Klein/Geb 19 Apr. 1904/
                                Gest 6 Okt 1904

Klinkhammer, Frank              Father/Frank Klinkhammer/1892-1954

Klinkhammer, Anna               Mother/Anna Klinkhammer/1888-1974

Klinkhammer, Anthony            Anthony/Klinkhammer/Dec. 13, 1920/Dec. 14, 1920

Klinkhammer, Mary L.            Mary L./Klinkhammer/Born Aug. 20, 1899/Died Jan 29, 1926

Klinkhammer, Frank              1848-1923
          Elizabeth             1860-1939

Klinkhammer, Jakob P.           Hier Ruht in Gott/Jakob P./Klinkhammer/Geb 25 Juli, 1889/
                                Gest 30, Mai, 1907
             Paul               Hier Ruht in Gott/Paul/Klinkhammer/
                                Geb 6, Feb. 1891/Gest 1 Juni, 1896

Klinkhammer, Henry W.           1885-1955
          Caroline              1886-1974

Knickenberg, Henry              1886-1963

Koppert, Ed                     1879-1958

Koppert, Andrew                 1847-1925
         Barbara                1851-1926/At Rest

Kraemer, Anna                   Hier Ruht/in Gott/Anna Kraemer/Geb. 6, April/1831/
                                Gest 28, Dez 1917

Kraemer, Johann                 Hier Ruht/in Gott/Johann Kraemer/Geb 17 Maerz/1856
                                Gest 15 Juli, 1917

Kraemer, baby                   No Monument

Kramer, Peter                   No Monument

Kramer, Mary Ellen              Mother/Mary Ellen/1885-1937
         John H.                Father/John H./1885-1948

Krejsa, Rev. A.J.               Rev. A.J. Krejsa/1880-1953/Ordained/1907

Krempges, John F.               1884-1972
          Anna                  1887-1975
Krempges, Anton                 1858-1939
            Katherine           1857-1932

Krempges, Rose Marie            1930-1975

Krempges, Curtis Charles        Curtis C../Krempges/1957-1958/Our Baby

Kroeger, Gulielmi               In Piam Memoriam/Rev. Di Gulielmi Kroeger/
                                Nat. D. XXV, M. Jan A.D. MDGCCLIII/
                                Mort. D.VIII, M. Dec. A.D. MCMIV/R.I.P.

Kuborn, John                    Father/John/1844-1891
        Francis                 Mother/Francis/1848-1915

Kunkel, John E.                 Father/John E./1876-1934

Kunkel,  Elizabeth              Mother/Elizabeth/1882-1974

Kunkel, Curtis John             Curtis John/Son of/Henry & Fern Kunkel/1968-1969

Lahure, John                    1879-1967

Langden, Marie                  No Monument

Lapka, Johnnie                  No Monument

Lawrence, Catherine             Catherine/Lawrence/Feb. 3. 1884/Jan 31, 1962

Lawrence, Donald G.             Donald G./Lawrence/South Dakot/PFC/68 ARMD
                                Inf. Bn./World War II/June 22, 1911/Apr 14, 1950

Leary, Earl F.                  1892-1951

Lehnert, Margaret               1845-1932

Lehnert, Jakob                  1842-1887
        Andreas J.              1882-1893

Lehnert, Peter                  No Monument

Lehnert, Theresa                No Monument

Lewis, Dorothy Bernice          Dorothy/Allen/Lewis/Granddaughter/1916-1959

Mc Fadden, Augusta              No Monument

Meister, Margaret               1864-1948

Meister, Peter                  1865-1949

Meister, Nickie                 1890-1897

Meister, Martin                 1890-1897

Meister, Martin                 Martin Meister/Born/Mar. 7, 1822/Died/Feb. 14, 1907
         Rose                   Rose/Wife of/Martin Meister/Born Sept. 22, 1832/Died Jan 28, 1894
Mentele, Albert A.              1907-1941

