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Biggar World Biggars First Citizens

Biggar World Volume 1, No. 1, August 19th, 1909

G.T.P. Train Crews

Passenger crews: - Conductors - Robinson and Chesley; Engineer Young; Fireman McMilian; Brakeman - Hobson and Gagne.

Mixed Crews: - Conductors - Haskell and Lett; Engineers - Stonehouse and Keeting; Fireman Featherstone; Brakemen - Robinson and Goldsworthy.

Freight crew and extra engineers: - Conductors - Couzens, Fishleight, Roth, McLelland and Trace; Engineers - Paul, Ross, Wilson, Modland, Weaver, Field, Gall and Baldwin; Fireman Henderson; Brakemen - Wilson, Appleby, Mc Murchy, Gokie, Jenkinson, Dunsmore, Whalen, Leek, McCutcheon and McCray.



Adcock, Geo.

Geo. Adcock, native of Leistershire, England, has been here a year engaged as general oil man.

Annesley, Thomas

Thomas Annesley, car inspector, born near Portadown, county Armagh, north of Ireland, thirty-one years since, has lived in Canada for some years. Came here to present position some months since.

Baiden, A.E.

A.E. Baiden, of the firm of Baiden and McGillvray, contractors and builders, was born in Southampton, England, thirty-five years ago and received his education there. He learned his trade early in life and later followed the calling of sailor for several years. Mr. Baiden worked at different points in the Old Country at his trade and afterward on the Panama Canal and at Kingston, Jamaica, later returning to England and then coming to Canada eight years ago and came to Biggar three months since and formed his present business association. Mr. Baiden is an experienced and capable man and the firm are doing their share of contracting here.

Ballantyne, Alex

Alex Ballantyne, born in Sask. near Battleford, has been here since July engaged as general helper.

Baron, A.L.E.

Proprietor of the Biggar Hotel, is a native of France and was born in the town of St. Laurent, department of Vendee, coming to Montreal, Canada, with his parents when nine years of age. Mr. Baron received an education at the Montreal public schools and later at McGill college. On leaving McGill he went into the general store business in Megantic, Que., and continued in this business for ten years. He later came west to Calgary, prospecting a business location and rumour of the fame of Biggar reaching him he came here last spring and built and furnished the Biggar Hotel. The hotel is well appointed in every particular and is a most comfortable inn - it is a three story building and Mr. Baron proposes to build an addition to his already roomy building for the accommodation of the rapidly increasing business.

Bartley, G.H.

G.H. Bartley, day operator, was born in McLeod, Alberta, twenty years ago and educated there. He commenced to learn operating in 1904 and worked first at McLeod for the C.P.R. and later at Calgary and Cranbrook. He then went across the line and entered the employ of Great Northern at Everett, State of Washington. Mr. Bartley entered on his duties with the G.T.P. at Melville, July 1st, 1908, and in Nov., 1908 came here to his present position. Mr. Bartley is a first-class operator and generally obliging good fellow.

Bates, Wallace E.

Wallace E. Bates is a native of USA and came to this country about three years ago. Up till only a short time ago he was employed with Cunningham and Langstaff. On leaving this position took a position was wipe in the GTP round house.

Bernier, J.

J. Bernier, machinist's helper, came to Biggar May 1909; besides being a first class man as a workman ...?...the best of any ball pitcher in the west and is an all round ball player and good fellow.

Bethel, S.

S. Bethel, of the firm of Bethel, Traviss & Black is a valued member of the business staff of the Rat Portage Lumber Co., Winnipeg, and is at present resident in that city, but is expected here at an early date to take an active part in the Bethel, Traviss & Black stores' business.

Black, E.

R. Black, manager of the drug and general store, of Bethel, Traviss & Black, is a native of Ireland. Mr. Black studied pharmacy at the celebrated Dublin Pharmaceutical College and received his diploma therefrom, passing the qualifying examinations with high honors. On coming to Canada, Winnipeg, six years ago he connected himself with the Thornton Andrew Drug Co., and after three years with them associated himself with Messrs. Bethel and Traviss with a view to the establishment of a business venture in the west, and as a representative of the new firm of Bethel, Traviss & Black, came to Biggar with Mr. Bethel (having heard of it rosy possibilities,) in search of business opening, and they on looking over the field here, and after matured consideration, were led to buy lots and build their present stores, Mr Bethel returning to Winnipeg and Mr. Black superintended the building operations, and he, immediately on completion of buildings, putting in complete stocks of drugs and general store lines. Mr. Black is also postmaster of Biggar (the post office being located in the drug store) and is one of this flourishing town's most progressive business men.

Bone, Wm.

Wm. Bone, car repairer, from Scotland some years since - started work here six weeks ago.

Bredl, George A.

