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  Brule County servicemen, 1917 – 1918    
As found in a Dec. 1943 issue of the Daily Republic, Mitchell, SD.  

Submitted  to LBGS  by a Washington state friend of genealogy, Lola Weber

Anderson, Allred  J.  --  Kimball

Anderson, Clarence J. -- Chamberlain

Anderson, Harry O. –  Pukwana 

Andresen, Henry .M. – Chamberlain

Archerd, Rufus J. – Pukwana

Ashbury, Fred F. -- Kimball

Baatz, Frank F. --  Pukwana

Backes, John N. – Platte

Bailey, Russell S. -- Chamberlain

Banks, John  --  Chamberlain

Barr, Leroy – Kimball

Bartlett, Frank – Chamberlain

Bartlett, Fritz. – Chamberlain

Baumann, Theron --  Kimball

Benda, Edward F. -- Bijou Hills

Benedict, Frank --  Kimball

Bice, Joseph  -- Chamberlain

Bickner, Frank W.  – Kimball

Birdseye, Murle H. – Huron

Blietz, Alfred H. E. --  Kimball

Bliss, .Frank H. --  Chamberlain

Brady, Leo , Kimball

Bray, Harry  -- Kimball

Bray, Ralph --  Kimball 

Brown, Frank  -- Chamberlain

Brown, James A. -- Chamberlain

Brumbaugh, George E --  Platte

Brumbaugh, R. L --  Platte

Buck, Clyde M. – Kimball

Bunge, Fred H. -- Bijou Hills

Burian , Stanley  -- Vega

Burkett, -Fred M. -- .Pukwana

Campbell Marion M – Kimball

Campbell, Bruce M. – Kimball

Campbell, Milford  -- Kimball

Campbell, Ralph J.  --  Kimball

Carlson, Gustav A. --  Kimball

Carlson, Leonard J – Kimball

Carlson, Theadore  -- Kimball

Carlson, William S – Chamberlain

Chlers, Elmer  --

Cleland, Ray – Chamberlain

Collins, Joseph P. Chamberlain

Collins, William A. --  Kimball

Colvin, George – Kimball

Cooper, A.W --  Kimball

Corey, Chester. --. Kimball 

Cozard, William -G.  --Chamberlain

Crawford, Robert A. – Chamberlain

Creamer, A. B. -- Bijou Hills

Cummins, Tom  -- Vega

Currence, Paul. – Kimball

Dalldorf, Joseph F.  -- Academy

Davidson, Gunner  -- Kimball

Davis, John --  Pukwana

Dickerson, Harry B. - Gann Valley

Dobberstein,  George -- Bijou Hills

Dozark, Frank J. – Bijou Hills

Dozark, John E. --  Bijou Hills

Drake, George N.  – Kimball

Drew, Jesse C. -- Chamberlain

Dudacek, Emanuel N. -- Pukwana

Dudley, Fred – Pukwana

Edwards, Earl E.  -- Kimball

Ellingson, Elling – Platte

Elshire, Bert H. – Chamberlain

Engler, George W. – Pukwana
Fildes, Earl W—Kimball

Fildes, Roy E. -- Kimball

Fink, Willis P. – Chamberlain

Fisher, William L. – Pukwana

Flaherty, 'Bernard B. – Kimball

Flinn, Elmer G.  – Bijou Hills

Fort, Clyde W.  -- Chamberlain

Fousek, Milo --  Vega

Franzke, Cliqord  --  Chamberlain

Freeland, Burton  -- Kimball

Freeland, Lester A. --  Kimball

Gibson, Charles  -- Kimball

Gibson, Frank – Kimball

Gibson, Glenn – Kimball

Gilbert,  B. B. -- Church Hill, Tenn.

Gilbert, Alva J.  --  Chamberlain

Goetsch, Richard W. --  Chamberlain
Gould, George E. – Kimball

Grace, Francis C. W. -- Chamberlain

Gramm, George  -- Chamberlain

Grostad, Olof  -- Kimball

Hail, ,Luther E. – Chamberlain

Hainy, Rudolph -- Wessington Sprgs

Hamiel, John W. --.Pukwana

Hamilton, Carter P. –  Pukwana 

Hamilton, Willis F. – Chamberlain
Hanson, Andrew  --  Kimball

Hampton, Willie  -- Kimball

Harns, Daniel  -- Chamberlain

Harper, Robt. V. --  Kimball

Harris, Paul R.-- Platte

Haviland, Homer.  -- Bijou Hills

Hawn, Geo. R--  Kimball

Hawn, Robert --  Hickory, N. C.

