MINER County South Dakota Genealogy

As I go through the books, newspapers, census, and maps, I will be adding the names of individuals who either passed through or lived in Miner County. If you would like more information about these individuals, please e-mail Lynette Trainer, and I will be happy to send you what I have found. This is a large project, so please be patient, and stop by for updates.

Memorial and Biographical Record An Illustrated Compendium of Biographay. Chicago: Geo. A. Ogle & Co. 1989.

Arnold, Jeremiah
Brockway, Peter D.
Bronson, Hon. S. H.
Carlson, John
Edwards, Aungier
Farmer, C. J.
Hansen, Lars
Hanson, Gilbert
Henden, Anthon A.
Jackson, Hon. D. W.
Jamison, R. B.
Johnson, J. George
Lawton, Frank D.
Matheny, J. H.
Munger, P. D.
O'Neal, J. E.
Osbon, Hon. O. M.
Patten, Hon J. H.
Thompson, Will H.
Wait, Levi D.
Ward, Frank B.
Willard, M. B.
Yuill, Robert
Yuill, William

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