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County Pioneers

by Ross Richardson

When we picture this county as it must have appeared at the time of the arrival of the first settlers, we can only have the greatest admiration for the bravery and pioneering spirit of these people. The county was open prarie with no roads and no timber except adjacent to the Missouri River and some of its tributaries. There was now source of supplies with railroad connections closer than Blunt. The only means of transportation by foot or horses and ox teams. There were no white people to speak of living here prior to the influx of settlers in the spring of 1883. Suprisingly, in 1885, about two years later, a count showed over 1200 people living in the county.

We have attempted to compile a list of pioneers arriving in Potter County during the territorial days of 1883 - 1889 and who were, at the time still residing in Potter county. The list being subject to possible errors and omissions. (Note: this list was compiled in 1958.)

Arrived 1883: Matt Gaden, Wm. J. Green, Peter Hoven, Harry Huyck, Ralph W. Huyck, Mrs. E. H. Inks, Chas. O. Larson, H. F. Manfull, Mrs. Margaret O'Brian, Grant Potts, Clarence Stewart, Mrs. Clara Zuber.

Arrived 1884: Mrs. Iva M. Breene, Benjamin Combellick, Fred Hanson, Mrs. Minnie Houck, Mrs. George Klein, Harry Medbery, Mrs. Riley Orman, Grant U. Orsborn, Mrs. Grant Potts, George G. Schnidt, A. W. Stewart.

Arrived 1885: Mrs. P. J. Breen, Ernest Eggers, Walter M. Hall, Wm. J. Miles, Mrs. Harry Munyon, Mrs. Margaret Siberz, Conrad Stroh, <rs. Anna Todd, Martin Zuber, William Zuber.

Arrived 1886: Mrs. R. W. Akers, William Baum, Mrs. Rella McIntosh, Ed Von Wald.

Arrived 1887: Mrs. Martha Griffith, Albert Kilian, Mrs. Rose Paulson, Mrs. Ida Wager.

Arrived 1888: Carl Abler, Mrs. Wm. J. Green, L.W. Herron, G.L. Jordeth, Ernest Kilian, Charles Kula, Wm. H. Mann, Harrison Miles, Harry Oliver, Margie Small.

Arrived 1889: Henry J. Briscoe, Chas. Hinckley, Mrs. Anna Ripley.

(From: Gettysburg South Dakota, 75th Anniversary, 1883-1958, page 8, with permission)