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1948 Hotels in Winner, Tripp Co.

RR., C. & NW
Pop. 2426.

Cameron Hotel, 20 rooms. @ $1.50 up.
Philips Hotel, 40 rooms. @ $1.50 up.
Winner Hotel, 42 rooms. @ $1.50- $2.50.

[Hotel & Motel Red Book, 1948]

Burkhard Motors

Burkhard Motors 1931
Winner Newspaper Clipping - Submitted by: Nancy Sneed

The business started out as Mortensen and Burkhard but Clem Mortensen was one of Winner's 1st WWI casualties. The local American Legion Post Home was named for him. Mr Burkhard continued operating the Ford dealership as Burkhard Motors.
[Submitted by: RM - Tripp Co. Historical Society]

Farmers Elevator Company

Winner, S. D. - The Farmers Elevator Company of Tripp County, met recently and re-elected W. R. Leslie as director and Nels Anderson of Ideal to succeed H. W. McConnell. It was decided to increase the capital stock from $20,000 to $75,000 and increase the number of shares a stockholder can buy from 10 to 20.

[American Co-operative Manager, Vol. 5, Issue 1, 1920, submitted by CD]

Homesteaders Mutual Telephone Company

Millboro, Tripp County, SD
Capital $700
Incorporators: T.P. War, Henry F. Carlson, M.W. Jerre

[Electrical Review, Vol. 71 By George Worthington July 28.1917, submitted by RM, Tripp County Historical Society]

McNeely Store and Post Office

The place to meet in McNeely was the store and post office building. Shown here is Katie Nagel wearing the hat, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Southman, owners of store, on the horse to the left is Leo Nagel, George Nagel is on the horse on the right, and Kasper Nagel is standing. Mr. Southman was the postmaster at that time, and had the post office in the store during his tenure.

McNeely, originally called Scriven and then Minneota, was the largest Government Townsite in Tripp Co., being plotted out on a full 1/2 section. By 1916 when this photo was taken McNeely was a dwindling town. In June of 1919 the town was wiped from the map when George Nagel bought the townsite lots from the federal government at auction.

[We thank Helen Turnquist for sharing this photo, Katie Nagel was her Grandmother; submitted by RM, Tripp Co. Historical Society]

Miller Pharmacy

Interior The Miller Pharmacy

The Miller Pharmacy of Winner moved the first part of December into the Scriven building. They have installed a set of new and up-to-date fixtures.

[The Northwestern Druggist, Published Jan 1915, submitted by Tripp Co. Historical Society]

Milo Briggs, General Car Work

1927 across alley east of P & B store (*Block 14, Lot 1, Winner SD)

[Submitted by: RM - Tripp Co. Historical Society]

Missouri Valley Telephone Company

COLOME, S. D. - A franchise has been granted to the Missouri Valley Telephone Company for the installation of a telephone system in the town of Colome. The toll line is to extend from lona, Lyman county, to Roseland and Kenyon in Tripp county.

[Telephony, Volume 59, By Harry B. McMeal, 1910]
Submitted by the Tripp County Historical Society

Mortensen & Burkhard Garage

Also See Burkhard Motors

Mortensen and Burkhard Ford Garage 1917
[Picture submitted by: Nancy Sneed]

Winner Newspaper Clipping - Submitted by: Nancy Sneed

We paid a visit to the new Mortensen & Burkhard Ford garage last Saturday, was shown through the establishment by Mr. Burkhard, one of the proprietors. He first took us to the stock room, where all of the parts are kept. There is a certain box or place for every part from the smallest screw to the frame of a car. Then came the repair department, which is surely laid out in a systematic manner. There is an assembling stand for every different section of a Ford; a place to test a radiator with steam and, in fact, equipped as Mr. Burkhard stated "the very best we knew how." The rest room which is to be added for the convenience of the ladies, is not yet completed, but we are sure it will be right up to date, to conform with the rest of the building. Besides the front office, which is for the public, they have a nicely arranged private office.

An expert is in charge of every department. Clarke Weaver has charge of the stock room;

Ford Garage Employees 1917 (Note:My Grandmother Lillian Briggs is the lady in the picture, back row. I think Leland Briggs is next to her on the right. Lillian was the garage secretary when she was not teaching school in Santee or Melbeta, NE.)
[Picture submitted by: Nancy Sneed]

Lee S. Briggs, the repair department; Eder McCormick, the sales department and Howard Warner, the garage department. At present there are sixteen on the pay roll.

