Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

Zion has enjoyed being part of the Colome community for almost the city's entire existence. The first official Lutheran service was held July 4, 1909 by Pastor Witt from Norfolk, NE. He led four families in worship in a vacant building. How far God has brought us since then!

The first resident pastor came in 1911. Pastor Martin Wagner was installed as a missionary and officially organized the Zion congregation on November 12, 1911. The six charter members were G. Blakkolb, G. Brinkmann, H. Lutt, C. Rock, F. Rock, and Geo. Weiler.

The first church building was completed the winter of 1912. English and German services were held until 1923. Membership increased following the discontinuation of worship in German. Thus a new and larger facility was needed. The building was completed at a cost of $8,500 and was dedicated on November 9, 1924. This is the building across from the school that served as our church home until 2002.

In 1927 a one room school house was purchased and moved to the church site in Colome. 23 students attended the school its first year. Through the years the school had difficulties finding teachers from time to time but operated until 1951, when it closed because of a lack of students.

1968 marked the beginning of building a new parsonage. The new parsonage that resides today at 306 W. 1st Street was dedicated on June 8, 1969.

During the late 80's plans either to remodel the existing church or to build new began under Pastor Mark Krause. Pastor Delmer Harders was instrumental in continuing that vision of a new worship facility that would provide for our needs into the future. On August 19,1992 the congregation set a goal for funds to be collected prior to building. Thanks to the generous nature of many of the members, past and present, God brought that hope and prayer into reality for His people here.

Land was purchased north of Highway 8 on February 15, 2002 after extensive title work that needed to be done. A special Groundbreaking Service was led by Pastor White on May 19, 2002. Construction began almost immediately and was completed for dedication on November 3, 2002. This is our church home today.

In all, 15 local pastors, as well as ten teachers, have been privileged to serve Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Colome. We are proud to be part of Colome's history and look forward to be a part of this now century old community for years to come.

Rev. JW Witt, Norfolk, NE 1909
Rev. F. Motzkus, missionary 1909 - 1910
Rev. Martin Wagner 1911 - 1916
Rev. Fritz Brenner 1916 - 1919
Rev. WJ Schaefer 1920 - 1928, 1929
Rev. Lee Sabrowsky 1931 - 1939
Rev. Fritz Miller 1939 - 1940
Rev. Lester Groth 1940 - 1948
Rev. Marvin Volkmann 1949 - 1954
Rev. Eugene Kitzerow 1955 - 1960
Rev. Marvin Doelger 1962 - 1969
Rev. Lee Strackbein 1970 - 1974
Rev. Charles Iles 1975 - 1980
Rev. Timothy Johnson 1980 - 1984
Rev. Mark Krause 1984 - 1990
Rev. Delmer Harders 1991 - 2001
Rev. Paul White 2001 - present

Miss Eunice Thompson 1927-1928
Miss Kremin 1929
Miss Viola Louis 1930-1934
Mr. Raymond Brei 1934-1937
Mr. Wm. Neujahr 1938-1942
Mr. Harley Mathweg 1943-1946
Mr. Ivan Raddatz 1946
Miss Elsa Klein 1947-1948
Miss Viola Shardin 1948-1949
Miss Leola Drath 1950-1951

Picture and information courtesy of the
Tripp County Historical Society Archives

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