Tripp County, South Dakota
World War II

Fortress Crashes Near Clearfield

An army airplane, a fortress, crashed last Thursday afternoon near Clearfield, S. Dak., and burned starting a fire which called out the Winner Fire Department. All the crew members had bailed out, the pilot the last to land, having taken a car and arrived at the scene of the disaster. He reported that all had bailed out and were scattered over the countryside.

A large crowd from Winner was at the scene, and R. D. Albaugh took the pilot to Valentine, Nebr.

The fortress was from Kearney, Nebr., and the crew members, including one with a broken leg, who was first treated at the Hospital at Rosebud, S. Dak., assembled at Valentine.

Three large Army transport trucks came Sunday afternoon from Kearney, Nebr., to salvage what was left of the bomber, which was taken out of Winner this morning.

[Tripp County Journal, published Thursday, October 05, 1944, submitted by RM, Tripp County Historical Society; trans. by CD]

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