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Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

Newspaper   Extractions

Scads and scads of genealogical data taken from old newspapers. Well worth your time.

Last updated   Jan 9 2012

Part of my job at the Chamberlain-Oacoma Register was extracting genealogical data old newspapers and  I am now sharing it with Internet genealogists. Data is condensed, but the basics are here. Some Brule County data is included since many Lyman County residents use the mortuary, cemeteries, etc., across the Missouri River in Brule County 

If, after you have checked all of the files I have published on this site for your free use,   you feel you need additional help for  research, contact me

Codes:   b - born;    d - diedf - final proof on homestead;  g - general stuff (odds & ends);  m - married;   son/dau - born or died.

 Guaranteed to make your head spin, but  well worth the surf.

Some may take a while to open.

  • (Jan 2012) ARGUS LEADER    A-G   H-M   N-Z  Indexed items extracted from 1907and 1911 newspapers (Oacoma) by Mark Nesladek.  Thanks Mark! 

  •  (Jan 2011) ARGUS LEADER  and OACOMA GAZETTE  A-G   H-M   N-Z   Indexed items extracted from 1906 and 1910 newspapers (Oacoma) by Mark Nesladek. Thanks Mark! 
  •  Jan 2010) ARGUS LEADER  and OACOMA GAZETTE  A-G   H-M   N-Z   Indexed items extracted from 1905 and 1909 newspapers (Oacoma) by Mark Nesladek.  Thanks Mark! 
  •  ARGUS LEADER EXTRACTIONS     1918    1919
  • MISCELLANEOUS NEWS ITEMS   Articles have been INDEXED  to expedite your search efforts  Page 1    Page 2     Page 3  
    Indexed articles found in the old Chamberlain/Oacoma papers.  Just a bunch of "good stuff" I have access to. The data on these pages may include some homestead filings, 
    people relocating, anniversaries, discharges from the military, etc.
     I saved copies of the data extracted from the archives at the Chamberlain-Oacoma Register so I'll share. One of the
    entries might be about the person you are looking for.
      The page numbers refer to my notebook in my library. If something interests you contact me and the item(s) will be e-mailed to you.
  • Advocate Leader 2000     Extracted  in 2000
  • Advocate Leader 2002      Extracted in 2002 
  • Advocate surname      Just a bunch of "good stuff" from the Advocate Leader, published at Kennebec..                       
  • Advocate extractions...  Kennebec's newspaper until 1998. Bits and pieces of information about people living in Lyman County such as birthdays, anniversaries, military discharges, etc. Just
    things I had written down so thought I would include them in these pages. 
  •   Chamberlain Register 2000   Extracted in 2000
  • Surname files below-- I spent the winter of 1988-'89 at the library in Chamberlain extracting genealogical data from local newspapers 1881 through July 1905 as a project for
    the South Dakota State Genealogical Society. Lots of bits and pieces of data.
  • A files

    B files C files D to G H to K L files M files N to R S T to Z



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