Tripp County, South Dakota
World War I Military

Letter From Art Biggins
Camp Funston, Kans., January 7th, 1918.

Dear Editor and Friend:

Received both Winner papers this a.m., The Tripp County Journal and the Winner Advocate, so it was like being back in the Rosebud metropolis once more.

The 1st Sergeant is around calling out the guard detail for the next twenty-four hours, and I do not happen to be on it, so have to take some new men over to the Infirmary (hospital) for their "shot in the side," and vaccination or inoculation. New men of the draft are arriving in Funston each day and we have received about forty in the last ten days, and are being taught the "School of the Soldier" and the school of a squad, each day by the Sergeants and Corporals. The officers of 164th Depot Brigade are being changed around and by it we lose our commanding officer of the 19th company, and believe me the men are sure sore about losing him as we claimed him the best officer in camp.

We had a slight touch of snow and cold weather yesterday but today is real nice out.

The American Red Cross have certainly created a warm spot in the Soldier's hearts by the many Xmas presents passed out on Xmas day, and I sincerely hope if the day comes when an account must by shown, the soldier will prove himself worthy of all that the Red Cross and the Y.M.C.A. is striving to do for him. Just watch Sammie rare!

With best wishes to yourself and the friends, I may have in Winner.

As ever,
Art Biggins,
19th Co., 164 D. B.
Camp Funsten, Ia. (sic) s/b Ks.

[Tripp County Journal, Published January 10, 1917, submitted by RM, Tripp County Historical Society]

Letter From Harold Jones

The following letter is from Harold Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Jones of this place.

Somewhere in Am. E. F. October 2, 1918

My Dear Mother and Father:

I am now an officer and 22 years old yesterday. I was commissioned on my birthday. It seems funny to go down the street and have all of the enlisted men salute you.

I didn't know that an officers' outfit costs so much, Sam Brown belt n uniform, leather leggings, shoes, cap and an overcoat. It comes to about 900 franks, nearly $200.00. The pays is about $150.00 per month.

The Sergeant that was on the picture with me got married a week ago last Monday. He married a French girl in the town where we were stationed. Did you look on the back of the picture I sent you? We were there for seven months. I was instructor in a school there. I was glad to get away from there. Must close for this time.

With much love,

[Tripp County Journal, October 24, 1918, submitted by RM, Tripp County Historical Society]

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