Indian Gospel Chapel

By: Elizabeth Montour

Picture courtesy of the
Tripp County Historical Society Archives

In September of 1953, Rev. and Mrs. Raymond Montour moved to Winner, SD and began holding church services in their home.

In 1954, property was purchased on Dakota Street. At that time the Indian community was located in that area of Winner.

A parsonage was built during 1954 that was also used as a chapel for church services. Then, in the spring of 1956, we were given the old Methodist Church building. This building was moved to its present location and our first service was held in it on May 27, 1956. Regular services continue to be held every Sunday and Wednesday eveing.

The Indian Gospel Chapel is sponored by the Society of Indian Missions, Inc. Rev. Raymond Montour passed away in 1984. Mrs. Raymond Montour has faithfully stayed involved with the church all these years and still continues to attend. Two of her daughters, Elizabeth and Beccy (Wakeman), faithfully attend and are Sunday School teachers.

Pastors of the church have been Rev. Blanchard Jimerson, Miss Virginia Ladd, Rev. Kenneth Hooper, Ron Fowler, Dale Sherman, Kim Dewhurst, Duane McNutt, Jeff Siscoe and Keith Fowler. Currently the pastor is again, Rev. Dale Sherman.

In order to be of as much help to the most people possible, the chapel is run as a community church in which there is no membership and to which all the Native people in Winner are welcome to attend.

Our prayer continues to be that the Indian Gospel Chapel be a greater blessing in the future than it has been in the past.

Information courtesy of the
Tripp County Historical Society Archives

The former Winner Methodist Church was donated to the Society of Indian Missions in 1956. The building had to be moved as the Methodists were building a new church. The photos show it being lifted and out on the street ready for it's journey. The church building was relocated to Dakota Street in Winner and became known as The Indian Gospel Chapel.

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