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13th Kentucky Infantry (Union)
Company B

Hobson's Regiment, The Union 13th Kentucky Infantry, Company B Roster

transcribed by Debbie Hund Hogan
Thos. T Alexander
Harrison Q. Hughes
Oliver B. Patterson

1st Lieutenants:
Nathan G. Butler
William J. Atkins

2nd Lieutenants:
James R. Hindman

John R. Johnson
Isaac N. Williams
William C. Wolford
William Butler
John D. Calhoun
Joshua Butler
Dominicus Conover

Lewis A. Bradshaw
Henry C. Walker
Silas M. Ray
George W. McElroy
Felix G. Hurt
William Blair
James F. Vigus
George W. Flowers, Jr.
Francis M. Harvey
John S. Miller
James East
John Ross

Harrison J. Walker

Acres, Wm. T.
Bristo, John H.
Bryant, Peter M.
Barbee, John T.
Briggs, Alfred A.
Cabell, Wm. C.
Conover, Wm. H.
Conover, Jas. K. P.
Cook, George
Campbell, James R.
Dener, Chas. M.
Dornell, John M.
Edrington, John D.
Flowers, Thomas B.
Flowers, George W.
Gosser, Henry C.
Hurd, Leslie C.
Keith, Isaac
Lewis, Wilson
Loveall, Jackson G.
Loveall, Napoleon B.
McKinsey, George W.
McKinsey, Chas. W.
Moore, Wm. J.
Nell, Timothy F.
O'Neal, Redmon
Pendleton, Alfred L.
Powell, William
Polley, Miley
Perryman, Waltsville
Ross, Cornelius
Roy, Zachariah
Roy, Elijah
Samewell, Zachariah L.
Shewell, Wm. J.
Smith, James A.
Staples, Zachariah M.
Todd, Henry A.
Wheat, Voluntine C.
Womack, Harrison
Baker, Thompson Jr.
Burton, Chas. W.
Calhoun, William L.
Campbell, John N.
Canton, John
Hopper, Thomas J.
Keiton, Thomas J.
Loveall, Gideon
McKinney, Joseph
Powell, Joseph H.
Page, William W.
Roy, Wm. C.
Smith, John W.
Wheat, Doctor H.
Womack, Wm.
Burbridge, Benjamin
Burbridge, Wm.
Conover, Dominicus
Cook, Thomas H.
Dellingham, Wm. O.
Eubank, Richard
Hurt, George G.
Judd, Milton
Tyler, George O.
Vigus, Morton L.
Burgess, Wm. M.
Burk, Henry
Burk, Johnn M.
Calhoun, James N.
Dellingham, James E.
Harvey, Perry
Hunley, Josiah T.
Holt, Berry
Rose, James H.
Ross, Milton
Roy, Jones W.
Smily, Robert W.
Turk, Wm. W.
Walker, Calvin J.
Young, James
Curry, David M.
Curry, James T.
Conover, Hiram J.
Darnett, Levi
Lewis, Joseph H.
Combest, Thomas R.
Collins, Isaac
Green, Samuel M.
Powell, John
Stephens, William

Company A Company C Roster

Additional information on this unit and those who
served in it is always welcome, especially pension files.

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