George A. Bredl, the clerk at the Biggar hotel, was born in London, England, twenty-seven years ago. He received a public school education in London and afterward finished his education in Germany. After finishing studies he clerked with the Colonial Brokers, London, for ten years and also had experience of one year and a half on the London Stock Exchange. Mr. Bredl came out to Canada in 1907 and engaged in farming at Thornbury, Ont., for a short time, afterward coming west to Crystal city, Manitoba, and later to Winnipeg and thence to Battleford where he filed on a homestead and pre-emption four miles north of Senlac. Mr. Bredl visited all the towns on the G.T.P. and came to the conclusion that this was the town on this railroad. Mr. Bredl started his duties at the Biggar hotel on the 2nd of August, 1909.

Briggs, J.

J. Briggs has been in this country seven years employed in Fort William on G.T.P. as lineman, from there to here last month and is at present employed as lineman between Allan and Landis.

Campbell, E.

E. Campbell, manager for the Reliance Lumber Co. at this point, came from Walkerton, Bruce Co., Ont., being born there some thirty years ago and receiving this education at that place. Mr. Campbell has had a wide business experience in the east and west and came to Biggar last March as a valued representative of his firm at Biggar. Mr. Campbell, besides being a first-class business man is a ball player of note and a tower of strength to the Biggar baseball team.

Canty, F.J.

F.J. Canty, night operator, was born in little old New York city thirty years ago and educated there. He learned operating and for five years held a position as receiver on the staff of the Daily New York Journal. Mr. Canty later came west to Canada and to Biggar two weeks since. Mr. Canty has had a wide experience in his chosen trade and is first-class man was well as being a jovial good fellow.

Chivers, D.

D. Chivers, foreman of car repair department born in England 28 year ago received public school education in Bath, England. After leaving public school he started in at railroad work in London, England, for a year. From there he came to Michigan and worked on a farm for six months and later took up work on the Grand Trunk in Michigan for two years, from there to Missouri, thence to Oregon to British Columbia, thence to Arizona, thence to California and was also engaged in mining work. From California to New Mexico, and also mined there. From New Mexico to Colbalt while the silver fever was on, stayed there awhile and from Cobalt to North Bay and worked on the C.P.R. from North Bay to Schriber, Ont., engaged as engine hostler. From C.P.R. to G.T.P. car inspector at Minniota, Man., for a year and from there to Rivers as car inspector. He came to Biggar from Rivers on the 15th of April and engaged as car repair foreman.

Clark, W.J.

W.J. Clark, car repairer, from Gray Co., Ont., from Melville here a few weeks ago.

Corbin, H.R.

H.R. Corbin, native of USA has been here thirteen months as boiler maker's assistant; came from Boston.

Courtney, A.B.

A.B. Courtney, livery, feed and sale stable, was in general store business (post office connected) in Dorset, Minnesota for 9 years and from there went to St. Paul and later came to Saskatoon five years ago and conducted farming operations near there for some time and came to Biggar in June last, building his livery stable and house here and placing in stock an excellent livery outfit. Mr. Courtney is doing a good and increasing volume of business and is much pleased with this town as a business location.

Cunningham, J. H.

J.H. Cunningham, of the livery firm of Cunningham & Langstaff, was born in Sundridge, Parry Sound, Ont, thirty-four years ago and was educated at Huntsville, Muskoka. He carried on a butcher business for ten years in the east and came west to Winnipeg four years since. Mr. Cunningham engaged in livery business at Glenella, Man., for some time and came to Biggar in June 1908. He filed on a claim near the site of Biggar and built a livery barn in the town and put in a fine stock of horses and rigs. He and Mr. Langstaff formed their present partnership in December, 1908. The firm are prospering in their business and are highly satisfied with their present prosperity and their assured future in this rapidly developing town.

Currie, Wm.

Wm. Currie, carpenter and builder was born at Roorkee, N.W. provinces of India, thirty-four years ago. He received his education in the regimental schools and in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was five years, apprenticed at his trade in Edinburgh, leaving there at the age of nineteen, and came to Brandon working there for four and a half years, later working at his trade in Winnipeg five years. Lived and worked at various points in the west including two years in Peace River country and from there came to Biggar the latter part of last October and worked on round house and station for G.T.P. and this spring went into business for himself here.

Dawson, F.A.

F.A. Dawson, real estate, loans and insurance, spent his childhood days near Sarnia, Ontario, where he received a public school education and afterwards entered Assumption college at Sandchurch, Ontario, and later St. Michael's college, Toronto. After finishing general education in the later two colleges Mr. Dawson took a preparatory course for student at law examination, passing successfully at Osgoode Hall, Toronto, November 1876, and afterwards went into a law office for three years. In 1881 Mr. Dawson came west to Brandon and homesteaded near Souris, Manitoba, and thence east to his home for two years after which he went to Chicago where he lived for eighteen years, engaged in railroad work, and where he now has a beautiful home in the suburbs of the city, and where Mrs. Dawson and the family now reside. Mr. Dawson came to Saskatoon in the spring of 1907 and was on the staff of the Canadian Northern at that point till spring of 1908 when being impressed with the bright future of Biggar, he came here and filed on a homestead and has waited here patiently since till he now sees the fruition of his hopes and confirmation of his judgement in the assured present and bright future of Biggar as a business place. Mr. Dawson was the first postmaster at Biggar and is Secretary of the Biggar board of trade, and energetic in all matter pertaining to the welfare and advancement of Biggar.

