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Album of photos from my grandmother dating back to the early nineteen-twenties. It is of places and Doukhobour people around Kamsack and Verigin, Saskatchewan, Canada. People in it are named Morozoff, Veregin and Galisheff. Photos courtesy of Tricia Mitchell's mother, Mrs Margaret Berwick, of Wheatley, Oxfordshire, England

Submitted online by Tricia Mitchell , Mansfield, England.
Original 1
Home of a Prosperous Doukhobor Farmer about 300 yds from School

Original 2
Canadian Waggon [sic]

Original 3
School Children - Note the child with Doukhobor Head Dress

Original 4
Railway Station (Verigin, SK)

Original 5
Our nearest neighbors ~ two Doukhobors
Original 6
Mother and Father of Wasyl Veregin ~ our nearest neighbor

Original 7
Peter Veregin's House at Veregin

Original 8
"Grandfather" Veregin, our nearest neighbour

Original 9
Pete Galisheff

Original 10
Tina Morozoff ~ Tim's Favorite
Original 11

Original 12
III Large

Original 13

Original 14
Railway Station ~ Veregin note the bad roads

Original 15
Doukhobor Community Elevator

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