Tripp County, South Dakota
Towns & Areas

Most of the towns in Tripp County were dreams, abandoned, not even a ghost town. But, the name stuck, becoming a name for mail delivery and a community. A school, church, postoffice/store and cemetery were often established. Through the years, they too were abandoned, but the community remained and identifies a particular area. Several of these communities are Coburn, Colina, Clearfield, Danton, Dorian, Ideal, Jordan, Keyapaha, Komer, Lakeview (Area), Linden, McNeely, Millboro, Pahapesto, Paxton, Shoemaker and Wewela. The government thought to assist the settlers in their new home by organizing federal townsites. There were four in Tripp County: Hamill, McNeely, Wewela, and Witten.

Augusta (Bordo) [historical] Bliss [historical] Carter
Chaneyville (No P.O.) [historical] Clearfield Coburn-Eastview [historical]
Colina [historical] Colome (Winona) Cottonwood Springs (No P.O.) [historical]
Courshon (No P.O.) [historical] Danton [historical] Dorian [historical]
Gooby [historical] Hamill (Gould, Roseland, Wamblee) Houston [historical]
Ideal Jordan [historical] Kenyon [historical]
Keyapaha [historical] Komer [historical] Lakeview (No P.O.) [historical]
Lamro [historical] Linden [historical] Magnet [historical]
McLain [historical] McNeely (Scriven, Minneota) [historical] Millboro
Pahapesto [historical] Red Hill (No P.O.) [historical] Shoemaker [historical]
Smith Town (No P.O.) [historical] Wayne [historical] Wewela (Augusta, Bordo)
Winner Old Witten [historical] New Witten

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