Tripp County, South Dakota
"Lone Ranger" Visits Winner

On the invitation of P. O. Beaulieu, in behalf of the Great Plains Saddle and Bridle Club, and the Issac Walton League, Bruce Beemer who impersonates "Lone Ranger" on the radio, and his companion Earl Parrish, both of Detroit, Mich., were met Sunday at Presho, by Messrs. P. Beaulieu, T. C. Rutherford and Dave Lapp, and have since been guests in Winner to enjoy pheasant hunting.

Many hunting parties have gone out to entertain the visitors, culminating in a banquet of venison and pheasant, served cafeteria style at the Peacock, Wednesday night, where both guests gave talks.

Today at the Legion hall, a program was given in his honor, with band members under Director Emile Michaux and speech members under Betty Miller. Performers included Lila Jean Farnsworth, Patsy Danaher, Betty Pelky, Iris Achenbach and Ruth Mary Urton.

As special guest speaker the "Lone Ranger" gave a talk to the children, in which he said the children were his best critics, and that the purpose of his program was to make stalwart, wholesome citizens of our young Americans. He gave some interesting facts on the subject "Crime does not pay" gleaned from a recent visit he made to F.B.I. headquarters in Washington, D. C., and also gave a brief description of his horse, "Silver."

All pupils of the Winner Public School and St. Mary's school were present, and with some of our townspeople, this made a full house, with the S.R.O. only sign fully apparent at the rear of the hall.

[Tripp Co. Journal, Published November 30, 1944, submitted by the Tripp Co., Historical Society]

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