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Frances Bishop
Date: 12 January 1999 E-mail updated May 22, 2002 Thank you!

My grandmother's brother A.G. POTHIER is said to have owned a store in North Battleford. He was known as 'Willy' by family members in Tusket Wedge/Wedgeport, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. His given names were Andre Guillaume [Andrew William]. His wife was Maggie/Margaret TAYLOR [?] and their daughters were Lottie and Marguerite. The time frame was pre-1950 and possibly as early as 1910. Can anyone direct me to resources such as newspapers, directories or chamber of commerce archives, so that I can begin to search for evidence of his background as a merchant? Is there a library or archive in the area which might have a personal name index? I would appreciate addresses and any other help along this line. With many thanks,

From: Joe Bruneau
Date: 12 January 1999

My grandfather, Alfred Bruneau passed away in N. Battleford in the late 1930's early 40's. He was a resident of Léoville Sask. at the time but was hospitalized in the city. Are there archival records indicating exactly when he died and where he is buried? Thanks- J. Bruneau, Campbell River, B.C.

From: Richard Moore
Date: 11 February 1999

I am trying to retrace my father's family origins. He was born in Rockhaven, and his mother's name is Hanna Mae [Koffski] Moore. Richard Moore MOORE WADEMAN PETTERS [ERZY]KOFFSKI ARMSTRONG KOSTROSKY RADTKE

From: Terris C. Howard
Date: 23 February 1999


I am looking for information on Robert Malcom? DRUMMOND b. 1868 Ashton? ONT d. 21 Jan 1911 Biggar, SASK m. 10 Dec 1896 [Christ Church, Burritts Rapids, Carleton, ONT] Margaret 'Maggie' WEIDMARK b. 1873 Burritts Rapids, Carleton, ONT. Robert homesteaded on NW 23-35-14W3, which was 160 acres located 4 miles east of Biggar. Robert is buried in the Biggar Cemetery. Margaret 'Maggie' DRUMMOND remarried __?__ HOPKINS.
I would like to find the given name of Mr. HOPKINS and the date that they were married.
Robert and Margaret DRUMMOND had a daughter, Kathleen DRUMMOND b. aft 1896 and she died in Calgary, Alberta. [single]

Please contact me if you have any information.

From: Cathie Grant
Date: 28 March 1999

Looking for any information on Arthur PHILLIPS (b 1883 - d 1906 Battleford) s/o William PHILLIPS & Alice Mae WINGATE.

From:Cauline Armsworthy
Date: 22 April 1999

Karl and Julie Schneider immigrated to Canada in approx. 1908 and settled in the Battleford region at some point. Children: Johny (Snider), Emma, Helen, Edward, Marjorie, Frank, Gus, Ronald, Edith. My name is Cauline Armsworthy, my father is Edward. I am searching for dates of births and deaths and any info on Karl and Julie ( nee Schleck) immigrated from Prussia.

From: Brenda E. Andeotti
Date: 06 May 1999

I am looking for information about my great grand parents Joseph and Mattie Mayes.
They both immigrated to Canada 1910. Joseph Mayes filed two claims to homestead with the Immigration Hall. I would like to know how I could get this information and any other info that may have been on their immigration documents.
Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

From: Deb Atkings
Date: 13 May 1999

I am looking for a Pam Harper that was born and raised in NorthBattleford. She currently resides there also (I think). I don't
know her married name.
Thanks, Deb

From: Charles Hurton
Date: 27 May 1999

Looking for info on my father's father Tom Hurton supposedly from Carman, Manitoba. My father was born at Traynor and eventually moved into Biggar.(John,Tom ,Marguret and Ethal). My grandfather married a woman from the Red Pheasant Reserve named Mary Wautinee. My father was born at Traynor in 1921 and is buried in Biggar Cemetery.
I was born in Biggar
Charles Hurton

From: Garth Ulrich
Date: 14 June 1999

Am searching for the marriage record of William Davies and Lillian Christopherson married 1923, 1924 or 1925 at Battleford.
Garth Ulrich

From: June Arnison
Date: 16 June 1999

Is there any local history book that includes REWARD, Sask.? If so, could someone please send me the information required to find a copy through inter-library loan. Thanks.

