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Reliance Protestant Cemetery
One mile north of the town of Reliance

Cemetery photos can be helpful to you in your research . The stones have been read to the best of our 
     ability, but due to age and the condition of some stones, they can be very difficult to read.
The Lyman-Brule Genealogical Society of Chamberlain, SD is attempting to include photo's of each
stone from every cemetery. Volunteers are encouraged to contact us or our webmaster. 


Name on tombstone

Bartholow, Ella

Bartholow, Howard

Bartholow, Walter C

Berg, Calvin N

Berg, Maynard R.

Berg, Oliver and Alice

Berg, Viola

Berg, Walter A.

Bishop, Audie R.

Black, Edwin W.

Black, Esther

Black, Robert

Boe, Laureen

Boe, Raymond and Madonna

Card, Ethel M.

Carey,  Chattie

Carey, Lillie (Russell)

Carlson, Anna C.

Carlson, Anna C.     2

Carmichael, Frances W.

Chase, Chas.

Chrans. Maurice

Cooper, Rachel Ann

Cosgrove, Alice and John

Cosgrove, L. Perle

Cosgrove, Myrls I.

Cosgrove, Myrls I.     2

Cosgrove, Nettie Z.

Drafahl, F. W.

Edinger, Florence

Eymer, Arthur and Purlue

Eymer.infant son

Eymer, Mary and Harry

Eymer, Quentin G

Eymer, Quentin G.     2

Fletcher  baby

Fletcher, Bonnie G.

Fletcher, Dewey

Fletcher, Elsie M.

Fletcher, Evert and Margery

Fletcher, Fred W.

Fletcher, Iona H

Fletcher, Lillian and Will

Fletcher, Martin Neal

Fletcher, Minnie M.

Fletcher, Roy and Elsie

Fletcher, Roy O.

Fletcher  family

Frey, John E.

Gunderson Arlo Henry

Hall, Dale W.

Hall, Donnie

Hall, Dorothy

Hall  stone

Halverson , Clarence

Halverson, Clarence S.

Halverson, Lydia

Halverson, Mickie L.

Halverson, Mickie L.   2

Henry  somebody

Herron, Anna, Dallas and Charles

Hieb, Lucille

Hiott, Edith  (Wyant)

Hoffer, Christena

Hoffer, Christina

Hoffer, Dean D.

Hoffer, Dean D.  2

Hoffer, Dean Dewayne

Hoffer, Fredrick

Hoffer, Jacob M.

Hoffer, John F.

Hoffer, John M.

Hoffer, Martha

Hoffer, Robert M.

Hoffer, Robert M      2

Holmquist, Henry A.

Holmquist, Susan C.

Howard, Eli  

Howard, Florence I.

Howard, Jacob Leo


Howard     2

Howard     3

Howard, LeRoy E. 

Hubert, Marie S.

Humphreys, George and Dolly

Humphreys, Mildred and Gurney

Humphreys, Myron M.

Huntsman, Frank P.

Huntsman, Hobart and Lena

Huntsman, Hobart W.

Huntsman, Wesley and Carrie

Jensen, Mary and James

Karasek, Joseph

Karasek, Josephine

Kenobbie, Helen F.

Kenobbie, Roy

Kindopp, Christine

Kindopp, Edward


Kindopp, John

Kohler, Henry F.

Krause, Emma

Krause, Ernest

Krause, Hattie

Loyd, Ivabelle

Lloyd, Perry and Emma 

Lorenz, Alice

Lorenz, Alice   2

Lorenz, Theresa

Mackay, Alexander

Mackay family

Mackay, Mary

Mackay  stone

Marsden, Jobe

Marsden     stone

Marsden, Violet B.

McCombs, Theron

McDonald, Richard

McDonald, Theresa

McMullen, Albert

Miller, Melvin L.

Miller, Reuben and Anna

Miller, Vern and Belle M.

Monson, Albert C.

Monson, Anna

Monson, Henry L.

Monson, Lydia   (Frey)

Monson, Nels

Murphy, Dennis Lynn

Nelson, Carl  Raymond

Norton, Marcia, Sandra, Alison

Norton, Clyde M.

Norton, Ethel M.

Norton, Loucele

Parkening, A. Everett

Parkening, A. Everett    2

parkening, Amil G.  

Parkening, Bertha M.

Parkening, C.A.Pat

Parkening, Evan

Parkening, Evelyn

Peterson, Carl

Peterson, Carl   2

Peterson, Carl A.

Peterson, Carlyle

Peterson, Carlyle      2

Peterson, Ida L.

Peterson, Ida L.     2

Peterson, Lula I.

Peterson, Ronald

Peterson, Ronald D.

Peterson, Walter

Pratt, George O.

Reuer, Gottlieb

Reuer, Kenneth L.

Reuer, Lena

Reuer, Martha

Reuer   stone

Reuer, Wm.

Reuer, M.    2

Rockafellow, Amy Lillian

Rockafellow, Grant J.

Rockafellow, Isaac

Rockafellow, Martha

Rockafellow, Nina D.

Rohrbauk, August

Rohrer, Bobby

Rohrer, Leoa

Rose, George and Marguerite

Rose, George W.

Rose, LeRoy J.

Rose, Marguerite

Rost, William C.

Russell, Delbert

Russell, Joseph W.

Russell, Nancy and Robert

Sattler, Eldalaine.jpg

Sattler, Henry

Schaefer, Arnold and Karolina

Schelske, Esther and Adolph.

Schelske, Esther

Schlomer, Todd C.

Schoenfelder Ann M.

Schoessler, Augustg

Schoessler, Othelia

Schoessler, Rosina

Schoessler, Rosina    2

Schoessler, Sebastian

Schoessler stone

Shaefer, Henry J.

Shaefer, Katherine

Suhl, Edward and Lorraine

Suhl, Edward J.

Suhl, Lorraine E.

Surat, Sydney M 

Swanson, Abehild A. 

Swanson, Abehilda  2

Swanson, Eldrid and Arleen

Swanson, John  and Anna

Swanson, Rachel Ann

Taylor, Allen  Sherman

Unk.  2 graves

Unk. Father

Unk Mother

Unk  Peterson

Unk 2

Unk 3

Unknown.    eastside of road 1

Unknown1   by tree

Unknown     eastside of road, 2


Wagaman, Christina

Wagaman, Daniel

Wagaman, Daniel    2

Wagaman, Emil back of stone

Wagaman, Emil J.

Wagaman, Evelyn and Emanuel

Wagaman, Frederick

Wagaman, Jacob

Wagaman, Jacob and Pauline

       Wagaman, Pauline and Jacob   stone back

Wagaman, John.

Wagaman, Kathryn

Wagaman, Magdalena (Frey)

Wagaman, Pauline


Wagner  cornerstone

Wagner, Horace

Wagner, Ila and Gilbert

Wagner, Sarah Alice

Wagner stone 2

Wolcott, Addie   2

Wolcott, Addie B.

Wolcott, Harve L.

Wyant, Alice R.

Wyant, Delilah

Wyant, Edith   (Hiott)

Wyant, Frank

Wyant, Isaac

Wyant, Stella Maude

Wyant,    stone

Wyant,    stone 2

Yerke, Christina

Yerke, Fred

 Tombstones photographed by Morgan Speck, Copyright 2004