Mentele, baby                   Baby/Mentele/Feb. 5, 1945

Mentele, Anton                  Gier Ruht/Anton Mentele/Geb. in Ralt Brunn/Baden/
                                den 17 Dec. 1833/Gest in Epiphany/den 1, Upril 1904/Gebe
        Victoria                Gier Ruht/Untonia Mentele/Geb in Berzell/Baden/
                                den 8 Dec. 1836/Gest in Epiphany/den 9 Dec. 1908

Mentele, Barbara                Barbara/1872-1957/Mother
       Anton                    Anton/1861-1939/Father

Mentele, Rosa                   Rosa Mentele/1907-1908

Mentele, Frances                Frances/Mentele/1916-1939

Mentele, Barbara                Barbara/Mentele/1873-1950

Mentele, Severin                Severin/Mentele/1865-1930

Mentele, William J.             William J./Mentele/1896-1974

Mentele, Beverly Jean           Beverly Jean/Mentele/A2C US Air Force/Vietnam/
                                Oct. 13, 1943 - Oct. 15,  1975

Mentele, Christopher            Chris R./Mentele/1958-1976

Mentele, Kenneth C.             Kenneth C. Mentele/Nebraska/AGFB US Navy/
                                April 14, 1938 - Mar. 18, 1963

Mentele, Kathrine               1896-1940
         Herman                 1871-1954

Mentele, unnamed                No Monument

Miller, baby                    No Monument

Miller, Marion                  Marion Miller/1940-1940

Miller, Johannes                Hier Ruht/in Gott/Johannes/Miller
                                Feb 9, Juni. 1858/Gest 19 Jan 1914

Miller, Theresa                 Mother/Theresa/1861-1948
        Benedict                Father/Benedict/1851-1939

Muller, Gilbert John            May 23, 1919/July 7, 1919

Muller, Marella Grace           Apr. 22, 1925/Sept. 2, 1926

Muller, Cecilia                 1898-1955
        Nick                    1894-1956

Muller, Nickolas                Father/Nickolas/Muller/1852-1938
        Barbara                 Mother/Barbara/Muller/1863-1901

Muller, Louise M.               Mother/Louise M. /1888-1973
      John P.                   Father/John P./1886-1959
Munster, Angeline               Angeline/Munster/1886-1950

Munster, Theresa                Theresa/Munster/1882-1937

Munster, Andreas                Father/Andreas/Munster/1857-1887

Munster, Mother                  No Monument

Neises, Mary C.                 1895-1976

O'Brien, Cornelius D.           Father/Cornelius D./O'Brien/1844-1900

O'Brien, Mary A.                Mother/Mary A./O'Brien/1844-1919

O'Brien, Terrence Joseph        Terrence Joseph/O'Brien/May 17, 1879/Jan 18, 1972

Oswald, Agnes A.                Mother/Agnes A./1904-1959
       Leo C.                   Father/Leo C./1894-1966/Married June 2, 1946

Oswald, Eleanor                 Eleanor/1924-1978/Married July 2, 1946

Oswald, Frank                   Son/Frank/Oct. 11, 1860/Oct. 10, 1940

Oswald, Rosa                    Mother/Rosa/Dec. 21, 1855/June 26, 1929

Oswald, Peter                   Father/Peter/Oct. 7, 1847/July 26, 1924

Oswald, James P.                James P./Oswald/1921-1933

Oswald, Lorene R.               Lorene R./Oswald/1928-1928

Oswald, John B.                 John B./Oswald/Died Sept. 24, 1897/Aged 55 yr. 5 ms.

Oswald, Lena M.                 1875-1931

Oswald, Henry T.                1887-1964

Paradeis, Charles N.            Charles N. Paradeis/South Dakota/PFC 38 Inf. 2 Inf. Div./
                                Korea/Feb. 26, 1927-May 28, 1951

Paradeis, Clifford M.           Clifford M./Paradeis/Feb. 26, 1927/Feb. 12, 1930

Paradeis, 3 babies              No Monuments

Paradies, Walter W.             Walter W./Paradies/South Dakota/PFC Co.C. 333 Bn. Tank Corps/
                                World War I/Jan 8, 1897-Aug. 5, 1968

Paradeis, Dominic L.            Dominic L. Paradeis/Born March 4, 1867/Died Feb. 4, 1920/R.I.P.

