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Bridgewater, McCook Co., SD  - 1916 Business Directory

This information extracted from the "Northwestern Gazetteer and
Business Directory", vol. XX (1916-1917), published by R. L.
Polk & Co.

Data transcribed by Joy Fisher, This file
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BRIDGEWATER. Pop 1,000. McCook county. A city on the C M
& St P Ry 22 miles n w of Parker. Has Methodist, Presbyterian,
Catholic and German Lutheran churches, 2 banks, a hotel, a
commercial club, an opera house, 6 grain elevators and an electric
light plant and water works. Two weekly newspapers the NcCook
County Democrat and the Tribune are published. Ships grain, live
stock and produce. Land is worth $80 to $130 per acre. Exp W F & Co.
Tel W U. Tomothy J Ryan P M.

Last Name                     First name     Business
Anderson                      J. H.          sec, Commercial Club
Anderson                      Jno H.         ins agt
Arnold                        Benj. S.       propr Hotel Dewey
Bates                         Frank C.       barber
Boehmer, Reid & Boehmer                      (Alb J Boehmer, Elizabeth Reid, Frank J Boehmer), gen store
Breeding                      Jos. C.        pool
Bridgewater Electric Power Co.               Adam Weidenbach mngr
Bridgewater Opera House                      T J Shanard mngr
Bridgewater Tribune                          Wm W Moyes pub
Bridgewater Union Telephone Co.              Jacob J Hendrich mngr
Bridgewater Water Works                      Geo W Miller supt
Brown & Savage                               (Louis E Brown, Robt A Savage), harness
Clauser                       Geo. A.        phys.
Commercial Club                              Jacob Tschetter, pres; J H Anderson, sec
Dirks                         Cornelius H.   lands
Dirks & Payne                                (Cornelius H Dirks, Ira A Payne), hardware
Ellwein Bros.                                (Fred J, Jno J and Richd), hardware
Farmers Elevator Co.                         Aug Hillmer, agt
Farmers National Bank                        (capital $25,000), C B Punteney, pres; T J Shanard, cashr
Gossman                       Clement N.     restaurant
Gross Mercantile Co.                         (Geo Gross), gen store
Guenther & Sons               G. A.          (Emil and Otto), gen store
Guenther Bros.                               (Edward and Jacob), gen store
Gulander                      Abraham G.     jeweler
Hanson                        Chris P.       auctioneer
Hanson                        Jno A.         cigar mnfr
Hanson                        Perly L.       pianos
Heckenlaible                  Gottlieb       grain elevator
Hendrich                      Jacob J.       agt, F. M. Slagle & Co.
Hendrich                      Jacob J.       mngr, Bridgewater Union Telephone Co.
Herreth                       Jno F.         saloon
Hillmer                       Aug            agt, Farmers Elevator Co.
Hofer                         Jno M.         grain elevator
Hofer                         Jos. P. S.     drugs
Hofer & Hofer                                (David and David D), furniture
Hofer & Mayer Bros.                          (D M Hofer, Mathew and Alex H Mayer), real est.
Hotel Dewey                                  Benjamin S Arnold, propr; Rates $2 per day; Electric lights, steam heat, good meals and beds; we meet all trains.
Idle Hour Theatre                            G Clarence Sample mngr, moving pictures
King                          Harold         lawyer
Laing                         Geo. W.        real est.
Leiferman Bros.                              (Edw N and Jos), livery
Lewin                         Noah           clothing
Lubker                        Fred R.        cement wkr
Marsh                         Chas. L.       blksmith
Mayer                         Alex H.        see Hofer & Mayer Bros.
Mayer                         Mathew         see Hofer & Mayer Bros.
Mayer & Tschetter Grain Co.                  (Alex H Mayer, Paul Tschetter)
McCook County Democrat                       Timothy J Ryan pub
McNeaney & Walter                            (Thos McNeaney, Elias E Walter), meats
Menser                        bert           phys
Miller                        Geo. W.        supt, Bridgewater Water Works
Moyes                         Wm. W.         pub Bridgewater Tribune
Payne                         Ira A.         dentist
Payne                         Ira A.         see Dirks & Payne
Reid                          Elizabeth      see Boehmer, Reid & Boehmer
Reiser                        Fred F.        garage
Ryan                          Timothy J.     pub McCook County Democrat
Savage                        Robt. A.       see Brown & Savage
Scchroeder                    Louis          agt, Andr A Wollmann
Schnoor                       Claus          shoemkr
Shanard                       T. J.          mngr, Bridgewater Opera House
Shanard                       Thos. J.       ins agt
Shanard Elevator Co.                         (Geo H, Wm J and Jacob Shanard)
Slagle & Co.                  F. M.          Jacob J Hendrich agt, lumber
Smith                         Wm. T.         real est
Temple                        Frank          r r, exp and tel agt
Tschetter                     Jacob          pres, Commercial Club
Tschetter                     Paul           see Mayer & Tschetter Grain Co.
Tschetter's Land Agency                      Jacob Tschetter propr, Farm lands bought, sold and exchanged; bargains in Montana and North Dakota tracts
Tuthill Lumber Co.            John W.        Geo W Harvey agt
Van Hook                      Leo            saloon
Walter                        Elias E.       see McNeaney & Walter
Weidenbach                    Adam           mngr, Bridgewater Electric Power Co.
Weidenbach                    Adam M.        jeweler
Wettergreen & Son             Caroline (Mrs.)(Mrs Caroline and Victor P), drugs
Wipf                          Elias J.       farm impts
Wollmann                      Andr. A.       Louis Schroeder agt, grain elevator

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