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Rae Chamberlain has been doing the newsletter for the Biggar Branch Saskatchewan Genealogical Society for the past number of years. This article that now appears online on Biggar's First Citizens which was reprinted from Biggar World Volume 1, No. 1, August 19th, 1909 was first republished in the Biggar Branch Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Newsletter.

Rae Chamberlain has also been actively involved with the Border Branch Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, and has submitted postings to the Lloydminster Gen Web Region pages regarding events in North Western Saskatchewan. The book Changes of Name: The Saskatchewan Gazette, 1917-1958 compiled by D'Arcy Hande, Debbie Moyer and Rae Chamberlain and published by the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society is an invaluable tool to researchers who are tracing a European immigrant. As names were registered from one language to another, there were sometimes changes due to differences in alphabet, phonetics and pronunciation.

We are indebted to Rae Chamberlain for his many hours of work and assistance offered to the genealogical community of Saskatchewan through his many and various involvements with the genealogy society and now also online.

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