Wewela Gospel Tabernacle
October, 5, 1938 Organizational Meeting

Roster roll signed by the following:

Anderson, Effie Anderson, Eileen Anderson, Evelyn
Anderson, Leland Anderson, Naomi Anderson, Reta Mae
Anderson, Veril Bentz, Edna Bowles, W. T.
Clason, J. Neal Clason, Mae Didier, Debby
Didier, Fern Didier, Reason Didier, Vernal
Dixon, Bertha Dixon, Elmer Dixon, Howard
Dixon, Mrs. Elmer Dixon, Orville Jenks, Alice
Jerred, Calvin Jerred, Carol Jerred, Edgar
Jerred, Erwin Jerred, James Jerred, Lawrence
Jerred, Linna Beth Jerred, Maxine Jerred, Melvin II
Jerred, Mort Jerred, Mrs. Edgar E. Jerred, Persis B.
Kenaston, Archie Kenaston, Donald Kenaston, F. E.
Kenaston, Frank Kenaston, Genevieve Kenaston, George
Kenaston, Harold Kenaston, Ione Kenaston, Joan
Kenaston, Marguerite Kenaston, Mary Belle Kenaston, W. O.
Kenaston, Ytoon Kyler, Lyle Lower, Josiah
Lower, Rebecca McIntosh, Coral McIntosh, Grace
McIntosh, Lovell McIntosh, Nora McIntosh, Ruth
Warner, Chas. Warner, Erma Warner, James
Warner, Mrs. Chas. Warner, Pauline Warner, Vernon

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Minutes of the meeting to organize a church, known as the Wewela Gospel Tabernacle.

October, 5, 1938.

Meeting called to order by Brother Fred Gottwald with Sister Ione Kenaston, acting secretary.

Prayer by Brother Gene Anderson, Preamble and part of bylaws read.

Moved by W. O. Kenaston and seconded by ______ to accept the regular bylaws without further examination the time being late.


Motion by Brother Elmer Dixon and seconded by Josh to keep Brother Gene as pastor, carried unanimously. Brother Gene to serve for three years commencing Jan. first, nineteen hundred thirty seven and ending Jan. first nineteen hundred forty.

Ballot was next taken for three deacons, Brother Elmer Dixon receiving thirty one votes and Brother Mort Jerred thirty one and Brother W. O. Kenaston twenty six votes, Brother Reason Didier five votes, Brother Lower four votes, Brother Edgar Jerred eight votes and Brother Bowles fourteen votes.

[Submitted by the Tripp County Historical Society From "Our Roots Are In Wewela" Compiled by Helen Turnquist]

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