Tripp County, South Dakota
2013 Updates

03 Dec 2013:
Townships: North Tripp Unorganized Territory (Gassman)
17 Nov 2013:
Schools: School List - 1971 Reunion of the class of 1941 book
15 Nov 2013:
Businesses: Lakepark Store; Sinclair Station
Photos: Historical Photos - Barnum House; Lamro, SD March 1910
14 Nov 2013:
Schools: School List - 1938 Colome Yearbook
Photos: Historical Photos - Outlaw Parade
Businesses: Outlaw Trading Post
Land Records: Women Were a Factor in the Recent Tripp County Land Lottery
11 Nov 2013:
Photos: Family Photos - Daniel & Rebekka Prochnau; Prochnau Kids
Photos: Historical Photos - 1924 Model T; State Fair Or Bust
Churches: United Medodist Church (Winner) - Moving The Methodist Church (Pictures & Info)
Businesses: Prochnau Blacksmith Shop
Obits: Daniel F. Prochnau; Rebekah Frey Prochnau
Cemeteries: Colome City Cemetery - Added stones for Daniel F. Prochnau; Mathilde Prochnau; Otto R. Prochnau; Rebekka Prochnau
05 Nov 2013
News: Lamro State Bank
Photos: Historical Photos - 1909 Qually's Drug Store Delivery
01 Nov 3013:
Land Records - 1907 Land Sale
Photos: School Photos - 1958 Winner High School Homecoming Parade
23 Oct 2013:
News: Hockenbary & Rice
22 Oct 2013:
Photos: Historical Photos - The Coyotes and the Henhouse
18 Oct 2013:
Photos: Historical Photos - Herman K. "Jim" Frank - Maximizing The Trip
14 Oct 2013:
Photos: Historical Photos - 1920 Winner
30 Sep 2013:
Schools: School List - Info for Hamill School & Ideal School
Schools: School Pictures - Ideal School 1963 All School Reunion; Hamill School 1956; Hamill School 1989
27 Sep 2013:
News & Schools: Hamill School Pupils Meet With An Accident
26 Sep 2013:
News: Lee McNeely
25 Sep 2013:
News: Frank Iams; Luke Stands By Him
Land Records: F. W. Rathman; S. G. Sjoblom
Geographical Features: Creeks, Streams & Rivers - Bull Creek - Rosebud Indian Celebration
03 Sep 2013:
Churches: Lakeview Methodist Church - The Rattler and The Sunday School
02 Sep 2013:
People & Families: Lucas Family
Remember When: Hanging on Main Street; Stop Light Installed on Main St.
27 June 2013:
News: Curly Huggins (2 Articles)
Obit: Edward Harkin
07 June 2013:
Schools: Carter School - 1922 Yearbook
25 May 2013:
Obits: Elmer Owen Best; Lena Julia Christensen Sterling
Marriages: Nelson ~ Sterling
20 May 2013:
Schools: Carter School
Schools: School Photos - Roycroft School House (Carter School) near Red Hills - Add info under picture
News: Shipment of Fullers Earth; John Wortman
Land Records: John Wortman
19 May 2013:
Geographical Features: Buttes & Hills - Bradleyon Butte (AKA Bettelyoun Butte) - Added news clipping
17 May 2013:
Historical Info: Post Offices - Post Office List
Historical Info: Government - County Sheriff's; County Judge's; County Treasurer's; South Dakota 6th Circuit Court Judge's; Superintendent of Schools
01 May 2013:
Historical Info: Post Offices - Postlewait Postmaster Appointment
Towns: Added info and pictures to Keyapaha
Historical Info: Government - Attaching Todd County To Tripp County, February 21, 1923
Land Records: Regulations For The Sale Of Certain Lots In Minneota (Mcneely) Townsite
25 Apr 2013:
Historical Info: Historical Articles - Tripp County's 1st Telegraph Line & The Landing Creek Supply Road
Business: Rosebud Grain Company: South Dakota Mill Changes Hands
Towns: added info to Chaneyville
24 Apr 2013:
Geographical Features - Buttes & Hills - added info to Bradleyon Butte
23 Apr 2013:
Towns: Changed info for Courshon and Dorian
Historical Info: Post Offices - The Five Locations of The Winner Post Office
21 Apr 2013:
Geographical Features - Parks - Winner City Park - 1939 Aerial View
20 Apr 2013:
Geographical Features - Buttes & Hills - added info to Pahapesto Butte
Geographical Features - Bridges - Dog Ear Creek Bridge
Historical Info: Government - 1998 Economic Disaster Letter 19 Apr 2013:
Business: Homesteaders Mutual Telephone Company
Library: Tripp County Library History
Townships: Pleasant Valley Township
Towns: added info to Carter
Geographical Features - Creeks, Streams & Rivers - added info to No Mocccasin Creek
17 Apr 2013:
Geographical Features - Buttes & Hills - Rock Hill
Land Records - May Is Wise Woman
16 Apr 2013:
