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The Holizki Family Line

Johann Holicki was born on July 1, 1880 in Rosch, Bukovina.

He first married Elizabeth Tress on November 23, 1903 in Bukovina. Johann was the son of Johan Holicki and Elizabeth Wastradowski.

Johann second marriage was to Mary Unknown. Johann died between 1957 to 1959 in Germany.

The above picture is of Johann and his second wife Mary, taken in Germany about 1950.

Notes I have collected over the last few years, mostly regarding Johan Holicki;

Information coming mostly from Louise (Rau) Norton.

Elizabeth Tress was born December 14, 1883 in Bukovina. Elizabeth was the daughter of Joseph Tress and Maria Medulon. Elizabeth passed away in June 10, 1959 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She was buried June 13, 1959 in Holy Cross Cemetery, also in Edmonton.

Hanna & Eva Holicki (right) and Frank Holicki (left)

Johann and Elizabeth had three children:

  1. Johanna Mary Holicki was born November 29, 1904 in Czernowitz/Rosch, Bukovina. She married Emil Rau in 1924 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Johanna passed away March 11, 1998 in Edmonton, Alberta and buried in St. Anthony's Catholic Cemetery on March 13, 1998.
  2. Eva Sophia Holicki was born October 13, 1906 in Czernowitz, Bukovina, Austria. She married Pat Vance. Eva passed away July 2, 1991 in Creston, British Columbia. She was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery at Erickson, British Columbia on July 6, 1991.
  3. Frank Joseph Holicki was born March 17, 1915 in Rosch, Bukovina. He married Mary Meyer. Frank passed away January 12, 1978 in Victoria, British Columbia and buried in Royal Oak Crematorium on January 20, 1978.

Please, this information could very like been incomplete and not accurate. My sources are family stories as well as many wonderful family researches that I have found.

I still have much to learn about this family, but would love to hear from you.