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Harlan County Battalion
Company D ROSTER©

Josiah B Spurlock
John J Lewis
Eli Huff
Sanders Spurlock
Noble Burkheart
Carter Howard
Henry L Howard
- Captain
- 1st Lieutenant
- 2d Lieutenant
- 3d Lieutenant
- Sergeant
- Sergeant
- Sergeant
Adrian B Howard
Sanders Ledford
Freelinghuysen Napier
Henry F Barber
Caleb Huff
Abner Lewis
Randolph Browning
- Sergeant
- Sergeant
- Corporal
- Corporal
- Corporal
- Corporal
- Corporal
George Blanton
Wilson Browning
John Blanton
James Blanton
George Chappell
Wm M D Coots
John Clements
John W Forester
Hiram Fanner
Green Farler
Ira Farler
James Griffy Sr
James Griffy Jr
Samuel M Howard
Israel Howard
William M Howard
William Q Howard
Abner Huff
Wm C L Huff
Benjamin F Hall
William Lewis
David Middleton
Israel Minyard
William Minyard
John Minyard
Benjamin F Nolen
Silas Nance
William Nolen
James H Napier
Green Napier
George Pullam
Nicholas Shell
William Sergeant
Samuel Scott
John Sergeant
Speed S Spurlock
Arch C Thompson
Henry C Turner
William Turner
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The original of this article including the Daily Reports, the Voucher List and the
complete Rosters was originally published in Volume I of Harlan Footprints.

Also at this site:
the Daily Reports of the Harlan County Battalion, an
alphabetical listing of the extant vouchers
a copy of the voucher to Thomas Creech
from the Harlan County Battalion file at the Military Museum
and the Leonard Farmer letter & militia list

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