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Looking in Saskatchewan but I don't know the Place Name

If you know your ancestors came from Saskatchewan but you don't have a Place Name you may want to visit the Land Grant Page where you will find assistance in searching the Saskatchewan Land Grant Database. If you can find a land grant for your ancestor in the Land Grants Database will be able to determine the location following the provided instructions. Once you have a Place Name check out the Battleford Places page to find your Saskatchewan GenWeb site that will have resources for research.

If know a Community or Rural Municipality Name

If you have a community name or a Rural Municipality name you can check to see if resources are provided by the Battleford Regional Site by checking out the Places Page. This page lists all of the Rural Municipalities including their RM # and communities serviced by the Battleford GenWeb site. The Battleford Places page also contains a link the the Other Places page where you will be able to locate the best Saskatchewan GenWeb site to find resources on if the community or rural municipality that you are researching is not located in the Battleford region

Looking for another Saskatchewan Region

If you need to access resources in region other then the Battleford region, please return to the Main Page by Clicking here. There you will find a clickable map that will take you to other Saskatchewan GenWeb sites where you will find resources for the area you are researching. You may want to check out the Battleford Places page before you leave as this may be the resource site you are lookin for. On the Places Page you will find a full list of the Communities and Rural Municipalitiees serviced by the the Battleford Regional Site.

Not Sure Where to Go

If you are not sure which Saskatchewan GenWeb site you are looking for firstly, check out the Battleford Places Page to see if your community or Rural Municipality is one that is serviced by this site. If you cannot find your community or Rural Municipality on the Battleford Places follow the link to the Other Places page to be transported to the Saskatchewan GenWeb Regional site that services your Community or Rural Municipality.

Settlement of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Settlement Experience is a "MUST VISIT" site for anyone with an historical interest in Saskatchewan. The site presents in a well organized format a wealth of historical photos, maps and historical records with excellent search facilities. Settlement patterns are broken down into both Ethnic and Religous Settlements with online slide shows and a photo collection. They also provide a period timeline presentation to present the unfolding of Saskatchawan history broken into 10 year time periods from pre 1870 to 1930. One should schedule a couple hours of downtime before visiting this site prented by the Saskatchewan Archives & Saskatchewan Genealogical Society

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