1922 Carter Yearbook
Raycroft School House (Carter School) near Red Hills


Name Latitude Longitude Location or Township
Colome Elementary School 431544N (DMS) 0994308W (DMS) Colome
Colome High School 431543N (DMS) 0994309W (DMS) Colome
Colome Junior High School 431543N (DMS) 0994309W (DMS) Colome

1915 Colome School Graduation Booklet
1938 Colome Yearbook
1971 Reunion of the class of 1941 book
Colome School, SD School District


1920-21 "Frater School Souvenir" Pamplet from District #45


In Roseland, the first school was held in the Print Shop, the first high school, for 9th & 10th grades only, was held in the old Lutheran Hall.

Planning for the new building began in 1922 and was completed by Bowerman Bros. of Hamill, with the school opening in September of 1924.

In 1989, the Hamil School was replaced with a new two room, two level building which was built just south of the old school building.

[Tripp County Centennial, Tripp County, South Dakota]

Hamill School 1956
Hamill School 1989
Hamill School Pupils Meet With An Accident


Ideal School's first school was built in the winter of 1909 and started in the spring of 1910. And it was located in the southeast corner of section 16-101-76. The district was consolidated in 1918 and a new school was built in 1920.

[Tripp County Centennial, Tripp County, South Dakota]

1925 Ideal School Graduation
Ideal School 1963 All School Reunion
Ideal Basketball Team
Ideal School Honor Roll Nov & Dec 1923
Ideal Horse-drawn School Bus


Keyapaha School District 49 - 1918

Family Surname No. of Children Family Address
Balm 1 Colome
Brickman 6 Colome
Chapin 2 Colome
Claussner 5 Colome
Downs 2 Colome
Eisenbram 4 Colome
Eisenbram 1 Wewela
Harvey 4 Colome
Irving 1 Wewela
Miller 7 Colome
Patterson 3 Colome
Sandau 5 Colome

[Submitted by RM, Tripp Co. Historical Society]


1919 "School Souvenir" Booklet from McNeely District 53

Sand Creek

Sand Creek District No. 31.

Teachers in the sod school were:
Laura Moffett 1910-11;
Mary Hodges 1911-14;
Miss Elizabeth Braden 1914-15;
Ruth Maynard 1915 until December (Miss Braden finished out the school year);
Margaret McNair 1916-1917;
Irma Nelson 1917-18; and
Elizabeth Braden 1918, and of course,
Lill Gooby taught the 1918-19 year.

[Submitted by Yvonne Hollenbeck, Family Tree Genealogy Club]

See: The Sod School


Name Latitude Longitude Location or Township
Winner Elementary School 432230N (DMS) 0995207W (DMS) Winner SD
Winner High School 432216N (DMS) 0995110W (DMS) Winner SD
Winner Middle School 432230N (DMS) 0995132W (DMS) Winner SD

1958 Winner High School Homecoming Parade
Winner Schools 1909-1965
Winner Schools 1966-1982
Winner Schools 1983-2007
Winner, SD School District


Witten Basketball Team
Witten School Moved

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