Paradeis, Magdalena             Magdalena Paradeis/Born Feb. 23, 1867/
                                Died Dec. 22, 1846/R.I.P.

Paradeis, Gertrude K.           Mother/Gertrude K./Paradeis/1890-1959

Paradeis, Lawrence              Father/Lawrence/Paradeis/1893-1953

Paradeis, Kenneth J.            Kenneth J. Paradies/South Dakota/TEC 5 180 Inf. Regt/
                                Feb. 25, 1923-April 18, 1970

Paradeis, Karen M.              Karen M. Paradeis/1949-1954

Paradeis, Mary                  No Monument

Perrott, Henry                  Henry/Perrott/Geb. 1829/Gest 1886

Prakel, Henry N.                Father/Henry N./1882-1959

Ritzman, Douglas Leo            No Monument

Sadler, Magdalena               Mother/Magdalena/1853-1933

Sadler, Nickolas                Father/Nickolas/1852-1924

Sadler,  Katherine              Katherine/1880-1904

Sadler, Frances                 Frances/1882-1900

Salmon, Richard T.              Richard T. Salmon/Tec 5 611 Ord Base BN/
                                World War II/Nov. 13.  1923/Jan 13, 1969

Scherer, Jakob                  Hier Ruht in Gott/Jakob Scherer/Geb 24 July 1832/
                                Gest 2 Juli 1895/R.I.P.

Scherer, Franziska              Hier Ruht in Gott/Franziska/Scherer/Geb 1 Jan 1832/
                                Gest 28 Juli 1913/R.I.P.

Scherer, Adam                   Father/Adam/1881-1931
       Catherine                Mother/Catherine/1887-19xx

Scherer, Loraine                Loraine/1928-1942

Scherer, Frank                  Frank/Scherer/1876-1969

Scheuren, John C.               John C./Scheuren/Geb/2 Maerz. 1891/Gest 6 Oct 1891/
         John A.                John A./Scheuren/Geb. 13 Dec. 1893/Gest 29 Apr. 1894

Scheuren, Elizabeth             Mother/Elizabeth/Dec. 2, 1866/Aug. 23, 1959

Scheuren, Peter                 Father/Peter/Sept. 5, 1860/June 29, 1931

Scheuren, Peter A.              Peter A. Scheuren/South Dakota/Pvt. Medical Department/ 
                                World War I/Jan 4, 1890-April 17, 1961

Scheuren, Marie J.              Marie J. Scheuren/Aug. 8, 1896-Dec. 27, 1967

Scheuren, Mary Lou              Mary Lou/Scheuren/Feb. 25, 1931/Mar 27, 1937/Our Loved One

Scheuren, Michael               Michael/Scheuren/Geb 31 Mai 1895/Gest 31 May 1895

Scheuren, Mary                  Mother/Mary/1858-1936
          Casper                Father/Casper/1853-1927

Scheuren, Matt A.               No Monument

Scheuren, John Martin           John Martin Scheuren/South Dakota/PFC Co. K. 351 Infantry/
                                World War I/July 15, 1891-Jan 27, 1962

Schiefelbrein, Iva Mary         Iva Mary Huss/Wife of/H.A. Schiefelbein/
                                Aug. 24, 1892/Nov. 12, 1910

Schlim, Francis                 Francis Schlim/1913-1937

Schlim, Anna                    1884-1964
      John F.                   1874-1955

Schmitt, Franz                  Hier Ruht/in Gott/Franz/Schmitt/Geb 10 Aug. 1890/
                                Gest 10 Aug 1890

Schmitt, Anna K.                Anna K./Schmitt/Geb 1 Juni 1 1887/Gest 13 Nov. 1904
        John P.                 John P/Geb 17, Dec. 1889/Gest 5 Juli 1890
        Michael                 Michael/Geb 4 Juli 1892/Gest 28 Oct. 1893
        Meghtildies G.          Meghtildies G./Geb 24 Feb. 1900/Gest 15 Oct 1900/
                                Kinder Von/P.F.U.L. Schmitt

