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Lyman and Brule County databases
Last revised  April 28, 2009

Baptisms:   A-D    E-H    J-M   N-R    S-Z
Births:     Lyman and Brule Counties               
Cemeteries:  Lyman County    Brule County 
Churches:     Lyman County     Brule County
Death Notices:    Lyman and Brule counties   combined
Family Histories online:    Lyman County       Brule County
Family histories Miscellaneous data   includes family group sheets and print-outs as mailed in
Homestead Records:    Brule County 
Institutions:  Hospital for the insane (Brule County)
Marriages:  Lyman and Brule counties  combined
Military Records:   Brule county 1917-1918   Brule Co. WWII vets' photos    Lyman County Lists
Naturalization:    Lyman County     Brule County  
Newspapers on microfilm:  Lyman County      Brule County   Misc. SD     Library reels 
Obituaries:   Lyman and Brule counties  (combined)      Copies of obits  $5 each.  
Public Servants and Officials:    Lyman County      Brule County
Schools:   Kimball School Alumni  1925-1965     Pukwana - Class of 1955              Lyman County  
Scrapbook items on microfilm. Weisner/Knutson collection    indexed
Townships and Landowners    Lyman County

    Microfilmed Federal Census  (In-house)