Desjarlais, Alex

Alex Desjarlais was born near Regina thirty years ago, afterward living at Swift Current in pioneer days, freighting with the now almost forgotten Red River carts between Swift Current and Battleford. Mr. Desjarlais later moved to Battleford and engaged in farming, and selling out there began ranching operations in the Sixty Mile Bush country a few miles from the site of Biggar. He also placed in stock at his ranch a general line of necessities for farmers and conducted a general store. Mr. Desjarlais bought lots and built in Biggar in May (c1909) of this year and at once bought and placed in stock his general line of groceries, dry goods, etc. and has no reason since to regret this fortunate venture.

Drummond, R.M.

R.M. Drummond, carpenter and builder, is a native of Ontario, being born at Ashton, Carleton, Co, where he received his education and later followed farming for some years. Mr. Drummond learned his trade early in life and is a thorough workman, and worked in Ottawa and other points east for years and came west last September and after working near Saskatoon for some time heard of Biggar and wisely came here and made entry for a homestead and pre-emption during May and has since enjoyed a good patronage in his business as builder.


Elmgren, A.N.

A.N. Elmgren, native of Minn., has been here a week as helper.

Erickson, Ed. H.

Ed. H. Erickson, hardware merchant, was born in Norway forty-four years ago and came to America, Madison, Wis., at the age of nine years. After receiving a public school education Mr. Erickson moved to Deul County, North Dakota, and homesteaded. Later he returned to Wisconsin (Eau Claire) and clerked in the Mill Supply dept. of a hardware store and afterward was in retail hardware business for five year. At La Crosse Wis., and at Winona, Man. Mr. Erickson had charge of sporting goods department in large wholesale concerns and has a thorough knowledge of the hardware business in its different branches. In his capacity as manager of departments in the last named places Mr. Erickson was much on the road calling on the retail trade in the interests of his houses. Later he was engaged for four years in a retail hardware store leaving this situation to seek for a location for a business venture of his own. Mr. Erickson came to Biggar last April and being pleased with prospects for business here he at once bought lots and built his fine store building and installed a good stock and commenced business the middle of May. Mr. Erickson is doing a thriving and ever increasing trade here and has unbounded faith in Biggar, first, last and always.

Findlay, Alex

Alex Findlay, assist machinist, is a native of Edinburgh, Scotland, and been in Biggar two and a half months.

Fisher, J.

J. Fisher, a partner in the above firm (Fisher Bros., bowling alley and pool room), was born at Ayton, Gray County, Ont., March 27th, 1881, and was educated in the east. Mr. Fisher followed farming till twenty years of age. He came to Brandon in 1898 and did carpenter work at different points in western Canada and became proficient in this trade. He holidayed in the east for two years and then the lure of the west brought him to Saskatchewan last spring when he entered into partnership with his brother, E.W. Fisher, in their present business.

Fisher, E.W.

E.W. Fisher, of Fisher Bros., bowling alley and pool room, was born July 3rd, 1897 and lived the earlier portion of his life at Hanover, Gray county, ONT., where he was educated. Mr. Fisher later was connected with lumber milling interests in the east and also acquired a thorough knowledge of carpentering and worked as carpenter and builder in eastern Canada. He came west to Brandon in 1898, working in that vicinity as a bridge builder, and later went to British Columbia and engaged in saw mill work. Mr. Fisher's first venture into business for himself was at Lanigan, Sask., in the pool and bowling alley business, and he later came to Biggar, and in conjunction with his brother, J. Fisher, bought lots here and built a building and installed their very complete bowling alley and pool room outfit.

Fitzgerald, H.

H. Fitzgerald, manager for D. McPhee in the Biggar Trading Company, is from Ireland near the Lakes of Killarney, and came to Canada at the age of eleven years, being educated in Orangeville, Dufferin county, Ont. He went to the States at the age of sixteen years and apprenticed himself to cooking aboard the U.S. battleship Olympia for four years, afterward learning the baking trade at a cost of $500. Mr. Fitzgerald held the position of chef of James J. Hill's private car for four years and afterward came to Canada and cooked for the R.N.W.M.P. in the Yukon. Mr. Fitzgerald afterward went into the restaurant business for himself at Crookston, Minn., and later at North Battleford. He has had a varied and valuable business experience and has gained much useful knowledge of humanity in his wide travels. Mr. Fitzgerald came to Biggar a few months since to take the management of The Biggar Trading Co.'s general store for D. McPhee.

Frease, E.S.