Schmitt, Peter F.               No Monument

Schmitt, Gertrude               1859-1946
        John                    1854-1925

Schmitt, Frank J.               Our Beloved Dad/Frank J./1891-1971
         Nettie G.              Our Beloved Mother/Nettie G./1895-1971

Schmitt, Peter                  Father/Peter/Schmitt/2 Aug. 1823/ien den/21 Nov. 1897

Schmitt, Katherine              Mother/Katherine/1830-1908

Schmitt, Jacob                  Son/Jacob/1874-1948

Schmitt, Joseph Jay             Joseph J./Schmitt/1894-1966

Schmitt, Barbara                1873-1899
         Michael                1865-1947

Schneider, Christine            Christine/Schneider/Geb 13 Juli 1888/Gest 1Sept 1889

Schneider, Philip               Father/Philip/1860-1936
           Katherine            Mother/Katherine/1862-1943\

Schneider, Hermann J.           Father/Hermann J./1893-1964

Schneider, John                 John/Schneider/1865-1937

Schneider, Mary                 Mary/Schneider/1871-1950

Schneider, Chris                Chris/Schneider/1899-1954

Schneider, John C.              John C. Schneider/May 21, 1890/Dec. 24, 1960

Schneider, Myrtle M.            Mother/Myrtle M./1901-1961
           Mathias P.           Father/Mathias P./1899-1973

Shrank, Davis                   No Monument

Shrank, Linda                   No Monument

Shrank, Jeffrey                 No Monument

Schwieitzer, Barbara            Hier Ruht in Gott/Barbara/Schweitzer/
                                Geb 10 Sept. 1810/Gest 25 Oct 1900

Siefert, Christina M.           No Monument

Sieverding, Aloysius W.         Aloysius/William/Sieverding/South Dakota/S 1/
                                USNR/World War II/Aug. 22, 1927/July 14, 1951

Sieverding, Elizabeth           1888-1976
            Bernard             1881-1964

Snell, Anna                     Anna/Wife of/James Snell/Born A.D. 1848/
                                Died/July 31 A.D. 1890

Snell, James                    No Monument

Steiber, Rosa                   Sister/Mrs. Rosa Steiber/Born Jan 10, 1898/
                                Died Aug. 19. 1917

Tessman, Frances G.             Frances G. Tessman/Born Aug. 19, 1917/
                                Died Aug. 19, 1917

Tessman, Bernard H.             Bernard Herman Tessman/Born & Died May 30, 192x

Tessman, Herman J.              1887-1950

Tessman, Josephine              Mother/Josephine/1863-1941
         Gustav                 Father/Gustav/1851-1934

Theis, Peter                    Father/Peter Theis/1867-1937

Theis, Margarete                Mother/Margarete/Wife of/P. Theis/
                                Nov. 27, 1870/Nov. 23, 1913

Theisen, Peter                  Peter Theisen/Born Sept. 9, 1849/Died Aug. 27, 1923

Volz, Sophia                    Sophia Volz/Geb 8 Feb. 1875/Gest 28 Sept. 1902

Volz, Lucy                      Lucy Sausen/Wife of/Christian/Volz/
                                Died Aug. 30, 1913/Aged 74 ys. 5 ms

Wagner, Nicholas                Vater/Nicholas/Geb/23 Juni 1830/Gest/14 Nov. 1907
       Khatarina                Mutter/Khatarina/Geb/1 Nov. 1836/Gest/10 Apr. 1893

Wagner, Donald John             Son/Donald J./1933-1954

Wagner, Elizabeth               Daughter/Elizabeth/1910-1918

Wagner, Johanna                 Mother/Johanna Wagner/1870-1926

Wagner, Josephine               Mother/Josephine/Wagner/1901-1935

Wagner, John N.                 Father/John N./1901-1957

Wagner, Helen L.                Mother/Helen L. Wagner/1912-1934

Wagner, Joseph                  Father/Joseph Wagner/1863-1944
        Mary L.                 Mother/Mary L./1870-1957