From: Mark Smith
Date: 02 July 1999

I am Researching info on My mom Marie A. Grace born in Plenty in 1925. Her Parents are Bridget Theresa Hayes and Peter James Grace. I know my Grandfather had a homestead in Plenty when he met my grandmother who moved there from Venosta Quebec in 1900 to go to nursing school. I am also researching my grandparents Bridget Theresa Hayes and Peter James Grace. They were homesteading around Plenty. My mother Marie A. Grace and her Brother Donald J. Grace were born there in the mid 1920s. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
Mark Smith

From: Horace Duncan
Date: 10 July 1999

My brother, Edgar Duncan - now deceased, lived in or near Colville and in 1951 had a son named Daniel. The mother's name was Louise and after their divorce I believe she re-married to a Mr. Pattison. Edgar died without giving any information about Danny's whereabouts. Any info you might be able to give me as to Danny's whereabouts would be appreciated. Thanks.

From: Dean Atkinson
Date: 13 July 1999

I am looking for the ATKINSON family that settled on a farm somewhere between Lone Point and Marsden. They were listed on Saskatchewan land grant index. This family originally came from Kent County Ontario. Cemetaries, newspapers and possibly a researcher for hire?
Dean Atkinson

From: Michelle Ladouceur
Date: 25 July 1999

I am looking for any information about my Grandparents, Adolf and Lydia Keehn. They lived in Neilburg for many years. They had five children: Albert, Edward, Margaret, Mary and Zelma as well as a son that died in infancy. I would like any info related to them such as where they originally came from, date of death, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated or any information as to how I can go about finding out for myself.
Thank You,
Michelle Ladouceur

From: Lois Williams
Date: 31 July 1999

I could not see the relevent lookup offered, but wonder what you could suggest for a start to locate family of: Elizabeth (Bessie) Shaw - wife of Jack Webster - who supposedly died 13 Jan 1931 at Biggar, Sask Known children - Isabella, Jack, Matthew. In B. C. my grandmother died in 1930 and I am able to access the index data from the B.C. Archives and copy print the full event in the Vancouver Public Library for 40 cents. Bessie was the daughter of my grandmother's sister. My grandmother died young with certain health issues and altho her sister lived to 69, I am wondering what caused the death of her daughter at such a young age.
Any suggestions re obits, names in current phone books etc would be a great start.
Thank you very much,
Lois Williams
British Columbia, Canada

From: Kris Smith
Date: 08 Aug 1999

I'm trying to trace my father's line, Bouchard. He was born Joseph Bouchard in North Battleford, Sas, on Oct. 31, 1922. Mother's name was Eva Bouchard, I believe. Any information you might have would be appreciated.
Kris Smith

From: Karen Dessoulavy
Date: 12 August 1999

Hi I am looking for some information on Paul and Elizabeth Reiss, they are both buried in the Salvador cememtery. Our families have a parallel history and I would like to find out if they are one arm of my family. I know Paul Reiss had four sons, and came from Arkansas. What I need to know is if he was married twice and had a family of daughters from his second marriage. I found some information on Paul b. Reiss his son, but It is Paul Sr that I need to know about. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You.

From: Debbie Pickering
Date: 17 August 1999

I am researching the WELLS family name. Searching for information on Ernie WELLS born 29 August 1917 in Battleford, SK and married Maggie BAMFORD. His parents were: Alexander WELLS and Eleanore OUELLETTE. Alexander and Eleanore had at least 12 children with at least one child born on the Red Pheasant Reserve outside of Battleford. Alexander WELLS was born 1872 died 09 August 1954 his parents were: John WELLS and Lana TURNER. Would anyone know of this family? Thank you very much for your help on this matter.
Debbie Pickering
for Keith Wells

From: Kari Carlson Baker
Date: 27 August 1999

Hello, looking for Carlsons in your area. Thure, August, John Carlson homesteaded there. They were brothers.

