Tripp County, South Dakota
1995 Veterans Memorial

Oakes donates new vets memorial

By Dan Bechtold

A new Tripp County veterans memorial has been erected on the east lawn in front of the Tripp County Courthouse.

The 6-foot monument has a four foot base. The memorial was donated by the William "Bill" Oakes family. It is dedicated to all veterans of wars and conflicts past and present. "They brought honor to our country and promise to our dreams." says the inscription.

The distinctive monument features a red, white and blue banner and has five armed services emblems - Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.

Harvey Buck, Rapid City, a sales representative for West River Monument Co. said for over 20 years the VFW and Legion in Winner have wanted to put up a monument.

Martha Oakes stands by a Tripp County Veterans Memorial which was recently installed on the courthouse lawn. The memorial was donated by the William "Bill" Oakes family.

Buck explained Martha Oakes wanted to do something in memory of her husband. Buck suggested a Tripp County veterans memorial.

"Harvey approached me about putting up a memorial," said Oakes. "I got to thinking about it and thought it would be nice."

Buck said, "When the opportunity came up I told Martha it would be a nice gesture."

Oakes bought the monument June 23 and it was installed on the courthouse lawn Sept. 14.

This summer the Tripp County Commissioners approved the memorial.

Bill Oakes served in World War II. He died March 29, 1979. Martha Oakes has a lot of relatives who have served their country in the military. "I have a lot of family who were in the service," she said. The momument is a living tribute to all from Tripp County who have served their country.

[Winner Advocate - 04 October 1995]

Photos provided by Jack Williams - Submitted by RM, Tripp County Historical Society

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