Wagner, William                 No Monument

Wehner, Rosalia                 Rosalia Wehner/Born May 5,/1905/Died March 25,/1908

Wehner, Mary E.                 Mary E. Wehner/1904-1930

Wingen, Lena                    Lena/1907-1907

Wingen, John                    John/1905-1911

Wingen, Elizabeth               1879-19xx
       John P.                  1872-1944

Wingen, Maria                   No Monument

Wingen, Tony A.                 Tony A./Wingen/1902-1954

Wingen, Norbert F.              Son/Norbert F./1948-1971
       Sharon                   Daughter/Sharon/1951-1971

Woods, Ernest L.                1894-1943

Woods, Helen F.                 No Monument

Woods, John W.                  John Willie/Son of/W.H. & J.L. Woods/
                                Born/Oct. 4, 1883/Died/Dec. 7, 1889

Woods, Charles G.               Charles George/Son of W.H. & J.L. Woods/
                                Born/Oct. 9, 1890/Died/Sept. 23, 1891

Woods, William H.               Father/William H. Woods/July 29, 1855/Mar. 25, 1920

Woods, Josephine                Mother/Josephine Woods/Wife of W.H.
                                Apr. 14, 1853/Seot. 3, 1911

Yost, Robert D.                 Robert D./Yost/1933-1977

Yost, Lawrence                  1902-1974

Young, Albert T.                1896-1975

Young, Darlene M.               Darleen/Marilyn/Young/Dec. 15, 1925/Mar. 15, 1926

Young, Barbara                  Mother/Barbara/1889-1950

Young, Joseph                   1891-1978

Young, baby                     Infant of/Mr. & Mrs./J.P. Young

Young, Helen E.                 Helen E./Apr. 11, 1920/Our Darling
       Gilbert E.               Gilbert E./Dec. 7, 1918/Our Darling

Young, Edward J.                1895-1949

Young, Johann                   Hier Ruht in Gott/Johann/Young/
                                Geb 2, Nov. 1846/Gest 2 Nov. 1888
     Elis                       Hier Ruht in Gott/Elis Zeihen/
                                Geb 4 Juli 1879/Gest 15 Juli 1896

Zeihen, Klara                   Hier Ruht in Gott/Klara/Zeihen/
                                Geb. A.D. 1819/Gest 28 Jan 1891

Zeihen, Peter                   Hier Ruht in Gott/Peter Zeihen/
                                Geb 2 Feb. 1860/Gest 1 Jan 1884

Zeihen, Johannes                Hier Ruht in Gott/Johannes Zeihen/
                                Geb A.D. 1818/Gest 22, Dez 1898

Zeihen, Elizabeth               1868-1952
      John P.                   1857-1935

Zens, Josephine                 Josephine Zens/1879-1922

Zens, Ted. J.                   1880-1975

Zens, Theodore E.               Theodore E./Zens/1911-1942

Zens, Anna                      Anna Zens/Dec. 16, 1877/Aug. 7, 1919
      Henry                     Henry Zens/Sept. 1, 1873/Dec. 7, 1960

Zens, Mathias                   1886-1973

Zens, Ronald J.                 Ronald J. Zens/1948-1966

Zens, Paul                      Paul/1888-1977

Zens, Anton                     No Monument

Zens, Elizabeth                 No Monument

Zeitschel, Maude T.             Maude T./Zeitschel/Daughter/1883-1970

Zeitschel, Edward               Edward/Son/1895-1962

Zeitschel, Bridget              Mother/Bridget/Zeitschel/1864-1946

Zeitschel, Fred                 Fred Zeitschel/South Dakota/Mech Btry 337 Arty Cac/
                                World War I/Sept. 25, 1886-Oct. 18, 1954

Zeitschel, Carlos               No Monument

Zickrick, Mary                  Mary Zickrick/1864-1899




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