From: J. S. Cravens
Date: 13 September 1999

I am Looking for information on Alexander Moore Speers who had 4 Land Grants in Battleford. Two were in conjunction with James Mackie.
Thank You

From: Myra Beckstrom
Date: 17 September 1999

Looking for Robert Briggs Wilson b June 20 1840 in England. Lived for a period of time in Nebraska, USA. presumably moved to Saskatchawan and possibly returned to England at a later date.
Myra Beckstrom

From: Chris Lajoie
Date: 22 September 1999

Searching information on the family of Julius Emery Boré & Lina Eckart/Hammond, emigrated to Sask. 1905-6,daughter
Rosalie born & Tessier. Dec. 12. 1907 died @ Kerrobert Lodge survived by two son's & five daughters.Julius died Nov. 14 1920 buried nov 16 Battleford . funeral took place St. Vital church.Son Earl & Madeleine Boré were born in USA no records available for years 1890 to 1905..Earl & Rosalie died 1974 within a few days of eachn others. Earl was projectionist at the local theatre.Lina died in Timmins On.feb. 15 .1937 where her daughter Madeleine McPhail resided.This information is requested by grand daughter of Julius.Julius operated a livery stable in N. Battleford & farmed app; ten years.

From: Lou Mitchell
Date: 24 September 1999

My name is Louis Peter Mitchell. I was born December 8, 1947 delivered by my grandmother in the home of my parents Marjorie and Anthony (Tony) Mitchell in Cochin Saskatchewan.

My parents are both deceased and I am looking for background information on my grandparents who I assume are named Mitchell. I believe my grandmother is of native descent. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

The E-mail address is that of my daughter Andrea Gardner of Bremerton Washington and and the
information, if any, will be passed on to me.
Thank you,
Lou Mitchell

From: Brian Hutchins
Date: 24 September 1999

I am looking for imfo on my Grandfather, Charles Hutchins, who owned a general store in Battleford and who died in early 1920's and is buried in Battleford as well.
Thanks Brian Hutchins

From: Belinda Riddell
Date: 11 October 1999

I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather - William? W.Whitney. Moved to Denzil Sask in 1910 to homestead. Married to Frances Smallie? and had children Merle, Jesse Earl, Vivian (married to Dan Gurtt?) Hally (married to Elizabeth Weatherup from Ontario) Willard (married to Mae Bowes) Viola and Pearl who (married a Wynn?). Any further information that I can obtain would be greatly appreciated.

Belinda Riddell
Winfield, BC

From: Terry W. Steadman
Date: 12 October 1999

My name is Terry Steadman . My mothers maiden name is Kathleen Pritchard. Her father was William Pritchard & mother Margaret Nolin. William was born Nov. 23/1892 in Bresaylor and Margaret Jan. 24/1915 in Jack Fish Lake. My mother and her siblings grew up on a farm which is now part of Battleford. I am not exactly sure of how your site works , but I am interested in any information I can obtain or supply on a free of charge basis.
Terry W. Steadman

From: John Muirhead
Date: 17 October 1999

Is there any way that I could get someone up there to gelp me locate info about the Roseberry family? Long lost cousins, whose trail faded some time ago.. I wonder if they might be mentioned in an old local histoty book, but have been unable to locate same???
I am still pretty green and nervous with this internet business.
John Muirhead, Dunmore, AB

From: Cathy Hunter
Date: 22 October 1999

I'm looking for any information on a Gerald Ferris settled in Sask., what yr. I do not know he had married and had three children Lillian, Doreen and Lawrence. His wife I believe was native and had died shortly after her son Lawrence was born. I remember as kid that we had visited the Battleford area, with my parents. My mom's name is Doreen and she married my dad in Fort St John B.C. His name was Frank Hunter. I recall visiting their (my mom's) old homestead. So I believe there should be a land title in the name of Gerald Ferris(his nationality was English). Gerald Ferris left that area when the kids were quite young and settle in Northern B.C. around 100 mile house, of which he own a ranch. I would appreciate any help on the above
Thank You
Ms.Cathy Hunter
Lumby B.C.

From: Jolene Orthner
Date: 24 October 1999

I am looking for any relatives or information to do with John Sauverwald who imigrated to Canada in 1907-08. He came from the Crimea area of Russia and homesteaded in Baloil, Sask. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Jolene Orthner

From: Ed Vicario
Date: 14 November 1999 May 22, 2002 updated to

Looking for a Nathan Hay, at time of death 1934 he was living in North Battleford, brought to Calgary and buried in the Burnsland Cemetery by his daughter. I found records of him in Manitoba living in several towns, employed by the CPR as a Station Agent. I lost track of him in 1900, but do not know what year he moved to Saskatchewan, probably was connected to the railway in some way.
Ed Vicario
Abbotsford, BC

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