E.S. Frease is the genial and obliging station master (G.T.P) at Biggar. Mr. Frease was born in Ohio, U.S.A. and after finishing his education railroaded on the Wabash, and afterward on different lines in the States. He came to Canada within the last year and was appointed agent here last February. He is a highly capable man in his position and is a most obliging good fellow and is popular with hosts of friends. Mr. Frease is a veritable book worm and is up to the minute in discussing best books and authors and has an inexhaustible fund of anecdotes and as a raconteur is most entertaining.

Graham, W.J.

W.J. Graham, International machinery agent, was born at Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, and educated at Lindsay. Mr. Graham at an early age went into lumbering business and was soon a proficient sawyer holding the position of head sawyer in a large Nipissing district mill for thirteen years. He went to British Columbia from Nipissing and there for four years had charge of big mills at a salary of close to $200 a month. Mr. Graham resigned his position in B.C. to go into business for himself at Biggar, the fame of this town having reached him from there, coming here in October 1908 and during March last opened up in the lumber business and International implements at this point. After doing a first-rate business here for four or five months Mr. Graham, having received a tempting offer for his lumber business sold it. Mr Graham was elected councillor on the incorporation of Biggar on June 7, 1909, and is also a member of the council of Biggar Board of Trade and is an active worker in all local public affairs.

Hamel, Phil

Phil Hamel, engine hostler, is a native of the Isle of Jersey and followed the sea in his younger days. He came to Canada in 1876 to Newfoundland and later came west to Medicine Hat where he entered the services of the C.P.R., later graduating as a first-class locomotive engineer. Mr. Hamel came here from Medicine Hat some three months since and entered the employ of the G.T.P. a few weeks since.

McBride, E.

E. McBride, engine hostler was born and educated in Leith, Scotland. After leaving school he learned the packing case trade and stayed with it four years. He then took up construction railroad work for ten years. On coming to this country was employed for six months as a steam shovel fireman on the G.T.P. and later was also employed with J.D. McArthur as a steam shovel fireman for six months. Leaving this and going to Portage la Prairie was employed as machinist's helper for four months. From Portage la Prairie he was transferred to Rivers where he was employed as blacksmith's helper for over a year. From Rivers he came to Biggar last October as machinist helper. From machinist's helper he was promoted to engine hostler about two and a half months ago.

Hanna, W.S.

W.S. Hanna, car repairer, from Johnstown, Dakota, came to Biggar last fall.

Hayward, B.

B. Hayward, native of Sarnia, Ont., has been here only two weeks engaged as machinist.

Horn, J.M.

J.M. Horn, native of Winnipeg, Man has been here only two weeks engaged as machinist.

Helm, John

John Helm, born in England, came here from Earl two months ago and engaged as engineer at power house.

Hogan, J.

J. Hogan, in charge of the G.T.P. lunch counter at this point was born in 1875 near Granton, Middlesex Co., Ont., and received his education there. Mr. Hogan learned the cooking trade in the east and came west to Portage la Prairie, Sept. 1st. 1889, and for some time cooked on the C.P.R., later going to St. Paul and managing the Sterling restaurant there for six months, then returned to Winnipeg and worked at trade till he came here to take charge of the G.T.P. restaurant some two months since. Mr. Hogan knows his business thoroughly which is readily testified to by the travelling public in their hearty appreciation and commendation of the meals and service at the depot lunch counter here.

Holland, Fred

Fred Holland, native of Canada, came to Biggar from Toronto the middle of Dec. last and engaged as boiler maker.

Hopkins, Frank

Frank Hopkins, manager for the North American Lumber & Supply Co. Ltd., is a native of England and was born at Rugby and educated there. He was articled to the architect's and draughtsman trade at eighteen years of age and after learning the business thoroughly, worked at it for seven years on railroad work in England and was later with a large builders' concern in a managerial capacity for two years and then came to New Ontario and was there for six months with the Canadian Copper Co. in mining operations. Mr. Hopkins then came west to Saskatoon and was for twelve months with the Canadian Elevator Co. in the lumber business and then homesteaded near Kinley and came to Biggar, October 19th, last year as the valued manager of the North American. Mr. Hopkins is a member of the committee of the Biggar Board of Trade and is warden in the Anglican Church and an interested worker in all matters pertaining to the advancement of this town.

Jenkins, Bruce

Bruce Jenkins, car repairer, native of Scotland, came to Biggar from

Pincher Creek one year ago.

Kershaw, Wm.

Wm. Kershaw, butcher, was born in Manchester, England thirty-nine years ago, was educated at Farnwith Grammer school for six years. He learned his trade in England and worked at it in that country for fourteen years. Mr. Kershaw afterward ranched and prospected in Australia for three years. He later butchered on board S.S. Ninevah and afterward was in South Africa for a period of time, after which he returned to England for a few months and in 1907 came to America and managed a butcher shop in Manitoba for a year and then came to Saskatoon and homesteaded. Mr. Kershaw then took a contract from Galloway Bros. to do butcher work on the construction of G.T.P. west and later had a butcher shop at Perdue, Sask., for nine months coming to Biggar, Dec. 12th, 1908, and building and entering on his present business here.