Hemeyer, Frederick C. --  Kimball

Hempenius, August  -- Academy

Hemphill, Cecil E. – Chamberlain

Hendricksen, Henry  -- Chamberlain

Hendrickson, Eddie – Chamberlain

Herdman, Forest G.  --  White Lake

Herrlein, Oswald W. -- Kimball

Herrlein, William J --  Kimball

Hodgin , FrancIs – Chamberlain

Jensen, Herman --  Kimball

Jira, Anton  -- Kimball

Kage, Henry  -- Pukwana

Kendall, Vernie E.  – Chamberlain

Ketelhut, Gustav W.  -- Chamberlain

Kiehn, Herman H.-- Bijou Hills

Kindlund, Ben. --  Academy

King, Martin B.  – Chamberlain

Kingery, Chas. V --  Kimball

Knight, Clarence A. – Chamberlain

Konechne, Geo. R. --.Kimball

Kopke, Charley –  Pukwana 

Kopke, Ernest W. --  Pukwana

Koss, Henry  -- Academy

Kott, Joseph, Jr.  – Academy

Krogh, Hans --  Kimball

Krogman, John --  Kimball

Kroupa, Vladimir. -- Vega.

Ladd, Chas. A.  --  Kimball

LaFranz Matthias  -- Kimball

Landis, John T. – Kimball

Larson, John..  --  Pukwana

Lastrlco, Louis F   -- Kimball

Lawton, Henry C. --  Kimball

Leiferman, Lawrence W. –  Pukwana 

Liddiard, Wilfred G.  -- Pukwana

Lockwood, Chester  --. Chamberlain

Lowe, John J. --  Chamberlain

Lowe, John J. – Chamberlain

Machotka, Frank J. -- Kimball

Maresh, Emanuel – Kimball

Markjn, Guy E. --  Pukwana

Martin, Edward C. – Pukwana

Martin,. Walter E – Chamberlain

Mash, Charley. – Kimball

Mash, Fred L. —Kimball

Mateicka, Joseph.—Kimball

May, James A. --  Chamberlain

Mayer, C. L. --Colony, Wyo.

Melchert, Leo. R  -- Chamberlain

Mellors, John S.--  Portland

Millage, Arthur  -- Pukwana

Millay, Fred  -- Kimball

MIller, Charles F. – Kimball

Miller, Clarendon D. -- .Kimball

Miller, Fred V --  Kimball

Miller, Grover C. --  Kimball

Miller, Harold F.--  Kimball

Miller, Leon H. -- Bijou Hills

Moore, George  -- Kimball

Moore, Tony L. -- Ottawa, Kan.

Morgan, James P.  -- Kimball

Mousseau, W. A. --  Bijou Hills

Mussman, William E  -- Chamberlain

Myklng, Olaf --  Lyonville

Nelson, Emil  -- Kimball

Nelson, Ernest J.  -- Chamberlain

Nelson, Hans  --  Pukwana 

Nelson, Otto S. -- Bijou Hills

Newman, Elmer L. --  Pukwana

Newman, Ollan Ro. -- Pukwana

Nigg, William  -- .Kimball

Ochsner, E. W. A. – Kimball

Olson, John H. – Chamberlain

Olson, Nels -- Kimball

Ommen, Charles  -- Grosse

Otto, Irwing C. --  Chamberlain

Oustad,  Thorwald.--  Chamberlain

Oustad, Carl – Chamberlain

Paclik, James  -- Kimball

Passer, William  -- Arpin, Wis.

