Millboro Church of Christ

Millboro, South Dakota

In 1911 a small group of homesteaders south of Millboro started Sunday school in a vacant house of Frank Heerton. As interest continued a minister by the name of Rev. H.G. Bennet and Rev. Jenny were sent here by the Congregational Home Mission Society. The Reverends organized this group into the Lost Creek Congregational Church. The six charter members were Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kelly, Mrs. Eva Haggard, Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Kelly and Miss Nora McCloughan.

Rev. H.G. Bennet remained and also served a small group in Willow Creek three miles north of Millboro and a group at Wewela. Rev. Bennet left the spring of 1912 and Rev. Salter came to take his place.

In 1913, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Rose moved into Millboro and created interest for a church service every Sunday in Millboro, and they invited the Lost Creek and the Willow Creek groups to meet in Millboro. After this meeting the Lost Creek Church voted to dissolve and to meet in Millboro. On July 26, 1914 these groups were organized by Rev. E.C. Salters, and the name "The First Congregational Church of Millboro" was chosen and soon after received the Articles of Incorporation.

Charter members of the Lost Creek group joined the Millboro Church and the new members were Messieurs and Mesdames Edgar Tabor, Charlie Rose, John Kleinjan, O.C. Hendrickson, Verna Dale, Mabel Billings, Mrs. Blanche Harris, William Haggard and sons Percy and Arthur.

Other ministers served in the years up until 1923. At the time Rev. Salter conducted revival meetings and on March 18, 1923 new members were added to the church group. They were Messers and Mesdames Harry Carlson, Walter Hellmann, Floyd Baxter, Mrs. John Peterson, Mrs. Fred Kollmar, Mrs. Allen Jerred, Mrs. Fred Jerred and Ernest Haggard.

On March 18, 1923, a building program was launched and John Peterson was hired as carpenter. The church was dedicated June 1 of 1924 by State Superintendent Rev. D.J. Perrin assisted by G.A. Wooden who was the local pastor.

In the early homestead days the Millboro Congregational Church had a Ladies Aid group with about 35 members. They did community work and so on. This was a remembrance from Mrs. Hazel (Ernest J.) Heath.

At times the Millboro Church was served along with the Wewela Church by the Gregory Ministers. Other times a minister at large for the state would conduct services, Ministers were William Jurgensen, George Williamson, Wallace Russell and Hans Wold.

Since 1924, the church has had a varied story to tell.

From 1928 to 1929 the church was rented out for the showing of motion pictures. Besides serving the spiritual needs of the members the church building has also served as a community hall, with various meetings, programs and 4-H groups gathering to meet in the basement.

From 1928-1942 High School classes were held in Millboro at the Millboro Church with the highest enrollment being 60 students and four teachers. Classes were held in the Church Building. To the west of the church a dormitory for the girls was located and one for the boys was established on the highway.

In 1930, John Ruf came to serve the Millboro Church and the attendance and membership was increased to an average attendance of 80. The dry years followed and forced many families to move out of the country and the church lost half of its members a loyal bunch of members held Sunday school classes and vacation bible school.

When the dormitory was dissolved the church had a parsonage which was the John Peterson house for while. The church bought this building to use as a parsonage. Later this house was bought by Len Hofeldt for the Lee Hofeldt family to live in which they lived there for 3 years. After that the house was moved to Stan Hanson's place.

Other ministers who served were Rudolf Hertz, George Turner, Norman Rice, and Rev. Ray Haun, a pastor at large, Lester Smith, Clayton Behrens and John Schlarb.

In 1949 the Churches twenty fifth anniversary was celebrated with Rev. James Selmser a student at Yankton College who was serving the church at the time.

Rev. Arnold Brown served from 1952-1959, living in the Wood SD area. Under his leadership twelve members joined and a project to change the interior of the church was launched. In 1954 "The Lord's Acre Project" was launched. This was a gift from Len and Freda Hofeldt of one acre of land and the profits from it for one year's crop went to the church. The sum of $1.100.00 was realized from "The Lords Acre Project" and it sparked the remodeling of the church. This task was completed in 1957. On March 24th Rev. Ralf Hoffman State Superintendent dedicated the newly redecorated church.

In 1954, the church purchased a projector, with the help of other organizations and the community enjoyed much needed entertainment. In 1958 the men's club was active and the church was host to the Rosebud Association in September of that year.

In 1960, teachers directed by the state office helped teach vacation Bible School.

On April 30, 1961 the Millboro Congregational Church Merged together under the head of the United Church of Christ and in August a vote changes the name of the church to the Millboro United Church of Christ Congregational. Rev. Jim Huber took 12 new members into the fold and started the Jr. Choir, and started the newsletter which was sent to each family.