Marriage: Walters ~ Sterling
Obit: Lena Elsie Walters
Geographical Features - Creeks, Streams & Rivers - Bull Creek; Additional info for Ponca Creek
Geographical Features - Buttes & Hills - Additional info for Miller Hill
Historical Info: Settlers - Added photos to "They Broke the Prairie"
12 Apr 2013:
Historical Info: Government - 1944 General Election Polling Places, Other Than Schools; Schools used as polling places - October 12, 1944
11 Apr 2013:
Geographical Features: Parks - Winner City Park (with Photos)
10 Apr 2013:
Geographical Features: Parks - Winner's Tourist Park
09 Apr 2013:
People: Native Americans - Chief Red Hill
Geographical Features: Bridges - Tipparary Bridge; Unnammed Bridge; White River Bridge; added picture of Lewis (Dubel) Bridge
Towns: Komer - Added picture of Komer Store & Post Office
Military: World War II - Fortress Crashes Near Clearfield
08 Apr 2013:
Businesses: Klenit Corporation
Geographical Features: Dams, Lakes & Reservoirs - Added Info for Carter Dam & Westonka Lake
Geographical Features: Buttes & Hills - Red Hill; Rattle Snake Butte; Turtle Butte
Photos: Family Photos - John Red Hill Photos
07 Apr 2013:
Geographical Features: Bridges - Added Info for Bull Creek Bridge; Turtle Butte
06 Apr 2013:
Geographical Features: Buttes & Hills - Added Info for Bradleyon Butte; Dog Ear Buttes; Dorian Buttes; Miller Hill; Pahapesto Butte; Rattlesnake Butte; Red Hills; Turtle Butte
Creeks, Streams & Rivers - White River
05 Apr 2013:
Geographical Features: Buttes & Hills; Dams, Lakes & Reservoirs; Creeks, Streams & Rivers; Parks
Pictures Added: Dog Ear Butte; Turtle Butte (3); Carter Dam; Red Hills Dam
31 Mar 2012:
News: W. F. Burns Appointed County Justice of the Peace; Dog Ear Township Supervisers Named
Townships: Dog Ear Township Organized; Wright Township Organized
11 Mar 2013: News: Picture of Winner 1 month old added to Rapid Growth of Winner & Misc. article; Picture Winner's 1st and 2nd Post Office
Townships: Lone Star Township Links To News
10 Mar 2013:
Land Records: Bonesteel Attorney Discusses the Forthcoming Land Lottery in Tripp County
News: Rapid Growth of Winner & Misc.; Winner Burns Fire Guard
Obits: Stewart Geddes (Added 2 additions)
Townships: Dog Ear Township
Geographical Features: Creeks - Dog's Ear Creek
01 Mar 2013:
Towns & Areas: Chaneyville (Area); Courshon (Area); Smith Town (Smith Town and Store); Wayne (Wayne Post Office)
Added: News Links to Towns And Townships
28 Feb 2012:
Towns & Areas: Lakeview
26 Feb 2013:
Towns: Komer (Komer Post Office); McLain; Pahapesto (Pahapesto Post Office); Shoemaker (Shoemaker Store And Post Office)
23 Feb 2013:
Obits: Bill Britton; Marjorie Britton
Towns: Bliss (Bliss Post Office);Coburn-Eastview (Coburn-Eastview Store And Post Office); Dorian (Dorian Post Office and Store); Houston (Houston Post Office); Kenyon (Kenyon Post Office); Keyapaha (Keyapaha Store And Post Office)
18 Feb 2013:
Maps: Map Timeline Of Tripp Co. 1886-1920; Post Offices Of Tripp County Map
Businesses: Hotel McCluskey Ad
Towns: Cottonwood Springs
02 Feb 2013:
Remember When Clippings - Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts Parade; Mr. & Mrs. Charles Burtz & Family in Model T Ford; Christmas Issues of Colome Times; Curry Family; Mrs. Otto Hanson's new homestead shack; Harvesting Dr. J. J. Donovan's field of Rye; Horse photo taken in 1908 by Ed Manchester; Lamro Hotel on it's way to Winner; Mortenson & Burkhard receive carload of Fords; Railway Rotary Plow arrives in Winner after a blizzard; Steve Seiler Homestead, Clearfield; Pioneer Edith Strever and friend at her home; Wedean children getting ready to depart for school; Westminister Sabbath School; Winner Second Quota of WWI men; Wrecker with 1914 Model T Ford
28 Jan 2013:
Societies: Family Tree Genealogy Club - Winner, SD (Change of meeting location and time)
26 Jan 2013:
Land Records: Geo. Leat
Historical Info: Historical Articles - Dallas Freight Depot Moved to Winner
Pioneers: Homesteaders - Ambrose Toman
17 Jan 2013:
Historical Info: Government - 1913-2012 Tripp County Legislaturers
12 Jan 2013:
Pioneers: Homesteaders - Hugo Zimmerle

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