Patrick, J.. Quirk. --  Kimball

Paulsen, James M  --  Kimball

Paviin,Tony E.  -- Kimball

Pavlin, Jerry  -- Kimball

Pearson, Stanton L  -- Pukwana

Pearson, Wilford W. – Chamberlain

Pekarek, Steve --  Kimball

Peterson, Fred Herman – Chamberlain 

Pipal, Frank E.  --  Kimball

Piskule, Joseph  --  Vega

Potter, Carl W. – Chamberlain

Potter, Ellis S. – Kimball

Potter, Leon. -- Bijou Hills

Potter, Oscar G. – Chamberlain

Powers, Mathew T --  Kimball

Purcell, Len  -- Pukwana

Reber, Frederick P  -- Kimball

Roderick, Jesse J—Chamberlain

Roderick, Roy F.  – Pukwana

Rohan, Martin T. – Pukwana

Rohrs, William F. – Kimball

Rose, George Dwight  -- Kimball
Rosenberger, Russell E – Chamberlain

Runge, Edd E.  -- Pukwana

Ryan, William P. – Kimball

Sampson, Sanford  -- Chamberlain

Sandman, Henry G. – Kimball

Satterlee Allen  --  Chamberlain

Schlueter, David H. --  Kimball

Schmitt, Nick – Kimball

Schoenberger, Henry A. – Kimball

Schroeder, M. G.  W. – Academy

Shepherd, Ernest S. --  Chamberlain

Sheply, William. --  Kimball

Shereda. Fred  --  Academy

Shortell, Patrick J.  – Kimball

Shumaker, Howard ...Pukwana

Simons, Raymond   -- Reliance

Sklnrood, Alfred N. – Kimball

Smith, Arthur B. – Kimball

Smith, Boyd – Kimball

Smith, Patrick  -- Kimball

Smith, Percy R. – Chamberlain

Smith, Purie B.  -- Kimball

Smith. John C – Kimball

Somers, Lucky H.  – Chamberlain

Somers, Thomas H. --  Chamberlain

Soulek, Anton – Kimball

Speelman, William E. – Kimball

Spring, Harry  -- Ottawa, Kan.

Stansky, Leo G.  – Pukwana

Steffen, Edwin J. – Chamberlain

Stewart, Chester G.  – Kimball

Stroud, Lisle A – Kimball

Sunde, Trygve --  Kimball

Swanson, Albert  -- Pukwana

Talich, Frank A. – Pukwana

Tallch, Frank A.--  Pukwana

Taylor, Fred J.  -- Bijou Hills

Thompson, Ole A. –  Pukwana 

Thoreson, Clarence  -- Pukwana

Thwing, Julian B. --  Bijou Hills

Toomey, Frank M.  – Kimball

Townsend, Edwin. --  Kimball

Trapejari, Gust  -- Kimball

Tritle, Edward.  -- Kimball

Vajner, Ed T. -- Kimball

Valentine, Mark R. – Kimball

Vold, G.Bryan  --  Platte

Walker, William W. – Chamberlain

Walsh, Thomas  W. --  Kimball

Wannamaker, Fred E.  -- Kimball

Wattawa,-Fred J  -- White Lake

Wattson, Donald H.  -- Chamberlain

Webber, Henry  -- White Lake

Webber, William. -- White Lake

Weed, Alva H. --  Pukwana

Weichert, Fred A. – Chamberlain

Weichert, Rishard S. – Chamberlain

Wellner, George  -- Kimball

Wellner, Joseph J. – Kimball

Wells, Robert L. – Kimball

Welsh, Loren – Kimball

Werner, Martin H.. ... Chamberlain

Wesner, Benjamin -- Pukwana

Westberg, Oscar  -- Fort Thompson

Westendorf, Frank --  Kimball

Westendorf, Willie --  Kimball

Wester, Carl E. -- Kimball

Weyand, Chas. A.  – Kimball

Weyand, Frank H. – Kimball

Whistler, Clarence W. – Chamberlain

Whitbeck, Clarence C -- .Chamberlain

Whiteacar, Josiah. – Kimball

Wilbert, Rolla L --  Chamberlain

Willrodt, Fred L. – Chamberlain

Willy, W. M --' Kimball

Wilson, Clifford  -- Kimball

Wion, William R. – Kimball

Wolf, John R.  – Kimball

Wolf, Peter -- White Lake 

Zwer, Albert C.. – Kimball




Fifteen Brule men in navy

   Fifteen men of Brule county volunteered for service in the Navy, according to the list made by Mr. A. G. Hill of the county draft board. One of the men, Oscar Millage, of Pukwana, died of disease in camp.

The list follows:

Anderson, Adam W, Chamberlain

Wedmore, Jerry -G, , Chamberlain

Piggott, Ryder Z. Chamberlain

Glaser, Marley H. , Chamberlain

Rutan, Amos G., Chamberlain

'Thompson, Henry ,  Vega

Burke, John,  Chamberlain

Truitt, Joseph H., Chamberlain

Jacobs, Ross ,  Pukwana

Lockwood, -Howard R.,  Chamberlain

Reynolds, Morris,  Chamberlain

Kruse, Karl F.,  Chamberlain

Leary, John T.,  Platte

Millage, Oscar,  Pukwana

Matthew, J. May, .Chamberlain

 Carl W. Potter dies of disease

   Private Carl W. Potter, brother of Oscar G.. Potter, died in France October 4, 1918 of pneumonia.