King, G.L.

G.L. King, of Mooney and King is a Medicine Hat railroad man, and will likely at a near future date come to Biggar to take active part in the firm's work.

Lobdell, E.

E. Lobdell, machinist came here from the C.P.R. where he learnt his trade. He is a young man of promise in his line as well as a ball player of note and has been eight years railroading.

Lyons, J.R.

J.R. Lyons, a native of Canada, came from Dauphin in the middle of July and has been engaged as engine wiper.

Fulton, S.

S. Fulton, native of Manitoba, has been in Biggar three months engaged as wiper.

Martin, T.

T. Martin, car repairer, from Portage la Prairie, came here middle of last May.

Mattenley, George

George Mattenley, machinist helper, was born at Gilford, Ontario, twenty-seven years ago and educated there. After leaving school he took up electric work and was with the C.P.R. as electrician for two and a half years. On leaving the C.P.R., in Broadview, Sask., this spring came west and landed in Biggar on the 1st of May.

Matthews, G.A.

G.A. Matthews, manager for P.F. Woolhouse, jeweller, was born at Orangeville, Dufferin Co., Ont., twenty five years ago and received his education there. Mr. Matthews learned watchmaking with A.C. Stanners, C.P.R. watch inspector, in Toronto and is a thoroughly competent man at his business. He worked in Toronto five years and later at Kingston, Sarnia, and Fort William and eventually was C.P.R. watch inspector at Saskatoon, coming to Biggar two months since to manage for P.F. Woolhouse.

McBride, E.

E. McBride, the genial bar man at the Empire, was born at Goderich, Ont., in 1885 and was educated at London, Ont., and came west five years ago and has since been connected with the liquor business.

McConachie, J.

J. McConachie, native of Ontario, Canada, has been in Biggar three months engaged as boiler washer.

McDonald, A.W.

A.W. McDonald, Manager of the Bank of Toronto, at Biggar comes from Winnipeg, and is a highly capable man in his position having had a wide experience in his sphere of business. Mr. McDonald arrived in Biggar on Monday, Aug.??, 09.

McGillvray, J.

J. McGillvray, of the firm of Baiden & McGillvray, contractors and builders was born at Sidney, N.S., thirty years ago and was educated there. He started to learn his trade at the age of eighteen and completed a thorough training in his chosen business, afterward working in his home town for eight years and then got the western fever and came to Winnipeg last August after working there for a short time came to Saskatoon and later to Wainwright, working on the new depot there and afterward came to Biggar three months since and became affiliated with Mr. Baiden in the contracting business.

McLaren, Howard

Howard McLaren, agent for the Massey-Harris implements, comes from Killtey township, Leeds county, Ont., where he attended public school in his youth and later acquired a good business experience at various places in the East and West. Mr McLaren started the first butcher shop in Biggar and laster sold to Louis O'dette. In the Massey-Harris implements he is doing a good and every increasing business.

McPhee, D.

D. McPhee, proprietor of The Biggar Trading Co., came originally from

Orillia, Ont. Mr. McPhee spent twenty four years of his early life in Toronto and them moving west to Winnipeg followed railroading in Manitoba and later in British Columbia, returning to Winnipeg in 1908. He came through here on the location of the G.T.P. line and in the spring of 1908 built a store on the prospected townsite of Biggar and installed a general store stock, also running a restaurant. Mr. McPhee is the pioneer merchant of Biggar.

Meek, W.R.

W.R. Meek, of the general store of Meek & Urquhart, is from Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia where he received his education and considerable valuable business training. He later came west to Medicine Hat and entered the employ of the C.P.R. and after three years with that corporation, when having become acquainted with Mr. Urquhart - they having some idle capital entered into partnership with the object of locating in business in the west. They heard of the bright future of Biggar and together came here on a prospecting journey last September. They are highly satisfied with conditions here and after returning to Medicine Hat, Mr. Meek, as the firm's representative came again at once to Biggar and bought property and built their store building and installed an excellent and varied line of general merchandise. From the first the firm's business under Mr. Meek's able management has been a lucrative one and the volume of their business rapidly increasing. Mr. Meek is Vice-President of the Board of Trade and was returned as councillor at the first election after the incorporation of Biggar. He is a sterling business man and on the alert constantly toward the welfare of this thriving town.

Miller, H.H.

H.H. Miller, proprietor of the Biggar Square Deal refreshment store, was born McGillvray township, Middlesex, Co. Ontario, on May 17, 1877. He was educated in the east and farmed afterward till twenty years of age. Mr. Miller was connected with the street railway company of London, Ontario, for five years as conductor and then started to learn cutting trade in a big ladies' costume store in London - was dissatisfied with that sphere of work and after a year came west to Saskatoon and was attached to the staff of the Canadian Northern Railway for a year and came to Biggar and homesteaded in June, 1908, later establishing himself in his present business in Feb. 1909. Mr. Miller is treasurer of the Biggar Board of Trade and in his store is doing a thriving and daily increasing business.

