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Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

   Veteran's Memorial at Reliance Cemetery
One mile north of Reliance. Constructed 2005

This page last revised Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dedication Memorial Day, 2006


*Brass markers, for those who  lost their lives in the line of duty, are displayed on the pillars


    WWII      Korean War
* Black, Robert Edwin, PFC   * Clutter, Dale
* Chrans, Dale Morris, Pvt.    
* McCombs, Theron      Vietnam
* Eymer, Quentin G, 2nd  Lieut.   * Reuer, Kenneth
* Peterson, Carl Alfred    

Names of all of  Reliance's veterans engraved on the stone.

Thank you to World War Veteran, Carroll Stewart, for having the names put on the monument.

    Pratt, George    Arnoldy, Raymond
   WWI    Banks, Charles
   Anderson, Elmer    Bartholow, Robert F.
   Bowar, Charles T.    Berg, Mandel
   Bowar, Fred    Black, Robert
   Hoffer, Fred    Chrans, Morris
   Huntsman, Frank    Cullen, Francis
   Huntsman, Hobart    Eymer, Quentin
   Kercher, Gottlieb    Kenobbie, Roy
   King, Joseph  "Zeke"    McCombs, Theron
   Moulton, Albert E.    Moulton, Ralph
   Moulton, Jesse W.    O'Connor, Glen E.
   Nissen, Fred    Peterson, Carl Alfred
   Norton, William    Peterson, Lyle E.
   Reuer, William    Peterson, Ronald
   Rose, George    Peterson, Walter
   Schelle, Henry Sr.    Peterson,  Wm. Verle
   Schoessler, August    Stallman, Henry
   Schoessler, Henry  "Otto"    Stallman, Ray
   Schooler, Frank    Suhl, Edward
   Stewart, Carroll    Wagaman, Emil "Jack"
   Wagaman, Daniel    Auxiliary
   White, Charles J.    Choal, Nellie     
   Auxillary     Graves, Dorothy
   Kercher, Sophia     Hoffer, Mildred
   Morgan, Esther Black     Huntsman, Lena
   Peterson, Lula     Kenobbie, Helen
   Reuer, Martha     Stallman, Victoria
   Schoessler, Anna     Wagaman, Evelyn
   Bartholow, Howard    Graves, James
   Clutter, Dale E.    Michalek, John
   Halverson, Mickie    Reuer, Kenneth
   Hoffer, Dean  
   Hoffer, Robert    ARMY
   Kercher, Dewayne     Schelle, Loren
   Schelle, Henry Jr.     Michalek, Alvin




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