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McCarter Crow
Seeking descendents of and information about JOHN MCCARTER married to MARGARET CROW. Homsteaded in Wessington Springs, Jerauld County, between about 1871-1885. Children--JAMES MCCARTER b. 1862; JACK MCCARTER b. 1864; WILL MCCARTER b. 1866; JOSEPH MCCARTER b. 1868; IOLA MCCARTER b. 1870; KITTIE MCCARTER b. 1870; MABEL MCCARTER b. 1883. Left Wessington Springs and moved to Chillicothe, Missouri. IOLA MCCARTER married unknown on December 23, 1885, in Woonsacket, SD. William (Bill) Dawson

Jerauld Newspapers
I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the Newspaper in Wessington Springs. My great grandfather Henry L. Atkinson died in Wessington Springs on June 23, 1944 and I would like to contact the newspaper to get a copy of his obituary. Thanks. Elaine Dodson

Jerauld Burial
I was browsing through the Jerauld County Cemetery Index and saw my husband's grandmother's name. I was hardly looking for it, because we thought they were in McLaughlin, SD when she died. Kate (Kath) Scholl, Prospect Hill Cemetery, Jerauld County - South Dakota I think she died in 1924. If you have time, could you possibly check this out? I've looked in different phone directories, but do not find this cemetery listed in Jerauld County. I thought maybe the cemetery had some information about her. She died very young. Thank you very, very much (it is so much fun when you find something!) Carol Gordon Papke

Death Information
My wife doing research on her family.
Her mother,Eva Doughty, one of 5 girls, grew up on a farm several miles west of Wessington Springs. She married William W. Sigmund from another nearby farm family and later moved to Milwaukee. We know that her grandfather James Wilber Doughty(born 6 Mar 1859) moved to WS and worked for a creamery. He died 26 Mar 1944 and is buried in the WS cementary. We have been looking for his Social Security number. Can you make any suggestions? Thanks, Robert Meade

CLEVELAND Looking for the family of a Delbert Elisha CLEVELAND and his wife Desa May HOAGLAND. They married 28 Feb, 1895 in Antelope County, Nebraska. Some children were born there, then they moved to the Alpena, South Dakota area. Were living there in 1919 ?, with these children: Howard H. age 21 at the time. Delbert may have died there. Have a death date of 15 July 1937 for him, but do not know where he died. Any information on the CLEVELAND family will be very appreciated!

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