Mooney, A.W.

A. W. Mooney, member and manager of the hardware firm of Mooney and King, was born in Minden, the county seat of Haliburton, county, Ont. Mr. Mooney was educated in the east and in his early manhood came west to further his ambitions, and at Cranbrook, B.C., on the C.P.R., entered on a career of railroading as best suited to his active temperament. his course was speedily upward in his chosen avocation, and in record time he successfully passed his examination qualifying him as a locomotive engineer, taking his first engine at Cranbrook, later running out of Medicine Hat, where he built a modern residence and with Mrs. Mooney and their children made their home. He and Mr. King, having some money for investment and seeking a location for the establishment of a business pooled their capital and formed their present partnership, and hearing favourable reports of Biggar and district, Mr. Mooney, representing the new firm came to this place to investigate, arriving here on March 20th, 1908, and was so favourably impressed with Biggar and a business opening that he immediately erected a building and installed a comprehensive stock of hardware in the firm's commodious store. They have since added furniture and harness to their stock and do tinsmithing in all its branches, having in charge of this department E. Klump, a thoroughly experienced and competent tinsmith. The firm is doing a big volume of business and are highly satisfied with the destiny that brought them here. Mr. Mooney is well informed and well read man, not having neglected the cultivation of his mind in the pursuit of his railroading career. On the 7th of June, 1909,on the incorporation of Biggar, Mr. Mooney was elected unanimously as overseer, the highest dignity in the gift of the town. He is also a member of the council of the Board of Trade and is a public spirited man and one of the most energetic local workers in the exploitation and advancement of Biggar.

Mullholland, George

George Mullholland, born in Winnipeg, here about three months, engaged as engineer at the power house.

Neil, C.

C. Neil, proprietor of the Empire hotel, was born in Quebec and followed lumbering interests in his early days, afterward farming in the province of Quebec, and came to Manitoba in 1899. Mr. Neil acquired big farming interests near Boissevan, having at that point a section of land under cultivation. Before coming to Biggar, Mr. Neil bought and installed bowling alley and pool room fixtures at Prince Albert where he lived for a year, coming here and buying Fisher Bros' interest in the Empire hotel and entering into partnership with Mr. Heather, later buying the latter out. Mr. Neil has made many improvements to the hotel since coming here and The Empire is an up-to-date and well appointed hostelry and is a credit to the town of Biggar.

Nicholson, W.

W. Nicholson, native of Paisley Scotland, came to Biggar eighteen months ago and engaged as blacksmith helper.

Ormrod, J.G.

J.G. Ormrod, proprietor of the Ontario house, was born near Ottawa, Ont., fifty years ago and received his education there. He farmed in the Ottawa Valley many years and also sailed on lake vessels between Sarnia and Duluth for four years. Mr Ormrod was in the agency business for some little time for musical instruments and sewing machines and later came west to Biggar in Aug., 1908 and made entry for homestead and pre-emptions six miles south-west of town. Mr. Ormrod is a member of the council of the Board of Trade and secretary of the school committee and one of the pioneers of Biggar and is active in all public affairs for the town's betterment. Mrs. Ormrod was the first women to honour Biggar with her presence.

Osborne, J.S.

J.S. Osborne, carpenter and builder was born at Woodstock, Ont, and lived there sixteen years, receiving his education there. He afterward went to Hamilton and managed a farm there for two years, thence going west to Gladstone, Man., where he engaged in farming operations. Mr. Osborne returned to Ontario after three years in the west and worked as cabinet maker in a large pipe organ manufactory and afterward three years in the east at general carpenter work, acquiring a thorough knowledge of the trade. He then again came west to Medicine Hat, Alta., working at the trade there for five months, when, hearing of the valuable lands available at Biggar for homestead entry, came here the 22nd of September 1908, filing on a half section of choice land near town and now is prospering here greatly in the contracting and building business.

Pambrun, Fred

Fred Pambrun, of the Biggar Meat Market, was born in Saskatchewan at Lac Le Bische twenty eight years ago. Mr. Pamburn followed the avocation of farming for seven years near Battleford, afterward coming to the sixty Mile Bush near Biggar, and followed ranching (horses and cattle) for the past five years, doing exceedingly well. About two months ago he purchased the butcher business of Louis O'Dette and is doing an excellent trade and is satisfied with his investment.

Peeling, H.

H. Peeling, manger for Alex Desjarlais, in his general store, was born and educated in London, England. He learned the silversmith trade and later was in the retail liquor business at different points in England. Mr. Peeling came to Manitoba seven years ago and after farming there a year went west to Battleford six years since and homesteaded there, coming here last May to take his present position as manager for Alex Desjarlais.


Porteous, Geo. C.

