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Bridgewater, McCook Co., SD - 1888 Methodist Church Records

This information is from "Palmer's Directory of the Methodist Episcopal
Church for Dakota Conference - 1888" by Rev. John G. Palmer. Page 74 - 75

Information transcribed by Joy Fisher,


The church was organized here January 12, 1882, by Rev. Thomas M.
Williams. We have a church building at this point worth $2,500. There are
four preaching places and a membership of 76. Rev. T. H. Walker is the
present pastor. The following pastors have served the charge: Revs. Joshua
Watson, C. N. Brown, William Thomas, J. G. Campbell, E. W. Sage, L. B. Wiles,
T. H. Walker.

Trustees - W. J. Bollinger, Thos. Ash, J. A. Eberly, G. W. Conniff, John
Martin, Martin Austin, W. B. Jamison, John Larson.
Class Leader - Martin Austin.
S. S. Superintendent - J. A. Eberly.

Names of Members
Last Name First Name
Ash Lucetta
Ash Thomas
Austin J. D. (Mrs.)
Berryman Henry
Berryman Salina
Bollinger J. (Mrs.)
Carr Angelina
Carr George
Clark Julia
Cole James (Jr.)
Cole James (Sen.)
Collar John
Collar Synthia
Conniff Geo. W.
Conniff Naina
Conniff Thomas
Dickenson (Mrs.)
Dunn Abbie
Eberly Mary
Eberly W. J.
Felmey Louisa
Felmey S. (Mrs.)
Felmey W. L.
Foxton Amanda
Foxton Headley
Foxton Herbert
Foxton Peter
Foxton Victoria
Frank Ed. R.
Frank Elizabeth
Gipson J. C.
Gipson M. E.
Hammitt Hugh
Hammitt Nancy
Hillery Elizabeth
Jackson Francis A.
Jackson Luther A.
Jamison William
Lane Alma F.
Lane Charles
Lane Fred
Larson Caroline
Larson John
Larson L. C.
Larson Thomas
Lind Fred
Lind Jennie J.
March Harriet
March Harry
March Leonard
March Samuel
Marsh James M.
Martin Amanda
Martin John
Muller Anna
Muller John
Myers Eva M.
Myers Henry L.
Nourse James E.
Peterson William
Plummer Henry
Plummer Roxie
Ranisbottom Thomas
Readshaw Sarah
Smith P. B.
Van Wort Henry
Van Wort Maria
Watson Cora M.
Watson Geo. F.
Watson John
Watson Joshua (Rev.)
Watson Mary
Watson Mary
White Henry W.

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