South Dakota Forts

Arikara Post
Fort Bartlett
Fort Bennett
Bijou's Post
Black Hills Posts
Fort Bouis
Camp Bradley
Fort Brasseaux
Fort Brookings
James Brown's Post
Joseph Brown's Post
Fort Brule
Brulé Post
Fort Buckingham
Buffalo Lake Post
Camp Burt
Campbell's Post
Cedar Fort
Fort aux Cèdras
Chanopa Post
Cherry Creek Post
Camp Cheyenne
Post at Cheyenne River Agency
Fort Choteau
Fort Pierre Choteau
Camp Collier
Fort Collins
Camp Cook
Camp Crook
Post at Crow Creek Agency
Custer Stockade
Fort Dakota
Fort Defiance
Camp Dewey
Dickson's Post
Disaul Post
Dixon's Post
Fort Dole
Camp Edwards
Elm River Post
Flandreau Post
Forks of Cheyenne Post
French House
French Post
Frost-Todd Post
Fort Galpin
Fort George
Gordon Stockade
Post at Grand River Agency
Fort Hale
Handy's Point Post
Camp Harney
Hollywood Post
Fort Hutchinson
Immell's Post
Fort James
James River Post
Camp Jenney
Camp Jennison
Fort Kiowa
La Barge's Post
Fort LaFramboise
Lac Traverse Post
Lake Traverse Post
LeBlanc's Post
Little Cheyenne Post
Loisel's Post
Fort Lookout
Post at Lower Brulé Agency
Camp McClaren
McClellan's Post
McLeod's Post
Fort Manuel
Camp Marshall
Fort Meade
Military Station
Mooers' Post
Moreau River Post
Moreau-Robar Post
Camp at Mouth of Red Canyon
Cantonment Oakwood
Oakwood Post
Oglala Post
Oncpapa Post
Papin House
Fort Pierre
Ponca House
Prehistoric Indian Village
Camp near Lake Preston
Fort Primeau
Camp Rains
Fort Randall
Camp Rapid
Rapid City Blockhouse
Rapid City Stockade
Rapid Creek Post
Fort Recovery
Camp Reynolds
Fort des Roche
Fort la Roche
Rondell's Post
Post at Rosebud Agency
Camp Ruhlen
Sarpy's Post
Sieche Hollow Post
Fort Sisseton
Spanish Post
Spearfish Stockade
Spencer Post
Camp Stanton
Camp Sturgis
Camp Success
Fort Sully
Tabeau's Post
Fort Tecumseh
Camp Terry
Fort Teton
Teton Post
Fort Thompson
Camp Transfer
Truteau's House
Two Woods Lake Post
Fort Union
Valle's Post
Fort Vermillion
Vermillion Post
Fort Wadsworth
Camp Warren
Post at Whetstone Agency
White River Post
Camp Whittelsey
Fort Yankton


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