Tripp County, South Dakota

Name Latitude Longitude GNIS Map Location or Township
Bull Creek Bridge (Historic) ??? ??? Springview NW
Dog Ear Creek Bridge 432706 N (DMS) 995324 W (DMS) ????
Dubel Bridge (AKA: Lewis Bridge or Keya Paha River Bridge) 425954N (DMS) 0993809W (DMS) Springview NW
Tipparary Bridge ??? ??? South Eastern Tripp Co.
Unnammed Bridge ??? ??? North of Wewela, SD.
White River Bridge (Historic) ??? ??? Near Witten, SD.

Source: GNIS - Transcribed by Dennis Danielson

Note: GNIS Map Location is the name of the 1:24,000 scale USGS topographic map on which the feature is located.

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