Geo. C. Porteous, house painter and decorator, is from Edinburgh, Scotland. Mr. Porteous, after attending school some years in his native town, apprenticed with James Kitchen, one of Edinburgh's foremost decorators, and served six years with the master, assimilating a thorough knowledge of every detail of the painting trade. Mr. Porteous, after working at his trade in the old world for a couple of years, emigrated to Canada - coming to Eastern Canada (Hamilton, Ont.) afterward coming west to Saskatoon, and arriving in Biggar the 31st of March and established himself as its pioneer houses painter and decorator.

Rea, C.E.B.

C.E.B. Rea the assistant agent at this point, was born in Londonderry, Ireland on April 5th, 1880. He was educated there and later learned the trade of electrical engineer. He came to Edmonton May 24th, 1902 from Ireland and travelled extensively in the north in the capacity of fur buyer for two years and later came to his present situation here July 1st, 1909. Mr. Rea's Irish extraction endows him with a ready wit and good nature which are valuable adjuncts to the successful discharge of his duties.

Redfern, Harvey M.

Harvey M. Redfern, a native of eastern Canada, came here from Collingwood last August and has since been engaged as night store keeper.

Robinson, Ben

Ben Robinson, native of York, England, came to Biggar from Saskatoon last November and engaged as blacksmith.,

Rothwell, Jack

Jack Rothwell, proprietor of the Biggar bakery, was born in Ontario twenty-six years ago, where he was also educated. Mr. Rothwell started to learn the baking business in Toronto and worked there two years and came to Biggar about two months since and established his present prosperous business here.

Sang, Ma

Ma Sang, Laundry man and cook, came to this country twenty-three years ago. For twenty years he was in B.C. at various trades. Three years ago moved to Edmonton and only four months ago came here from there.

Shephard, Frank

Frank Shephard, boiler maker, was born in England and later coming to Canada, came from Rivers to Biggar twelve months ago in his present capacity.

Smith, D.

D. Smith, native of Scotland, has been here about a year engaged as pipe fitter.

Squrrel, F.G.

F.G. Squrrel, of the Biggar Cafe is a native of "merrie" England, being born in Surrey County, near Croydon. He came here two years ago and homesteaded eleven miles west of Biggar and moved into the town the first of April, this year and built and opened up in his present business.

Stacey, H. G.

H.G. Stacey, catechist in charge of the English church at Biggar, is a Welshman by birth, born in the town of Neath, Glamorganshire, South Wales. Taking a keen interest in religious work he commenced preaching at the age of seventeen years, finally determining to devote his life to the preaching of the Gospel, offered himself to the Church Army (a society connected with the Church of England) and was accepted. After nine months' training on various Mission Vans, entered the training college in London, there completing the training necessary for mission work and passing the Bishop of London's examination received the bishop's license and commission as a captain of the church army and was appointed officer in charge of the London (west) Diocesan mission van and remained in charge nearly five years engaged in various kinds of mission work, Parochial, Navy and Hoppicking Missions, also assisting in Soldier's and Workhouse Missions. Through a breakdown in health he was transferred to the social department of the above society and was appointed relieving officer to the labour homes scattered over England.

Receiving the call for work in the great north-west he applied for work in the Canadian Mission Field and was accepted by the Bishop of Saskatchewan for work in that Diocese, arriving at Prince Albert September 30th, 1908 and was appointed assistant to the Rev. Mr. Schofield, B.A., at Maymont, and after nearly three months was removed to Wainwright, being finally appointed to organize the church at Biggar. The work here has developed rapidly and thanks to grants from Ireland and the S.P.C.K., and also to the generosity of the inhabitants of Biggar, a church has been erected and services are well attended.

Staples, S.J.

S.J. Staples, M.D, C.M., comes from Victoria County, Ontario, near Kirkfield, where he received his public school education, later matriculating at Lindsay Collegiate Institute. Mr. Staples then entered Trinity Medical College at Toronto and after the amalgamation of Trinity and Toronto Medical College, in due course with honours, attained his M.D., C.M. diploma from Toronto Medical College, graduating class of '05. Dr. Staples practised in the east and west for three years when he received appointment as surgeon for the Grand Trunk Pacific at this point. Dr. Staples is President of Biggar Board of Trade and one of the most energetic workers for the betterment and expansion of Biggar.

Stoddard, Ernie

Ernie Stoddard, boiler maker, was born in Halifax, NS and came to Biggar the 10th August 1908, from Rivers and has since been employed in shops here.

Thompson, J.E.

J.E. Thompson, carpenter and builder was born at London, Ont., forty years ago and was educated there. Mr. Thompson followed farming for some years in the east and later learned his trade thoroughly. He came west five years ago and farmed and worked at the building trade near Dundurn and came to Biggar and made entry for homestead and pre-empting in May last.

Tilley, H.

H. Tilley is a native of England and came from Holland, Man. to Biggar and homesteaded. Later he took up railroad work as a watchman.

