St. Patrick’s Catholic Church at Danton

The Catholic Church at Danton, SD was called St. Patrick’s, the first Mass was said on January 1921 by Fr. Zephirin Gasslen.

Joseph Holden and John Kartak helped in getting a church started and built at Danton. Mass was said a couple of times a month by missionary priest for years.

The church closed in 1966 and the building was sold to Lloyd Kartak in 1965. It was moved to his farm in 1966. The bell tower was removed before moving, the altar was sent to St. Anne’s Church at Keyapaha and the high back pews went to Paxton.

Some of the early priests serving as missionaries in this area were:
1913-1920…...Fr. John Novak
1915-1916…...Fr. Wm. Meny
Early 1920…..Fr. Zaphirin Gasselin
1920-1925…...Fr. Bernaard Erdley
1930-1949…...Fr. Alfred Abler
1950-1969…...Fr. Robert Ehrenhold

Note: Danton was located in Lake Township, Tripp County, South Dakota. St. Patrick’s Catholic Church was located one and one-half miles west and four miles south of the town of Danton on the southwest corner of Section 23.

Information courtesy of the Tripp County Historical Society Archives
Picture submitted by Kate DeMers

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