St. Isidore's Catholic Church

The Parish of St. Isidore's was one of the many missions of Tripp County served by Fr. John Novak. Before the church was built, Mass was said in different homes. In 1910, St. Isidore's Church was built with Pat Sullivan as the principal builder. The church site was donated to the Catholics by the generosity of the town site company.

The first year it was not plastered. Later it was plastered and finished with a hard wood floor, stations, a remodeled altar and communion rail. In the late 1950's the church was enlarged and a basement was added. The credit went to the parishioners and citizens in general, but in particular to the ladies of the parish who worked hard during the years by giving entertainments and socials, thus helping to improve and better the conditions of the church.

At first a two room house was moved in from McNeeley and set up near the church for a rectory. Now the parish house is a two-story building surrounded by flowers and trees. The credit for this should be given to Fr. D.C. Padula, the pastor for twenty-six years.

From 1972, the parish was served by Fr. O'Dowd for one year, Charles Bresson for six years, Fr. Burger for eight years and Fr. Igoe for four years.

After the death of Fr. Igoe, St. Isidore's became a sister parish with Immaculate Conception. Fr. Arnold Kari served both parishes until 1990. Fr. Kerry Prendiville was then assigned as pastor of both with residence in Winner. Deacon Mike and Wilma Curtin moved to Colome. Deacon Mike served as pastoral assistant until his retirement in 1999. Fr. Brian Lane served for six years followed by Fr. Leo Hausmann and Associate Fr. Janusz Korban. The parish is currently served by Msgr. Michael Woster and has approximately 100 families.

Picture and information courtesy of the
Tripp County Historical Society Archives

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