While either Mr. Burkhard or Mortensen are pleased to show you the different departments, no one is allowed in the work rooms unless accompanied by a guide.

The garage building is built of pressed brick and tile and would be a credit to a city of 10,000 population. The Winner people are sure proud of this added asset to our city.

[Tripp County Journal, Published January 10, 1917; submitted by RM, Tripp County Historical Society]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Winner Firm Has Nine Men In Service

In speaking of patriotism and of showing the right spirit, Mortensen & Burkhard, proprietors of the Ford Garage at Winner, have surely shown where they stand when it comes to serving their country. At present the firm has nine stars in their service flag, which includes C. S. Mortensen, one of the proprietors who is now attending Dunwoody institute at Minneapolis.

Mortensen & Burkhard started in business in Winner in 1914 and dent? of hard work and services they have built up one of the nicest businesses in their line in the entire state. Last year they erected a thoroughly modern fireproof garage building which is right up-to-the-minute in every detail and which the city of Winner is justly proud.

During the absence of Mr. Mortensen the business is in charge of Mr. Carrol Burkhard, and while it keeps him on the jump all the time to handle the business, he does it gladly and cheerfully that he may in this way serve his firm to the best advantage. He also finds time to act as councilman for the city.

The firm employes seventeen persons and boast of the fact that it is 100 per cent Red Cross. The hobby of this industrious firm is "system and service" and they surely live up to their convictions.

[Tripp County Journal, Winner, South Dakota, June 20, 1918, submitted by RM, Tripp Co. Historical Society]

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Nelson Bros Drug Store

The Nelson Bros, drug store at Colome has opened for business.

[The Northwestern Druggist, Published Jan 1915, submitted by Tripp Co. Historical Society]

Rosebud Grain Company


Fire destroyed the Rosebud Grain Company's elevator and contents at Winner, S. D., recently, causing a loss estimated at $50,000, which is fully covered by insurance. A spark from a passing locomotive is believed to have caused the fire.

The blaze was discovered about four o'clock in the morning by Art. Jones, night watchman, who was sleeping in the elevator. Mr. Jones was awakened by the smell of smoke and went to investigate. He found the roof ablaze and the flames had gained such headway that it was impossible for him to do anything or get near the fire. He immediately notified the fire department, which was quickly on the scene. The fire fighters were handicapped, however, by the fact that the blaze was on the high roof and on account of the nearest connection with the city water supply being two blocks away. The flames had also gained considerable headway when they arrived, making it impossible to save the burning structure.

It is believed that the elevator contained about 45,000 bushels of grain, all of which will be a complete loss.

A considerable amount of coal and lumber piled near the elevator was also destroyed.

The Rosebud Grain Company, owners of the elevator, is headed by Ralph Kositzsky and the company also owns an elevator at Colome.

The elevator was located in an isolated position near the railroad tracks. Consequently, no other buildings were threatened by the flames.

[American feed and grain, Volume 6, by Tri-State Country Grain Shippers Association, page 32, 1922; sub. by RM, Tripp Co. Historical Society]

South Dakota Mill Changes Hands

Colome, S. D.

J. C. Dahms has sold his interest in. the flour mill at Colome, S. D., to G. A. Steakling. It is Mr. Dahms' intention to retire from active business and he and his family will move to Mankato, Minn.

[American feed and grain, Volume 6, by Tri-State Country Grain Shippers Association, page 32, 1922; sub. by RM, Tripp Co. Historical Society]

Tractor and Gas Engine Review
December 1918 Issue

Enclosed please find one dollar for which renew my subscription to Tractor and Gass Engine Review for three years. I have been a reader of the paper for three or four years. I have run an engine on the road for five seasons, three seasons with an old engine and the last two with a new Avery. It is a good engine for road work.

This year we used an elevating grader for the first six rounds and then a twelve-foot Western to clean the ditches and level the grade. We made as high as twenty-eight miles per day.

I am sending you a picture of the rig as we were ready to start out last spring. William Morgenfield is on the grader and I am on the ground by the engine.

C. E. Baker
Colome, S. Dakota

[Tractor & Gas Engine Review, December 1918, submitted by the Tripp County Historical Society]

Winner Garage

Frank W. Elwell

Winner, S. D. - Frank W. Elwell has become owner of the Winner Garage. He will conduct business without a partner.

[The Horseless Age, Volume 35, Number 6, February 10, 1915, submitted by Cathy Danielson]

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