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Miscellaneous family histories data
as submitted by individual family members.

Family history print-outs in our library
Sent to LBGS from people who have lineage in Lyman and Brule counties.

Family surname

 Includes these surnames

BROOKS/PAULSON  (Frank Lyman) Chaffee, Johannesdatter, Johnson, Mickelson, Nilsdr, Olsson,Palson, Paulsen, Petersdatter, Sorenson, Wagnor
BURNHAM/WRIGHT(?) Morecock, Morton, Gaines, Hull, Loott, Coggeswell, Loomis, Humphries, Mann
CHAMBERLAIN (Mark and Arotine) Hill, Sabin, Lowman, Bristol
CHAMBERLAIN (Selah), Chamberlyn, Chamberlin  Cochran, Burnett, Henderson, Bumgardner, Clark,  Smith
 HOWARD (Grace),  Manore, Mesnard
KIEHN/KUEHN/SCHWEISOW BlockBrockmann, Bunge, Cornell, Fitzloff, Fredrickson, Heimrich, Hermerding, Ingenthrone, Kleimenhagen, Neimann,  Pfeiffer, Rogers,Schwiesow, Yungk,
NEDVED (Tomas),  Bergquist, Bittner, Brchan, Brichac, Buckminster, Canek, Francis,Hora, Hronek, Matusek, Kostka, Kott, Krejci, Kums, Payer, Rehmke, Schnetter, Schramm,  Tuel, Viktora, Vogel, Westphal,  etc.


Family Group Sheets in our files
Sent to LBGS from people who have lineage in Lyman and Brule counties.

 ARNEL, George W. / SWENGAN, Sarrah  Millie L. , Humprey J.P., Orie

HOWARD, Eli/WINCH, Clara Bell

Solon W., Lilibell

 LAMEAR, Joseph / LESUEUER, Mary M.  Joseph, Charles, William, Moses, Arthur, Sarah
 LAMEAR, William / (1) KENNEDY, Lida
                                / (2) Clara ?
 (1) Grace M., Roy J., Clifford Wm., Marguerite, Ercell, Claire, Frederick, Theodore
 (2) Louis
 RUTAN, Alfred Peter / PETERSON, Lena C. Alfred, Jessie May, William, Eva Rose.
 RUTAN, John Thomas /OLSON, Lena Caroline  Edwin C., Emil, Amos Geo., Pearl L., ?
 RUTAN, John / SWENGAN, Sarrah  John Thomas, Charlena Ann, Alfred Peter,