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Brothers Vair

- Carol Vulliamy

Fred, Arthur, Ern and William Vair


Fred, Arthur, Ern and William are remembered with love

They were strong good men who gave tough times a shove

In adversity they showed great stuff; nothing could defeat

They remembered the Vair lessons; adversity made delete.


Fred raised three boys; they were his pride and joy he said

I’ll work hard raising sheep and gardens to keep them fed.

Fred watched his sons grow and mature with the Vair style

I’ve raised good sons who’ll successfully run the great mile.


Our dear Arthur lived a full life in not many years

At forty-four he was fighting the battle with tears-

Cancer took its toll, the bottom line seems old

He faced life and death with courage we’re told.


Ern worked hard for an honest living, much like the rest

Caring for others and keeping problems at bay was his test.

A good son, a good brother, a good father, a good friend-

Living a good life, giving his all; to the needy he’d extend.


William passed away too soon. We all loved our brother lost.

He was a good man; death seems so unfair; happiness it cost

His loved ones were left to mourn his beautiful but short life-

-Cutting the hearts of family and friends with a sharp knife.


Written By Carol Howard Vulliamy- 2009





All of this information on the Howard Clan web pages was submitted by Carol Vulliamy.
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