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Montrose, McCook Co., SD - 1888 Methodist Church Records

This information is from "Palmer's Directory of the Methodist Episcopal Church
for Dakota Conference - 1888" by Rev. John G. Palmer. Page 107 - 108

Information transcribed by Joy Fisher,


Rev. C. M. Brown, in the year 1881, assisted by Mrs. I. M. Hartsough, effected
the organization of a church here. Ath that time and since Mrs. Hartsough has
rendered valuable aid in special meetings. While Rev. J. P. Jenkins was pastor
a fine church was built worth $2,000. Present membership 80; probationers, 20. Rev.
A. Amburn, a local preacher now living on this charge, has rendered valuable aid in
its development, and was its pastor for a time. Since Conference the charge formerly
known as Hartford has been added to Montrose. There are four appointments. Rev. T.
Carson is pastor.

Trustees - J. C. Heyl, F. Jerome, S. S. Warner, W. M. Brown, Harry Cooke.

Stewards - S. S. Warner, W. M. Brown, Wm. Zimmerman, Addie Hall, J. W.
Harrison, Alfred Richardson.

S. S. Superintendent - Martin Cross

Names of Members and Probationers
Last Name First Name Membership status
Amburn A. (Rev.) member
Amburn Mary A. member
Bennett C. probationer
Bennett S. A. member
Birdsell Daniel probationer
Birdsell Helen probationer
Birdsell Mary probationer
Birdsell Samuel probationer
Brown Adelaide member
Brown Benjamin member
Brown Estella member
Brown Homer E. member
Brown W. M. member
Butterfield Edith member
Butterfield Martin member
Carson Lillie member
Caton Mary A. member
Crooks C. E. probationer
Crooks Charles probationer
Cross Lucinda member
Cross Martin member
Davidson Hattie member
Davidson Wm. M. member
Failor Delitha member
Granger L. W. member
Granger W. D. member
Hall Addie member
Hall Frank member
Harrison J. W. member
Harrison M. E. member
Harrison S. A. probationer
Hart Delaina member
Haskins Martha member
Heyl Elizabeth member
Heyl Ida member
Heyl Ida probationer
Heyl J. D. member
Hildreth Harvey member
Hildreth Lucy member
Hildreth S. A. member
Hunt L. C. member
Hunt W. J. member
Jerome Frank member
Jewett Betsey member
Jewett Clarence member
Jewett Jason member
Kendall H. (Mrs.) member
Lord Anna member
Madison S. member
McConnell Vincie member
Nebrugal James member
Nebrugal Jennie member
Poole Mary A. member
Potter Emma member
Potter Hiram member
Potter Lena probationer
Reynolds A. P. member
Reynolds Albert probationer
Reynolds Gideon member
Reynolds Marietta member
Reynolds Nellie member
Richardson Addie member
Richardson Alfred member
Richardson Bennett member
Richardson L. S. member
Shatton Byron member
Shatton E. member
Shatton Henry member
Stevens Josephine R. probationer
Stevens Priscilla probationer
Stratton Dora probationer
Stratton Herbert probationer
Stratton Lucy probationer
Stratton Mariam probationer
Sweet Estella member
Sweet Lucius member
Thomas Amba member
Walker Fannie member
Warner Charlotte member
Warner Henry member
Warner Libbie member
Warner S. S. member
Weeks O. P. member
Weeks Sarah member
Williams Mary A. member
Willis S. P. member
Wilson E. B. probationer
Winchell Nellie member
Zimmerman Cora probationer
Zimmerman F. probationer
Zimmerman Laura member
Zimmerman Lettie member
Zimmerman Mary member
Zimmerman Mary A. member
Zimmerman Otto member
Zimmerman Sarah member
Zimmerman T. W. member
Zimmerman William member

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