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Salem and Spencer, McCook Co., SD - 1888 Methodist Church Records

This information is from "Palmer's Directory of the Methodist Episcopal Church
for Dakota Conference - 1888" by Rev. John G. Palmer. Page 90 - 91

Information transcribed by Joy Fisher,

Salem and Spencer

The charge has three appointments - Salem, Spencer, and Canastota and were
organized as follows: Salem, by Rev. Joshua Watson, a local preacher; Spencer,
Jan. 3, 1884, by Rev. M. Doty, a local preacher; Canastota, in October, 1884,
by Rev. B. D. L. Dudley, a local preacher. The church edifice was put up under
the pastoral efforts of Rev. A. F. Thompson, and is worth $2,000. At present
there is a membership of 51 and 5 probationers. Rev. L. B. Wiles is pastor.

Local Preacher - Rev. B. D. L. Dudley.
Stewards - J. V. Potter, Samuel Gilbert, P. K. Collins, John Mooney,
B. D. L. Dudley.
Class Leaders - J. V. Potter, Mary E. Stanton, B. D. L. Dudley.
S. S. Superintendent - Mrs. Mary Potter.

Names of Members
Last Name First Name Town, membership status
Bartholow Daniel Spencer, member
Bartholow Mary A. Spencer, member
Bartholow Rosetta Spencer, member
Bolee Christeen Canastota, member
Bolee Christian Canastota, member
Caton Hugh J. Salem, member
Caton Nettie Salem, member
Collins Lucretia Spencer, member
Collins Phillip K. Spencer, member
Crowhurst Alice Salem, member
Crowhurst Ella Salem, member
Crowhurst Lewis B. Salem, probationer
Crowhurst Mary Salem, member
Dudley B. D. L. (Rev.) Canastota, member
Ellis H. M. (Mrs.) Salem, member
Estep Julietta Spencer, member
Foster Isabella Spencer, member
Foster John G. Spencer, member
Foster May Spencer, member
Frazier Thomas Spencer, member
Gilbert Samuel M. Salem, member
Knox Eliza Canastota, member
Knox James Canastota, member
Langendorfer George Spencer, probationer
Langendorfer Wm. Spencer, member
Lawton Ezra V. Salem, member
Lawton Minerva (Mrs.) Salem, member
Manary May (Mrs.) Canastota, member
May Mattie (Mrs.) Spencer, member
Mooney John Spencer, probationer
Mooney Samantha Spencer, member
Morgan Agnes M. Canastota, member
Morgan Carrie M. (Miss) Canastota, member
Mukley Philena B. Canastota, member
Murray Nellie Spencer, member
Myers L. S. Salem, member
Myers L. S. (Mrs.) Salem, member
Nye J. A. (Mrs.) Salem, member
Potter Emory D. Salem, member
Potter J. V. Salem, member
Potter Mary (Mrs.) Salem, member
Potter Willie Salem, probationer
Putnam David Spencer, member
Putnam Emmet Spencer, member
Putnam Florence (Mrs.) Spencer, member
Putnam Sarah (Mrs.) Spencer, member
Rookstool James Spencer, member
Salmon Harriet Spencer, member
Salmon Lloyd Spencer, member
Scobie Josie Canastota, probationer
Scobie L. Canastota, member
Sherman (Mr.) Canastota, member
Sherman Lydia (Mrs.) Canastota, member
Smith Sarah E. (Mrs.) Salem, member
Stanley Anna Spencer, member
Stanton Lindley Spencer, member
Stanton Lindley M. Spencer, member
Stanton Mary E. Spencer, member
Stegall Mina (Mrs.) Spencer, probationer
Terrill S. (Mrs.) Canastota, member
Terrill Samuel Canastota, member
Tillotson Elmer Spencer, member
Tillotson Oly Spencer, member
Todd Ida A. (Mrs.) Salem, member
Weidner Charles A. Salem, member
Weidner Hattie (Mrs.) Salem, member

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