  He was a member of Company D, 349th Infantry. His brother  Oscar died of wounds received in action. Carl was buried at Des Mobiles cemetery Belfort, France. He was born at Dewitt, Neb., October 2, 1894.   No further particulars.

Clifford Franzke loses an arm at Quentin Battle

   Clifford Franzke, son of William Franzke, of Pukwana, was with the American troops in the drive against the Hindenburg line in the late summer of 1918. He was wounded in the drive against St. Quentin, and after his return to America was placed in the reconstruction hospital at Fort Snelling, Minn.

   Franzke was inducted Into the service last spring and was in active fighting servjce before July. He Is a full-blooded German himself, but he was one of the men who helped stop the German rush toward Paris in the middle of  the summer. He is 24 years old. Because of the severity of his wound his arm was amputated.

Cuts off finger to get into army

     One of the heroes of the war is Fay Clark, who recently returned to his home in Bison, Perkins county, after
serving with other South Dakota soldiers in France.
     Early in the war, young Clark tried to enlist in Minneapolis but was rejected because one of the fingers on his right hand was crook-ed. He did not propose to let a little thing like that, stand in the way of his doing his "bit” for Uncle Sam, so he went to a surgeon's office and had the crooked finger amputated. He then went back to the recruiting office and was accepted.
     Leo Clark, a brother, was killed in action during the war.  The husband of one of  their sisters was shot through the hips and paralyzed,  and now is recovering in a military hospital in the east. Thus the family has a very creditable war record.

Lt. Owen M. Rose dies overseas

      Lieutenant Owen M. Rose had just completed his overseas training with the French artillery when he was taken ill with pneumonia and died Oct. 20, 1918.  He was buried in the American cemetery at Vanclaire, southern France.
     Lieutenant Rose entered one of the training camps for officers at Fort Snelling, Minn., and was commissioned a 2nd  Lieutenant in the Coast Artillery Corps. He was assigned to the officers training camp at Fortress Monroe, Dec 1, 1917 and was again transferred to Fort Stevens, Oregon and was promoted to the rank of first lieutenant, May 7, 1918. 
     Lt. Rose spent several weeks here after his advancement and was then ordered to Camp Mills where he awaited transport to France. He arrived overseas in August, 1918. Rose is one of the heroes of which Brule county is the most proud.

George Schmidt dies in oversea hospital

     George Schmitt of Kimball died overseas following a short illness, according to reports received by his mother, Mrs. Peter Schmitt, who lives at Kimball.
     Schmitt was one of the first recruits from Brule county it is reported.     No particulars on this death were made available for publication at the date of this edition.
               Twenty-five men are casuals

      Of  the 325 men who left Brule county, 25 have been listed in the casualties. This valuable record has been complied by Mr. A. G. Hill; chairman of the draft board at Chamberlain.
      Two of this honor list were killed in action; six died either  from disease or wounds and seventeen were wounded. 

Following is the list:

  • Newman, Elmer L., Pukwana, killed in action.
  • Potter, Oscar G., Chamberlain, died of wounds received in action.
  • Potter, Carl W., Chamberlain, died of disease in France.
  • Cummins, Tom,  Vega, died of disease in camp.
  • Burian,  Stanley, Vega, . died of disease in camp.
  • Ryan, William P.,  Kimball, died of disease in France.
  • Rose, Owen,  Kimball, died of disease in France.
  • Millage, Oscar,  Pukwana, died of disease in camp.

Those wounded were:

  • Franzke, Clifford,  Chamberlain
  • Gilbert,  Alva J.,  Chamberlain,
  • Currence, Paul,  Kimball,
  • Smith,  Boyd,  Kimball,
  • Bartlett, Fritz,  Chamberlain, 
  • Bailey,  Russell S., Chamberlain,
  • Gibson, Glenn,  Kimball, 
  • Gibson, Frank,  Kimball, 
  • Harper, Robert V., Kimball, 
    Whitbeck,Clarence A., Chamberlain.

Jonouske wounded 3 times

Charles J. Jonouske of Hamill was  wounded three times in action. He  has returned from France wearing a gold chevron.

Oscar Millage dies  at  the Great Lakes

     Oscar Millage, fireman in the Navy, died at the Great Lakes Naval Training station September 24, 1918. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Millage, of  Pukwana.    
    Millage had been at the training station for only six weeks when he passed away. He was 19. He attended college at Brookings during the previous winter.