Ideal Presbyterian Church

The Ideal Presbyterian Church was organized in 1910. It was organized by W.W. Lenker, S.A. Pinkerton, J.D. Curry, Floyd Morgan, and K. Nedenna. Twenty-six people were present. Rev. D.D. Cullen of Dallas and Rev. S.B. Cook had charge of the organization ceremonies.

Wallace H. Carver of Princeton, New Jersey preached his first sermon May 5, 1910. He stayed in various homes.

Church services were held in the schoolhouse until March 10, 1949. A church called the Westminster Church was moved to the present location, SE-10 acres of Section 15-101-96 on land donated to the church by Ed Habeger. This church was built in Dallas, SD, moved to Winner, to the Charles McEachran farm in 1916 and then to the present Ideal location.

Terry Lenker, son of Burton Lenker, was the first person baptized, June 12, 1949. Dorothy Frescoln and Lowell Vanneman were the first couple to be married in this church, March 19, 1949.

The church is still an active community church. It is served by Rev. Fritz Zimbleman, pastor of the Winner Christian Church.

Picture and information courtesy of the
Tripp County Historical Society Archives

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