Tivy, R.B.

R.B. Tivy is twenty-seven years old - was born in Galway Ireland and came to this country nine years ago. Mr. Tivy started his railway life two and a half years ago for the G.T.P. and with locating parties came to Biggar as storekeeper in August, 1909.

Carruthers, G.M.

G.M. Carruthers, machinist, was born in Ottawa, was a railway worker thirteen years and came to Biggar in July 1909. Mr. Carruthers is a first class workman as well as one of those clean cut fellows who do you good to meet.

Toy, Mah

Mah Toy & Lee Wah, proprietors of the Canadian restaurant, are from China and have been in this country many years and have acquired the language and adopted the customs of this country. They have had much experience in the restaurant business in many cities of Canada and settled in Biggar some three months since as a promising location for a restaurant business.

Travis, F.

F. Travis, of the above mentioned firm, also is in a position business on staff of the Rat Portage Lumber Co. at Winnipeg, and enjoying thoroughly his business integrity the fullest confidence of his business associates.

Urquhart, W.

W. Urquhart, member of Meek & Urquhart, general store, is a railroad man at Medicine Hat and comes from Sidney N.S. Mr. Urquhart is expected here shortly to take an active part in the firm's business.

Wah, Lee

Mah Toy & Lee Wah, proprietors of the Canadian restaurant, are from China and have been in this country many years and have acquired the language and adopted the customs of this country. They have had much experience in the restaurant business in many cities of Canada and settled in Biggar some three months since as a promising location for a restaurant business.

Watson, R.G.

R.G. Watson, relieving station agent here during Mr. Frease's holiday trip to the States, is a native of Ontario, having been born in Ayr, Waterloo county. Mr. Watson is one of the pioneer railroad men of western Canada, having come to Winnipeg in June 1878, shortly after taking a position on the C.P.R., which he held for sixteen years. He severed his connection with the C.P.R. some six years ago and has since been in the service of the G.T.P. Mr. Watson is thoroughly conversant with his business in every detail and by his uniform courtesy in the discharge of his duties has quickly made himself popular with the public of Biggar.

Welter, A.F.

A.F. Welter is from Uncle Sam's country, Devenport, Iowa, and later from Sublimity, Oregon, where he attended school till he moved into Canadian territory six years ago, locating at Humboldt, Sask. There he acquired a first-class business experience with T. McLaughlin, in general store lines. Mr Welter in the spring of 1909 being on the lookout for a good business opening heard fortunately of Biggar's prospects and coming here on April 29th looked the ground over and was so well pleased with the location he immediately bought lots and built his store and installed a first-class general stock of goods, opening for business here the 27th day of May, 1909. One fine morning shortly after Mr. Welter journeyed mysteriously to Humboldt and a few days later returned to Biggar with a charming bride, having been married on the 22nd of June.

Werner, J.W.E.

J.W. E. Werner, the affable genii of the bar at the Biggar hotel, was born in 1882 at Ayton, Gray Co., Ont., and educated there. At an early age Mr. Werner entered a furniture manufactory and learned the trade thoroughly, afterward working at it for six years as a journeyman. Later he was connected with hotel business in the east in a managerial capacity and came west to Biggar in March, 1909, and for a while engaged in contracting and building in conjunction with his father, Louis Werner. On Mr. Baron obtaining license for the Biggar hotel, Mr. Werner stepped into his present position with this hotel.


Werner, E.F.A.

E.F.A. Werner, Biggar's popular barber, was born in Ayton county of Gray, Ont., nineteen years ago. He received a public school education in Durham. From there he went to Newstead where he learned the barbering trade thoroughly. Afterward Mr. Werner learned photography at Mildmay, Ont., and later reverted to the barbering trade at various points in the east and six weeks since came to Biggar and engaged in the barbering here. Mr. Werner is a member of the Biggar brass band and is deservedly popular with his many friends here.

Werner, Louis

Louis Werner, contractor and builder, is from Gray County, Ont., being born at Normantown forty-five years ago and there receiving his education. Mr. Werner learned the cabinet making at Tavistock and later the building and carpentering. He has held many responsible positions in a managerial capacity with large concerns in the east and is a workman of experience and ability. He was in the hotel business in the east for five years before coming west to Biggar the 29th March last. Mr Werner is an artist in fine finishing work and is doing a lucrative business in this place.

Young, T.C.

T.C. Young, locomotive foreman was born in Picton Co., N.S. and came west in 1879 and entered the service of the C.P.R. September 1st, 1891 at Brandon, Man. He wiped, fired and ran an engine for that company until the starting of the G.T.P., when he ran an engine at Portage the summer of '07 and came to Saskatoon in Oct. of that year and laid the steel from Watrous to Battle River with engine 504. Mr. Young was appointed as locomotive foreman at Biggar on March 1st, 1909. Mr. Young's broad experience has given him a thorough understanding of his business and is a valued member of the G.T.P. staff at this point.

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