The Church was served by students from Yankton 2 times a month until June of 1963, at times we joined the Tripp County Parish, Rev. Kenneth Moreland from Colome and Rev. James Patten of Winner was the ministers.

In the 40's there was a group in the church that was called the Dorcas Society, formerly Ladies Aid, these ladies purchased 2 walnut collection plates in memory of Nellie Peterson and are still used today. There was a younger group that started up called the Rebecca Young Adults group was organized in 1953 they did plays and put on Grand Ole Opera shows until 1967. They purchased microphones and a rug runner which leads to the churches altar.

The parsonage was sold on July 25, 1969, the church got 2 coats of paint on the outside plus the basement floor was painted and new dishes were purchased for the basement also.

In 1974 water for the kitchen was put in and the 50th anniversary of the church building was observed on June 23, 1974.

From 1963 to 1975 we were part of the Tripp County Parish but in 1975 the Tripp County Parish was dissolved and we then associated with the Colome and Wewela churches as The United Parish a part of the South Dakota Conference.

In 1980 money time and labor was donated by the members for repairs and work around the outside of the building, from pancake breakfasts, soup suppers and fall festivals.

In 1981 the church was served by Rev. James Torbert of Colome he helped 11 new members join the church. His wife's name is Lilly.

For many, many years the Millboro School, grades K through 8th grade held their Christmas practices and programs in the basement of the Millboro Church. With Wednesday afternoon bible study for the children given by Missionary Ken Towes from Kadoka, SD he has held bible studies for the area children for many years.

Since 1985 to today's day of February 10, 2008 the Millboro United Church of Christ also known as UCC has been served by many lay speakers and ministers from various local churches. Sunday services are at 11 a.m. with regular communion services and baptisms and Easter prayer breakfast services.

October 1, 1989 the Church celebrated the seventy fifth "Diamond"anniversaries with a program and lunch at the church.

Millboro Church of Christ
under construction 1924

List of Recent Lay Speakers

Emmit Kotaba, Gregory SD Rocky Blare, Hamill SD
Bob Wik, Gregory, SD Mark Fiebelkorn, Gregory, SD
Bob Tate, Winner, SD Gordon Horgan, Winner, SD
Lila O'Kief, Valentine NE Roger Dunn, Valentine, NE
RJ Luthey, Valentine, NE Maurice Gustafson, Winner, SD
Russ Grim, Gregory, SD Dave Nicholas,
Dale Paulson Gene Loy
Rev. James Vos Tim Dean
Dean Seegers Ron Kramer
Don Anders Jackie Dittman
Lisa Sissenstein.

List of Ministers

Rev. Jenny Rev. Bennet
Rev. Salter Rev. Hill
Rev. Keepers Rev. Wooden
Rev. Jurgerson Rev. Russell
Rev. Wold Rev. Ruf
Rev. Hertz Rev. Turner
Rev. Rice Rev. Haun
Rev. Smith Rev. Behrens
Rev. Schlarb Rev. Selmser
Rev. Oliver Guerard Rev. Brown
Rev. Neu Rev. Huber
Rev. Kackmeister (student) Rev. Moreland
Rev. Patten Rev. Hakeem
Rev. Nephew Rev. Eberthart
Rev. Stucke Rev. Gunderson
Rev. Feind Rev. Heminger
Rev. Gran Rev. Higgins
Rev. Kim Rev. Reynolds
Rev. Torbert Rev. Barton
Rev. Dixon

In 1989 we voted to have steel siding and steel roofing put on the church. Some new window frames were installed and the walls were painted and the floors were refinished upstairs and the basement. A new carpet runner was installed and is a memorial to Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Carlson from daughter Marge Rahn and also to Ed Lewis from Mary Ann & Harlan Lewis.

In 1996 an indoor bathroom and addition to the church was added with the help of donations from all members.

In 2005 moneys donated by the Jim and Brenda Hofeldt Family and parishioners was used to remodel the kitchen with new counter tops, cabinets, tile flooring, cook stove, paint and art work.

In the year of 2007 the church added pew cushions to all the church pews with the donations of all the members.

Several Weddings, Funerals and baptisms have been held in the church over the last 84 years.

There are 19 members of the Millboro United Church of Christ as of February 12, 2008. In the year of 2014 the United Church of Christ will celebrate its 100th Golden Anniversary.

Information compiled by:
Ruby Carlson, Church Recorder, 2008
Beverly Burnham, Church Treasure, 2008
Brenda Hofeldt, Church Member, 2008

Submitted by: Brenda Hofeldt

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