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The Mitzel Family

The Mitzel Family has been a tough one to research. I have tried to give equal time for all of my surname research but it doesn't always work that way. I have come to a stand still on this mainly because I have not been able to get a hold of the one family member who has Great Grandmother Mitzel's family bible. I was hoping that with a little luck maybe there would be a listing of parentage in that bible of her father Sebastian Mitzel.

But I can't say I haven't found nothing. I first posted my information to the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society and several of the genealogy mailing lists, where a wonderful person sent me a bunch of information on the Mitzels. I found a cousin in Ontario who send me some great information as well. She also clarified when and why the Mitzel name was changed to Mitchell. I also heard from a gal by the name of Cindy Longtin, and she sent me a wonderful package of goodies in the mail, with all sorts of family information.

I had started my search with just tidbits of information
... basically names is about all I had, and the odd date.

To Your Left is a picture of Margaret (Streifel) Mitzel.

Margaret Streifel was born about 1849 in Strassburg Kutschurgan Russia. {Margaret Steifel married Florentine/Florentin; This was her first husband who was murdered while attending his fields in Russia. His body was found under his wagon and the identity of the murderer is unknown. (According to another family stories Margaret's first husband was killed by gipsies and they throw his body down a well. ~7/28/00}

She then became the second wife of Sebastian Mitzel who was born in 1846, also in Strassburg. Two children were born from this marriage, Theresa Mitzel married Joseph Miller July 1, 1907 and Elizabeth Mitzel married John (Johnny) Lauinger about 1911.


Elizabeth (Mitzel) Lauinger
Theresa (Mitzel) Miller
Theresa and Elizabeth Mitzel

Kelly Mitchell