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Graceland Cemetery, Oacoma, Lyman County, SD
Exit 260, I-90 then 2 blocks north

Cemetery photos can be helpful to you in your research . The stones have been read to the best of our 
     ability, but due to age and the condition of some stones, they can be very difficult to read.
The Lyman-Brule Genealogical Society of Chamberlain, SD is attempting to include photo's of each
stone from every cemetery. Volunteers are encouraged to contact us or our webmaster. 



Albert, Anna C

Albert, George

Anderson    family stone

Anderson, Grant

Anderson, Nellie E.

Auld    family stone

Auld, Agnes

Auld, I.N

Auld   family plot

Bailey, A. E. and Henrietta

Baker, Anna Olive

Balster, AliceC.     baby

Barlow, Edmund A.

Bartine, Elizabeth Artz

Bartine, Erick

Bartine, Grace

Bartine, John G.


Bartine, Matilda

Bice, Charles and  Harriet

Bice, Anna Somers

Bice, Rex L.

Bice, Ronald Allen

Bishop, Alyce

Bishop, Max R.L.

Bishop, Willis J.

Bishop, Willis J.

Boling, Wm C.

Byre, T. M. and Josephine

Cleland, Floyd and Florence

Cleland, Francis  and Betty

Cleland, Kathryn and Walter

Coles, Dean D.

Drummond,Edna  Moody

Drummond, Edna Walker

DuVall, Harry

Eleeson, Edward

Eleeson, Julia

Eleeson, Mathilda

Fenner, Lowell S.

Ferrier, Wayne and Gloria

Forell, O.K.  2

Forell, O. Kenneth

Fulton, Clara Burris

Furlong, James

Goodman,Terry. T.

Goodman,Terry T. 2

Gray, Wm. B.

Greene, Henry P.


Halligan, Wilbur

Hansen, Alice L.

Hansen, Jetta

Hansen, Otto

Harmon,Charles E.

Harmon, Frank and Ruth

Harmon, Otto Glenn

Harmon, Ralph

Harvey,  L.    son

Holbach, H.N.


Hutmacher, James A.

Hutmacher, James A. 2   back

Hutmacher, Jos. L.

Hutmacher, Mary E.

Inks, Lester C.

Isburg, Florence M.

Johnson, Emil J.

Johnson, Martha

Johnson, Peter

Johnson, Peter and Martha

Jones, John A.

Kenobbie, Clarence and Henrietta

Kenobbie, Laurie

Lafferty, Mary Belle

Lund, Carrie

Lund, Marie

Lund, Peter M.

Lund, Peter M. 2

Lund, Tony

Marshall, Ernest G.

Meahan, Edith

Meahan, Silas

Merritt, Ivan

Moffitt, Carrie A.

Moffitt, E. Raymond

Moffitt, Floyd I.

Moffitt, Ira H.

Moffitt, Irving H.

Moffitt, Shirley Taggart

Neeman, Sara Jane

Neeman, Boyd

Peckham      family plot

Peckham, Harry C.

Peckham, Lavina


Peterson, Cecelia

Peterson, L.

Pickner, Lawrence L.

Pidcock, James H.

Pilker    family plot

Pilker, Anna

 Pilker, James and Mattie

Pilker, Wm. and Anna

Powers, George N.

Powers, Laura B.

Rea, C. A.

Rosedahl, Arthur

Rosedahl      family plot

Rosedahl,  Robt. L.

Schmitt, Arthur

Schmitt, Wm. and  Verna E.

Schmitt, Wm. W.

Schooler, C. Edw. and Naomi

Sharpe, Anna Laura

Sharpe,  Father

Sharpe, Harold and Mary

Sharpe, Harold M.

Sharpe, Mary L.

Sharpe, Merrill Q.

Sharpe,   Mother

Sharpe, Anna Milikan

Sharpe, Emily Louise

Sheffer, Florence

Siedel, Alva L.

Smith    family stone

Smith, Frank A.

Smith, Frank A  2

Spalding, Annie H.

Spalding, Wm.

Speck, A. Wm.

Speck, Wm. and Josephine

Speck, Wm and Josephine   back

Speck, Wm. Robert

Springer, Otto and Leonora

Stambaugh    family stone

Stambaugh, Arthur

Stambaugh, Emma

Stambaugh, John

Stocks, Charles

Thompson, Donald and Hazel

Tonnette, Anna

Tonette, Anna  2
Unknown 1
Unknown 2
Unknown 3
Unknown 4
Unknown 5
Wait Unknown 1
Wait Unknown 2
Wait Unknown 3

Wait, William S.

Walker      family stone
Walker   family plot 2

Walker, Elisha

Walker, Ella E.

Walker, William L.

Weber, John J.

Weber, Tony

Welding, David

Wenz, Anna

Werner, Alvin and Edith

Werner,Bertha M.jpg

Werner, Edward F.

Werner, Joleen

Werner  family stone

Werner, John

Werner, John E.

Wetterer, Anna

Young, Alice M.

Young, Charles E.

Young, Jimmie

Zaugg, Fred 2

Zaugg, Fred W.

Zaugg, Fred W. Jr.

Zaugg, Jean A.

Zaugg, M.A.


Tombstones photographed by Morgan Speck  Copyright 2004