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Lyman County, South Dakota's Genealogy

Lyman County pioneers and early settlers

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Includes: Bukacek, Camel, Card, Cleland, Coates, Dwyer, Erickson, Fletcher, Frame, Hickey, Hodgin, Humphreys, Huntsman, Lund, McKeever, McManus, Murphy,  Parkening, Pease, Peterson, Rasmussen, Recoy, Rockafellow, Roeser, Schaefer, Schelle, Schindler, Smith, Stallman, Stewart,  Swanson, Sweeney,  Tagtow, Templin, Tillotson, Truman, Unbehaun, Washburn, Werner, Woster.


Three photos submitted by

Wm. & Mary  Roeser


Roeser family, Kennebec

Roeser tin type

These two Hickey photos were found in a box purchased at an auction

Submitted by

Frank and Mabel Hickey McManus 

Alfred and Margaret Hickey family, July 4, 1890.  Back, l-r: Egbert, Viola, George, Margaret, Alfred, Hattie; front: Edwin, Leona, Mabel, Roy, Ray, Edith, Isaac. A daughter, Rowena, was born  Aug. 11, 1890

George McKeever, 
Kennebec merchant

   Remaining photos on this page by barbara speck

Presho Public school, no date

Reliance school 1949-'50.  Back, l-r: Kay Coates, Marian Tagtow, Jeanie Woster,  Barbara Stallman, Alona Parkening;   front:  Jeannie Frame, Charlene Huntsman, Maxine Stallman, Karen  Erickson, Barbie Swanson,  Pegge Stallman

N. Cooper school 1919 Back, Paul and Albert Stallman; front: Leona Stallman, Laura Fletcher, Dorothy Murphy, Raymond Stallman, Carl  Peterson, Roy Fletcher and Neva Fletcher.

RHS Class of 1952-53 Freshman initiation      Back, l-r:    Lyle Stewart,  Ronald Frame?, Theron Hodgin?,   Delmar Swanson, Donnie Schindler, Francis Bukacek, James Schaefer?, Patty Ann Recoy,  RoseMary Card, Frances Stallman; front:   Loren Schelle, Helen Schelle, Jim Murphy??, Marjo Fletcher, Mary Ann Stallman.

Cooper school.  Need identies


Reliance's first schoolhouse

Oacoma school 1926 Back: Hazel Cleland, Laura Rockafellow, Teacher Helen Truman, Mildred Washburn, Evelyn Smith; Middle: Jim Sweeney, Ray Hickey, Donald ?, Ray Dwyer; Front: L. Camel, Buck Templin, Alvin Werner, Laurel Pease, Louis Lund, Clifford Cleland. Submitted by Gloria Lund

This building sat just southeast of St. Mary's Catholic Church.

These three photos were submitted by Ronnee Charles     

Molly/Isbel Unbehaun  b. 01/01/1896, d. ?

Oscar Unbehaun, 1945

Louisa Rohrbach

Pictured are George and Dolly Tillotson Humphreys and daughter, Mabel, b  May 1886. Photo may be late 1886 or early 1887   

Hans and Hansine Rasmussen.

Buried at Presho


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